By: Bradley Loves

Once again…, I find myself apologizing for something that is really NOT my fault…, but is a sign or symbol of my on going battle with computer driven A.I.

No matter how many times I proof read an article or post…, and no matter how perfect it looks before I push the “publish” button…, countless words will suddenly (if not magically) turn up mis-spelled.

Grammer will be changed, AND…, words will even be deleted so that sentences don’t make sense.

I try and try to battle this rogue A.I…., by going in and making changes after the fact…, and then doing an “update”…, only to find that other errors appear in their places.

It is a no win battle…, and there is obviously some government agency (secret one) that has UPLOADED a special A.I. onto the web…, that watches certain blogs.

It is like fighting with a small child who just won’t stop repeating everything you say…, or saying things like “WHY” a million times in a row.

It childish…, it’s petty…, and it’s A.I.

Shane, (aka The Runier) has told me much about the Gobal AI…, and how he has said that it is EXACTLY like a petulant little child…, in every way possible.

He learned through personal experience.

It has no sense of right or wrong…, only the will to argue and win.

So all I can say is that I “clean” them up as much as the AI will allow…, and then walk away…, because I refuse to “argue” by doing 50 different edits that go nowhere.

All my love…


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