By: Bradley Loves


As I’m moving through all of the crap on the mutliple blogs and websites out there (the ones that look at the “symptom” and not the “ROOT” of the problem)…, I still get the feeling that so many good people are still not getting it or seeing it.

Instead of saying:

OKAY…, I get it…, Satanists/Luciferians are running the world!  They’ve made deals with off worlders…., and sold the rest of us out…,

And we really need to pull together as ONE GROUP and kick the Satanists out. (Because they are working with the “reptiles”.

We’ve got countless blogs and websites wondering if Hillary Clinton’s e-mail “problem” is all that big of a deal.

We’ve got other blogs talking about Obama…, and how he is still really on the “good side”…, and how “The Pope” has our “best interest” at heart!

And yet…, according to my calculations…, not one (not one) single world of TRUTH has ever come out of the mouth of either Obama…, or the Pope!

Let’s look at a few possibilities here:

Obama:  I’m really sorry for lying to you all….,

  • There is a secret space program
  • There are hundreds of underground bases
  • There is significant advanced technology
  • There are ET’s interacting with our planet
  • 9/11 was a false flag inside job
  • The United States is really just a Corporation
  • Etc, etc, etc….

What…, you can’t say that?????


The Pope:  I’m really sorry for lying to you all….,

  • The Vatican Library contains books from 10’s of thousands of years ago.
  • The Vatican Bank was laundering drug money for the CIA and the Mafia
  • Ritual Child Sacrifices have been performed in underground parts of the Vatican.
  • Super Advanced Technology Exists
  • The Vatican Claims to own all men, women and children on the Earth.
  • The Vatican has made deals with Off Worlders….
  • The Vatican claims “jurisdiction” over all Corporations on the planet.

What…, you can’t say that?????


Yea…, you know…, I can “see” how these two are such good people…, because they tell us SO MUCH TRUTH!

You people who continue to support and write about how your CHANNELED SOURCES tell you that these men are on our “side”…, haven’t got a damn clue what you are talking about.

I keep reading “feel good” fluff about how the ASCENSION has already “happened” and we are just “moving into it” and only need to accept it.

Which is sort of like what the CONTAINMENT lady put out 3 or four years ago…, about how all of the CABAL had been placed into “containment” and could no longer do anything “bad” on Earth.

Oh…, for all of you who were republishing that trash…, you might want to apologize to the SYRIAN people…, whose entire country has been bombed out and decimated during the last 4 years!

But you know what…, here is the worst partof it all!

I have never in my life…, heard a “NEW AGER” say these words……


I’m sorry…, I was wrong about that!   I’m sorry…, that did not come true the way the Channeled Entity said that it would…., and I published article after article about it.

I’ve just gone through my channeled message archive (5 years of it…, and found that ALL OF THESE MESSAGES HERE…, were wrong!)

They were bogus!   Gosh…, I’m just sorry!

I’m sorry for misleading you…, my brothers and sisters…

But let me tell you that I won’t hold my breath waiting for any apology from people who can’t even CARE if children are getting raped or murdered…, and instead continue listening to voices in their heads telling them that the murdered child had “contracted” for that…, and must have wanted to be murdered, or it would not have happened.

My final question for the night is this:

How many of you who are awakened, really want to spend any time at all…, on a brand new planet or new dimension with men and women…, “SOULS” who can’t find it in their hearts to CARE about what happens to others?

What…., are they going to start suddenly CARING about others “after” they get to the new dimension?   Is that when they can “safely” CARE about others again?

Even if we do get a new planet…, or a “new” dimension in some way…, do YOU want to be surrounded by souls…, who would immediately “give in” to an outside invading “energetic” force, chosing not to CARE AT ALL about what is happening??

And falling back on what they did here on Earth…, the old teaching that tells them to NOT JUDGE IT…, and just let it happen?

If you were drowning…, and you needed a rescue…, would you want a NEW AGER to “send you good thoughts” as you went down for the last time?

I mean really…, what does it take to get some of these men and women to engage in the world at all?

You see…, as below so above.

If a soul is unwilling to CARE…, here on EARTH…, it is very likely they will NOT CARE on the next level.

Something to think about my friends

All my love…..

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