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Many of the things that I am saying in my writings must sound strange to people.  It sounds strange because it goes directly against what they have been “told” by others who ALSO claim to know what is going on.

Let’s not forget however, that a mere 30 years ago, everyone in the world watched the nightly television news broadcasts and believed almost every word they heard.

A mere 50 years ago, most of America went to some kind of Church, and the priests and ministers had almost an iron grip on the minds and lives of their followers, since everyone believed every single word they heard.

Now for the last 15 years or so CHANNELING has become the NEW thing to listen to (and follow), and all of the people who are sick and tired of Churches and sick and tired of the News Media turned to channeled “entities” for their TRUTH.

Now, (for the time being) most who follow channeled messages BELIEVE every single word they hear!

Twenty years from now NO ONE ON EARTH will ever believe a channeled entity ever again!

I guarantee you this.

This is the way things go.

My blog does not get near the public attention that it SHOULD get becuase almost everything that I say or write is at odds with the “NEW AGE” and with “CHANNELED ENTITIES”.

People who have swallowed the wrong “pill” usually run from my site.

The reason I speak so abdamantly against the NEW AGE is that I know who started the NEW AGE and why!

The New Age was the “latest” and “greatest” idea for control and to steer the minds of the masses.  THAT’S THE HONEST TRUTH.

Here are two covers for the actual magazine put out by the Scottish Rite FREEMASONS.

It was the Freemasons who put out the “idea” of the NEW AGE.

Helena Blavatsky, (a woman) was associated with the FREEMASONS.

Look, lets be honest with ourselves here (brutally honest.)

When ever you go into a New Age Bookstore, and those of you who have been to one know what I am talking about, you will ALWAYS find books on Witchcraft and Magic as well.

I DARE YOU to argue with this.

I’ve been to hundreds of New Age Bookstores, so I know exactly what they sell.

The NEW AGE is a cover!

It is a cover to FIND and to redirect young people into the Ancient Religions of the past.

It was designed as a “gateway” to funnel people from their Christian Churches back into Arcane MAGIC, the use of ALCHEMY, and the casting of SPELLS.

Countless young “NEW AGERS” are totally taken with Magic today.

The “HARRY POTTER” MOVIES were made for a very good reason.

It was to get young kids looking into doing MAGIC.

And WHERE (pray tell) is the ONLY place for someone in the general public to even find a book on casting magic spells??


And, once you are in a New Age Bookstore, well surprise, surprise, you just might find a book on Channeling, and a few books about the writings of ASCENDED MASTERS.

Now, I have rarely seen a magic book in a New Age Bookstore that explains Magic Properly, and teaches it the way I would teach it.

People just don’t understand that Magic is Magnetics and is therefore a REAL SCIENCE.

Now, lets be clear.  I am not against using MAGIC.

I am against ANY and ALL FORMS of DARK MAGIC.

This is the problem.

DARK MAGICIANS have taken over the entire MAGICAL WORLD.

They are currently running things, while the men and women who would “practice” any kind of good magic are COWERING in the bushes, and hiding out from any dark magic that might be cast in their directions.


Speaking out is every single human beings job!  We have an OBLIGATION to inform each other of what we find out and help each other to stay safe from DANGER.

So, as I’ve said, I guess people are either going to start to really understand what the NEW AGE is all about, or they are not.

I will not stop writing about it in this way however.  Sooner or later that “nail” will be driven home.

(I was in construction for many years…, I know how to get a stubborn nail into wood. You just keep hitting it and hitting it over and over again until it finally sinks home.)

New Agers are the stubborn Nails who just don’t want to even begin to believe that THEY have been CONNED…, ONCE AGAIN.

All my love…







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  1. Been there done that with the New Age thing. Binned my books on opening to Chanel, tried spiritualism, even joined the church committee only to find there was nothing spiritual about the people and church and it was another mind control system. Followed channelled messages for a short time but dumped them because I realised nothing ever came to pass.
    One time at the spiritualist church I attended a channeling session and I felt an extremely uneasy feeling and just wanted to run out of there. Binned Depak Chopra’s books. (Another Barack Obama sent to save us merchant). Having said all that I’m glad I took that path and found out for myself. It’s always better to experience it yourself then being told you’re on the wrong path. Like you point out Bradley no one wants to listen to be told they are wrong.

  2. Deborah

    InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)

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