By: Bradley Loves

Well, I guess I’ve seen it all!

While on Earth…, I’ve been watching many things take place that are repulsive and disgusting…, but seeing people actually “protest” and carry signs when they have no feelings what so ever for the cause, but are ONLY doing it for the money is the FINAL STRAW!

Humanity has completely lost it’s senses!


How many people REALIZE that by taking money and doing a “fake protest”…, they are engaging IN A LIE???

Their very presense at a protest is a DECEPTION and a CON if they are being paid!

The very air they breath is being used in a foul and denigrating way to their own soul and to their own being!

Don’t  they realize that the very purpose for which they were born is NO LONGER VALID when they engage in such acts??

These human beings are BROKEN…, and are SICK!

You can not imagine how much I pity these people.

But what’s even worse is that I pity the so-called “spiritual” people of the New Age and even world’s Religions for NOT CALLING THESE MEN AND WOMEN OUT for what they are doing!

Protesting without a “cause” is using “one’s own voice and breath” for pure LIES and PROPAGANDA!

It is doing EVIL in real time, and the worst part is those doing so haven’t a single CLUE how sick, evil, and twisted their actions really are!

Our society is now on the brink of collapse.

When this type of stuff starts to occur on the streets…, the total collapse of the society is not far behind.   These men and women are walking and talking robots who are brainwashed, but it goes FAR beyond that.

They are publicly willing TO LIE FOR DOLLARS!!!


What’s even worse is that these men and women can not see how stupid, pitiful, sick, evil, and twisted they really are when egaging in this type of behavior.

They only thing that could have created such a mess, is a messed up society!

Personally…, I can see that it is Hollywood, the Media (due to their constant MIND CONTROL EFFORTS) that has led men and women down the path to this total wickedness and degeneracy!

The Satanists who are involved in high level Media and Hollywood positions (CIA/Mossad??) have now assured their own place IN HELL!!

The video below says it all…, please watch!

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