It was recorded almost two weeks ago, but so many things have been happening around the world, it just did not get uploaded until now. 

There are many important topics to consider within this podcast, but the main take-away subject is this one:

How do you know if the “thoughts” coming into your head are yours, or are they coming from somewhere else?

This is going to be one of the most vital podcasts that you’ve heard recently, and I am going to place other videos and articles below the podcast as links for you to use so you can do more research and have some background and support material to help you learn even more.

The JAB was fully intend to link every man, woman, and child up to an A.I. Computer System that could very literally control their MINDS and control their THOUGHTS.

It was designed to allow broadcasted thoughts or voices into your mind that “mimic” your own internal dialogue so that hopefully you would not notice it!  In other words, it was designed to FOOL YOU.

But if these thoughts/ideas/voices are NOT YOURS – then where are they coming from?

There are many of us in the world (people who are called Targeted Individuals) that have had to live with this type of thing for decades now. Being subjected to this makes life impossibly difficult, even at the best of times, but at least we are aware of it.

But what of those who have never felt or experienced this kind of thing before?

Please listen to this podcast – I could be the difference between LIFE and DEATH in the coming days as new experiences start coming to people who have never had things like this happening to them before.

Please Listen to the Podcast:

Listen on Rumble:

Here is a support video from Megan Rose to help you grasp a few things you may not know:

Please Listen to what Megan says in this short video, because I do believe it is credible and spot on.

Then please listen to an important article that I wrote on Love Truth Site, an article that has now been turned into an Audio File because it goes further into this phenomenon and why it could be happening to many people. 

This audio file is called:  THE GREAT CON REVISITED – PART ONE, and can be found on the sign up page for the Audio File Section of Love Truth Site.


It is ALSO VITALLY IMPORTANT that you realize that V2K – (Voice to Skull) and RNM – (Remote Neural Monitoring) is now fully deployed as a weapon, and is being used against millions of people world-wide. 

For more information on that – you need to go and read my most recent article, and then PLEASE, PLEASE watch the several videos that are linked inside of it.

You can find my newest and latest article here:


Thank you for coming to Love Truth Site to read and to listen!  Together we are making humanity MORE AWARE and MORE AWAKE than ever before!

Your participation is vital!

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