By: Bradley Loves


Once again, great thanks need to be given to Herb for his work on my behalf.  He has now finished transcribing the second E-book of what will hopefully be many!

At my suggestion, this is the next book that was transcribed!  It is just that important to the world!

This book is the entire series that I started writing in 2018. On the blog it was 17 articles, in the e-book it is 280 pages!  I think this finally gives you the reader some kind of idea just how much I have actually written over the last five years, and just how much VALUE I have placed in front of each you out of pure love.

That being said, it is time that all of these writings were turned into books so that they can stand the test of time and hopefully last forever!

If you can afford to, I highly encourage you to go to Apple and buy the book, for yourself or for a friend!  This will help both myself and Herb who is transcribing the articles into books.

Here is a direct link:

Remember that this is Apple, not Amazon!   You’ll need to have an I-tunes account – and read this on an Apple device.

Thank you to all my readers, and thank you to Herb!

All my love…


I have “promo-codes” to hand out where the book can be gotten and downloaded for free!  I really do want the book to be downloaded so that Apple can see that there is some interest in what I write.

I was going to ask for some more love donations to help get me through the next few months, but instead of doing that, let’s just say that if you send a significant love donation to my Paypal Account in the next week or two, you’ll get one of the free promo-codes for BOTH books that have been put up so far!

Again, all my love!



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