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Yet another two year old article that makes way MORE SENSE today than when it was written.

As Barack Obama beats the DRUMS OF WAR against Russia…, you have to wonder just what he is really up to!!  I can tell you with all confidence…, that this one article says it all!

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National Security at one time may have had the best “interests” of the country at heart! However, this is NO LONGER the case! It has now become a tool to achieve a goal that has nothing to do with saving “We the People” and everything to do with saving and protecting the CRIMINALS!

In the hands of those who have done great evil, SECRECY is nothing less than permanent SALVATION!

Secrecy is no longer an “option” that is used to protect a nation from harm coming from other countries, but at this moment in our history has literally become the LAST AND ONLY OPTION in protecting the identities of those people who have done such great evil, that ANY crack, or any break in the level or “continuity” of secrecy would literally bring down the entire house of cards they built, and also bring down the entire Organized Crime Cabal which has hi-jacked our entire planet!

Even though this may seem both counter intuitive, and like putting the cart in front of the horse, the reason for the endless WARS we are now seeing on our planet is TO PROTECT SECRECY!

Let me Explain!

Imagine if you will, a time when the Cold War was in full swing, and INTEL agents from all countries and their militaries were working heavily with Organized Crime! Further imagine an age old group of Secret Societies like the FREEMASONS, and the Jesuits which had a goal consistent with the NEW WORLD ORDER, and who were also into extremely DEVIANT behaviors such as raping little children, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and Child Sacrifice, and the eating and drinking of blood, just to name but a few of the hundreds of heinous crimes that decades ago could be very easily covered up under the over reaching blanket of NATIONAL SECURITY!

This is a “no brainer” because in those days in order to “protect” the military, the government, the country and its elites, secrecy was very necessary!

Now please imagine a world where “PEACE” is starting to break out all over the planet!

Imagine a world where WAR is no longer “digestible” to the largest part of the masses and where living in peace and harmony IS A VERY REAL VISION AND POSSIBILITY!

In such a world — there would be NO NEED for SECRETS, because we would all come together in co-operation!

Okay — so now that I’ve painted you the “rosy” picture of what seemed to be happening or at least was a very real possibility – now imagine that you are one of the very people who have raped little children, or have participated in child sacrifice, or are a Luciferean and literally worship Satan! Imagine that your entire way of life has ALWAYS DEPENDED UPON SECRECY!

Now please try to understand that the only “acceptable” reason to the masses for even having huge and over-riding secrecy, is to “claim” that it is all for National Security, and to also protect the country during times of WAR.

Do you “now” see the terrifying dilemma the CABAL finds itself in? If there is NO WAR, then there is NO REASON for continued secrecy, and all the evil they have done gets exposed!

If WAR is ending, then the CABAL gets exposed along with every crime and brutal act they’ve ever committed! So what can they do if there is no longer any real reason for having huge armies and battling it out with world wide enemies?

They must now go into the business of CREATING WARS!

All over the planet, they MUST CREATE WAR in order to have an “enemy” in order to justify secrecy — without which they will NOT SURVIVE!

This is the reason that the CIA is now running all over the planet, in front of our very eyes, and fomenting WAR! Whether in the form of Al-CIA-DA, or ISIS, or ISIL, or the next, or the next, which includes all of the false flag attacks, the CRIMINAL CABAL literally NEEDS WAR!

They need WAR in order to justify the very SECRECY and NATIONAL SECURITY that is their SALVATION!

If there is no war, then all of the secrets come out and the CABAL gets exposed!

So, viewing our current situation on Earth from this standpoint — and I’m talking here about looking at this situation from where the CABAL is standing – WAR CAN NEVER POSSIBLY END! IF WAR ENDS — THEY ARE SCREWED!

Do you think it is accidental that no matter how many negotiations occur, WE NEVER ACHIEVE PEACE?

If “we the people” do not do something to put a stop to this one issue called “secrecy” – then the CABAL from this moment in our history, and for the next ten thousand years will HAVE NO CHOICE – in order to save themselves from being found out – but to create PERPETUAL WAR on the surface of the planet!

This one tactic is necessary from their standpoint in order to justify keeping secrecy rules in place so as to “hide” all of the child sacrifices, the tortures, the Satanic Rituals, the MK Ultra Mind Control, and every other part of what they’ve done about which they are literally TERRIFIED OF US FINDING OUT!

You may wrongly think that if “we” can just cut them some slack – those who have done all of this EVIL will “die” off, and “then” the secrets will come out and we can “then” have peace!

These Lucifereans, however, DON’T WANT TO STOP raping children, and don’t want to stop having their Satanic Blood Sacrifices, and don’t want to stop worshipping SATAN!

So therefore “IT” will not EVER end unless WE COLLECTIVELY put a stop to it!

In addition, more WAR will always be necessary to justify more secrecy, in order to protect the very lives of those who don’t want to change and will NEVER CHANGE!

This is the mathematical equation that cannot lie!


This is what we are now seeing in every country in the world! This is most of the dots connected — except those dots that go off world!

No honest President will EVER BE ELECTED FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at any time in the future because the new president must always cover the back of the last President who covered the back of the last President!

It’s a never-ending cycle of a desperate NEED FOR SECRECY and thus a need for lies! Those who have committed great EVIL upon the people will NEVER STOP stealing elections until they are brought to JUSTICE, because an “honest” election might just uncover what they have done!

They will NEVER allow that to happen!

We are stuck, right where we are, until we collectively address SECRECY — and realize that this ONE THING will be the very cause of PERMANENT WAR on the planet until those who have done these acts of evil are caught — punished and taken out!



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