By: Bradley Loves



At this point in time – many people are getting pretty worried.  

Well, it stands to reason that they are worried.  We collectively are in uncharted territory.  Nothing like this has ever happened in our entire lifetime.

Many people think that  “Marshall Law” is coming for sure – and that this kind of thing is totally unacceptable!

I happen to agree with that, and yet I am open and willing to see things from a different perspective.



We have been aware that at some point in time – the Deep State/Luciferian Cabal had plans to kill almost 2/3 of the world’s population.   A Global Pandemic – one that they already had the “cure for” – so that they did not die from it – would fit that bill nicely.

So “IF” the Satanists/Luciferians were going to DO SOMETHING such as what I just described above – it might look like something that we are going through right now!

Now, I have no proof mind you that THIS PARTICULAR PANDEMIC was the “go moment” for Deep State/Luciferian Cabal – but if it was the “go moment” then you’d have to expect that almost all of the Satan Worshippers – especially those that live in Hollywood – would have known about it in advance!  

They would have been given a clear warning and a heads up about this perhaps a few years ago!

Now, I can’t say for sure – but the incredible – and seemingly highly co-ordinated – videos and tweets that are currently being posted by CELEBRITIES  – all of whom are singing the same song – John Lennon’s IMAGINE – leads me to believe that “THEY THINK” this is it!  This is the big moment.

Many people have asked why so many celebrities are suddenly “singing” this one song – and my interpretation of it and my feelings tell me that it is NOT – repeat NOT – something that is being done to pull all of the world together in this time of darkness – but is actually a back handed SLAP to everyone in the world that does not believe in LUCIFIER – or think in the same religious way that they do!

It is basically like singing a “goodbye song” to your worst enemy who is drowning – and taunting him as he is going under the water for the last time.


You see they think of Lucifer as the LIGHT BEARER and the TRUE GOD of Earth!  Therefore they see those who do not love Lucifer as EVIL PEOPLE!

John Lennon’s IMAGINE is therefore a song of:  F*CK YOU to all of the Christians and the Conservatives – because they didn’t join up with Lucifer when they should have – and once they are all gone and dead – the world will be far better off!  

It seems to me that they collectively feel that with all of the hated Christians and Conservatives gone from the world – then the rest of them will finally be able to live in peace under the direction of Lucifers rule!

This is of course – MY opinion and MY interpretation – of why all of these celebrities are suddenly posting videos of themselves singing the John Lennon song – IMAGINE.  


And my feeling is that they would ONLY be singing this “swan song” and posting it online – IF they honestly believed that this was really it – and that the Luciferian Cabal was ready to kill 2/3 of the world’s population.



Now, that being said – there is another way to see all of this!

Even IF they (Hollywood Celebs) had all been warned a few years ago that this sort of event was coming – with TIME TRAVEL and LOOKING GLASS TECHNOLOGY – things can actually change!

The White Hats may have seen this event in the Time Line and simply decided to USE IT to their advantage.  

In other words – they did NOT try to put a stop it – they merely changed it so that they could use it in their favor in order to get rid of the Satanists and take down their control structure world wide.

They found out who the manufacturer of the virus was – and changed it so that it would be incredibly mild!  Then, they proceeded to go through all of the same “military style precautions” that would have happened naturally and organically  – as seen through Looking Glass – and instead of millions of people actually dying – they are going to use the “cover” of the virus to ARREST all of the Luciferian and Satanic Leaders World wide!

Now – this is speculation of course – and VERY HOPEFUL – but it is another way of looking at this!  

Before the Corona Virus – there were many SIGNS and SIGNALS that the Deep State was not very happy with Donald Trump – and suddenly they are now being NICE to him as the Corona Virus is spreading ??

I could be wrong here – but it seems to me that the Main Stream Media and Hollywood might let up on Trump only “IF” they truly believed that this “event” was what they had been waiting for all along.

This leads me to believe that Hollywood at least believes that the Luciferians are in CONTROL OF THIS.


So let’s do some “What If’s”…

What if –

The virus was changed from it’s original form – and made to be almost harmless?

What if

The White Hats were going to use this time when everyone is sequestered at home – and can not travel – to ARREST a few hundred thousand people in America and many more hundreds of thousands world wide?

Jay Parker said in many of his YouTube Videos that at least 10 percent of the population of the Earth was GENERATIONAL SATANIST.

Well, this would mean that at least 30 million people in America alone – were followers of  Satan – but “pretended” not to be.


