By: Bradley Loves


YOU did not create yourself!

YOU (your soul) was created by GOD our loving Father!


  • Everything that exists has an author!
  • Ultimately and truthfully, all that is, has only a single author!

Did you notice a very subtle, but Earth shatteringly important distinction in the two sentences above?

Read them again, and see if you can notice it!

The difference is in the words:  “exists” and “is”


Everything that exists, meaning everything that has ever been thought of, or has been done has an author!

Now some would take this sentence to mean that it is GOD…, who is responsible for all thoughts and all deeds!


All thoughts and deeds are most certainly things that exist…, but don’t even begin to BLAME GOD…, for thoughts and deeds which YOU have had, chosen, or engaged in!

YOU are the “author” of those things…, not GOD!


Ultimately and truthfully, all that is, has only a single author!


This sentence means something entirely different!   It means that on a Grand Cosmic Scale, all “matter” and all “souls” which have been created have only a single author and that author is OUR PRIME CREATOR…, the Heavenly Father.

Are you able to “grasp” the difference?

The only reason I have started this article here is that I am constantly bumping into NEW AGE people who can NOT tell the difference between the two statements above…, and don’t really think there is one!

Apparently when they read something that says:

GOD created “all that is”…, he must have also created EVIL, DARKNESS, WEAKNESS, and STUPIDITY as well!


These are conditions which have come about as a result of OUR CREATIONS OF FREEWILL CHOICE!

They have absolutlely NOTHING to do with what GOD created, thought, or had in mind!

Following me so far?


The only thing GOD can be “blamed for” was giving us the “gift” of FREEWILL.

How we used that “gift” is what has created and led to the “conditions” that we call: EVIL, DARKNESS, WEAKNESS, FEAR, and STUPIDITY.

Now some people (New Agers as well as Luciferians) have told me that if GOD gave us freewill…, then he gave us the “right” to harm others if we found joy in doing that!


Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER harm any part of the creation…, or destroy any part of the creation!


Does this make sense?

Consider “renting” a hotel room, or “renting” a car.

By renting either of these items…, you are more or less being “given” FREEWILL.

You have the “right” to do anything you want in the hotel room…, BUT…, you DO NOT have the right to harm or to destroy the hotel room while renting it!

You have been given free will to enjoy the hotel room and all of the hotels ammenities…, but to harm or to destroy the hotel room is NOT acceptable.

This is not part of “your” free will!

The same follows with a car.

By renting a car…, you can do anything you want with the car and go anywhere you want with the car…, but  you are NOT ALLOWED to harm the car or to destroy the car!

SO…, now the accountants among you – the analytical ones…, will immediately say…, well that is NOT FREEWILL THEN, because true free will would allow me to destroy the hotel room or the car if I so choose!



You do NOT have that right!



You may only have absolute control over your OWN creations!


However…, and pay attention ILLUMINATI MEMBERS…, you may NOT create something and then CON others (through deception) that what you’ve created is something that it is not!

What I am referring to here is the ALL CAPS NAME which you so conveniently have created for each and every living human being!

YES…, these are YOUR creations…, and you should have absolute control over them.

HOWEVER…, you have NOT INFORMED IN FULL TRANSPARENCY that these “NAMES” belong to you!

Thus you are perpetrating an enormous CON (a deception) upon billions of human beings!

Furthermore…, you have tricked men and women into thinking and believing these names were somehow associated with them…, thus you have NOW BROUGHT HARM to something that you DID NOT CREATE!

Therefore…, on the other side of the veil…, (after you leave your body)  you are responsible and accountable for THAT HARM!

You can not use the excuse that you had the “right” to do anything you wanted to “your” creations…, just because they were yours…, if by doing so you HARMED what did NOT belong to you.

GOD our loving FATHER sees right through this.., and you are really pissing him OFF!

Because you have engaged in “personage” (the creation of “fictional persons” ) and have locked up men and women in your jails for meaningless statuatory crimes (like possession of a damn plant) YOU have caused GREAT HARM to a creation that was NOT YOURS…, and punishment for breaking the “rules” has now been engaged.

This “bait and switch” game that you’ve created out of the depths of your devious “imagination” is NOT ALLOWED – and you my dear Illuminati/Banking/Luciferian “unfortunates” – will be punished with the full and extensive force of PRIME CREATORS POWERS.

Once again…,

Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation (matter and souls) in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER bring harm to any part of the creation…, (matter and souls) nor destroy any part of the creation (matter and souls).


”Press-ganging”, “Barratry”, “Bearing False Witness”, “Co-erosion” “Slavery”, “Kidnapping”, “Assult with a weapon”, are ALL considered EXCEPTIONAL HARM and are actions directed toward individual souls which YOU did not create!

These are NOT aspects of your Freewill…, and if continued, draw extreme punishment to yourself!

Now…, this does not mean that you can not “destroy” a chair that you created, or tear down a house that you’ve created!

It’s sad that I have to be so specific with something that should be so obvious!



This simply means that you may not “tear down” anything that you DID NOT CREATE!

Currently you are engaged in destroying/harming humanity, the DNA of humanity, the health of humanity, and the life experience of humanity…, and for each individual soul that has been harmed…, PUNISHMENT is guaranteed!

In order to escape “punishment”…, RESTITUTION IS REQUIRED!

A full accounting of what was done, how it was done…, and a “correction” is mandatory in order for any punishment to be waived.


Now…, on a subtle level…, even LYING, SECRECY, and DECEPTION is HARM…, if the results of these actions are the ”cause” of suffering (which is harm) to any living being or soul!

This is “non-negotiable”…, because LYING, SECRECY, and DECEPTION are NOT creations of GOD our loving father…, but are “ideas” and “concepts” that have been “created” by souls choosing to experience creation.

These are “things that exist” which were NOT created by GOD!

These things “exist” as a result of “choices made” which were less than enlightened…, less than loving, and less than godly!

They were choices made out of GREED, FEAR, HATRED, and other very unsavory emotions.

GOD is not responsible for these things because “HE” would never (ever) choose to create them in the first place.

Ultimately “experience” in matter can be a “journey of joy” if one remembers to follow the rules!

Freewill is the “right” to experience the entirety of creation in ANY WAY you chose…, so long as you NEVER harm any part of the creation…, nor destroy any part of the creation!


HIDING THE TRUTH (if it is the cause of suffering) BECOMES HARM!

Therefore…, the VATICAN…, by hiding countless books related to the history of the Earth is causing GREAT HARM because at this point in time, that knowledge is needed to put a stop to massive suffering.

Causing men and women to have to work 15 hours a day at two jobs just to earn enough money to put a roof over their heads is GREAT HARM to that soul – if technology already exists and is known which can release that soul from such hardship!

Look…, I could go on.., and on…, and on…, with this post…, breaking it down into micro-scopic minutiae, but WHY?

It really boggles my mind that I should have to “teach” human souls things that they should already KNOW!

But…, then again…, I have really never understood why things get so bad in human cultures once darkness and ignorance become part of the fabric of society!

Probably because I just would NEVER choose to sink to this level of stupidity!

(Therefore I just do not really “get” how debilitating it becomes to those entrenched in it).

Still.., the rules are quite clear…, and if followed – will immediately raise up human culture and society back into a time of great joy and brightness!

It is simply a matter of turning darkness back into LIGHT!

I will leave it here for now and let you think deeply about this post!


Consider what I have written on it’s own merit…, and do not compare it with any “message” you’ve ever read by so and so.









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