Now, not all of those people can possibly be arrested, but maybe if the richest and most powerful 150,000 of these men and women could be arrested – that would leave the rest of the lower level Satanists without leaders and without an organization to work inside of.

Without this kind of cohesive organization – they can no longer effectively SCREW with the world.

The same could be said for what is going on all across the world.

If all of the leaders of the Satanists are taken out worldwide – then the rest have no leadership and have no organization to work within.

So – this is simply a possibility!

Now let’s look deeper!

  • Why do all of this in SECRET?  
  • Why not just tell us all?

Well this is a good question!  And it has something to do with what has been called the SAMPSON OPTION!

You see, these Luciferians/Satanists are really and truly TOTAL PSYCHOPATHS.

They can not feel any empathy at all – because they are so used to torturing and killing as part of their Religion!

The SAMPSON OPTION basically says that if THEY FAIL to achieve the New World Order – and fail to hand over the entire Earth to Lucifer – then they will DESTROY IT!

In other words – If WE can’t have it – then YOU can’t have it either!


This is exactly the mark of a psychopath!

So – if the White Hats were to simply come clean and TELL EVERYONE what they were about to do – millions of ardent Luciferians – “Sleepers” would simply start to perform missions they had been assigned long ago t0 try to destroy what ever part of the world they were living in.

In order to prevent this – the White Hats would have to USE A PLAN that the Luciferian’s had actually put into place for themselves – and was something that all of their followers knew as something that they had organized – and then SECRETLY TURN IT AGAINST THEM.

This would mean going through all of the worst parts of what the Luciferians had originally designed – including Martial Law – so that enough of their own people – sleepers – would think that their plan was succeeding and would NOT go active.

So this is the other side of what you see coming down the road – and what you rightly are fearing.

So now here is my advice:

WE are hoping that this time will be used to arrest only Satanists and Luciferians.

THEY however are hoping that this virus will kill millions of people – and those who do not die – truth tellers and whistle blowers – aka “Targeted Individuals” will be rounded up and placed into FEMA CAMPS by their Deep State controlled allies.

No one really knows for sure HOW this will all go down!

So as this does go down – we who are on the side of LOVE must keep track of each other – and really look out for each other!

I advise that you all make contact with all of your loved ones who YOU KNOW are good, decent and honest people – AND KEEP TRACK OF THEM!

If and when things go dark – try to make contact with them as much as you can!  

And once things come back online – just like a mother counting her children – count all of your friends, relatives, family members, and people you know to be decent to make sure they were NOT ROUNDED UP!

Believe me when I say that even IF the military was merely going after Satanists – hundreds of thousands of innocent people could be easily rounded up as well by over zealous troops!

The ones that you need to look out for and check on the most are the TRUTH TELLERS and WHISTLE BLOWERS who have put themselves out there for quite some time – and would be natural targets – sadly even targets for the “good guys” – if the “good guys” felt that these types could just not be properly controlled after a financial reset.

If there was going to be a world wide RESET of the Financial System – not everyone is going to be happy about that reset IF – the Bankers continue to use human life as the collateral to back up the paper money – which is a form of human slavery!

THE VATICAN’S BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD must be ended as far as many decent people all over the world are concerned – and even if there is a financial reset – this may not be part of the “good guys” overall plan.

It all depends upon what happens in Great Britain with the British Crown Corporation – and what happens in Rome with the Vatican.

Therefore – some really good and decent people could end up disappearing as well – especially if it was not part of the White Hats plan to put a stop to this kind of human slavery.

I am saying this online for just one reason!  

I am under NO ILLUSION that an operation of this size and scope can be pulled off in a totally antiseptically clean way without some hanky panky taking place on the side – even if all of my “what ifs” are correct – SO NEITHER SHOUD YOU BE.

There is such a thing as “Killing Two Birds with One Stone

The White Hats may realize they need to reset the world’s financial system and also know that they really do need to arrest many of the Satanists – but along with that kind of world wide operation – why not throw in about 10,000 really honest and decent people who they know will just NOT shut up about the VATICAN and it’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD.

This whole thing – pulled off under the cover of Marshall Law – then becomes a “TWO-FER”

That is why I am advising that you all start making lists of people in your families and also people who you have loved and followed on Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube, and on Blogs – people who have been really out-spoken about the evil going on out there, and make certain that when the “black out” is all over – that these people are still on-line and are breathing and have not simply DISAPPEARED!

Marshall Law is a very ugly thing.  It gives way too much power to a very few people!  So, here in America – people should rightly be very concerned about such a move!




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