By: Bradley Loves

Okay.., so we KNOW what the problem is.  We KNOW the why!  How many got a chance to watch this video of Mark Passio talking about Cause and Effect?

I can’t imagine a better 12 minutes of learning…, and if you open your mind…, you really get the depth of what he’s trying to say.

“WE” are doing this to ourselves (see THIS article) because “WE” are breaking Natural Law (As Mark says) in the aggregate, or as a group!

Excuses abound as to why we “must” keep breaking Natural Law…,

  1. This is the way the world is….
  2. This is what I was taught….
  3. “They” are not providing me with a better way
  4. I’m only one person…, so why does what I personally do matter so much?
  5. I don’t believe that my thoughts and emotions could CREATE a bad world.
  6. I don’t believe that my “ACTIONS” are helping to create a bad world.
  7. I’m only following orders!  If I don’t they will fire me from my job.
  8. Let someone ELSE do the work…, when the ball really gets rolling…, THEN I will join in!
  9. I don’t believe there is such a thing as BAD…, the NEW AGE channelers have TOLD me this over and over!
  10. I’m going to Ascend away from all of this, so WHY should I take any action to DO anything?

Each and every one of these EXCUSES are a cop out!  They are part of the lie…, AND they are aiding in the destruction of the physical world.

If you had a chance to watch Mark’s video on CAUSE AND EFFECT located HERE, then you’d have heard him say that the ONLY way to create a cause that will result in a GOOD EFFECT, was to change 3 things.  (He said this at least twice.)  You need to change your minds (thoughts), emotions AND actions!

These 3 things changed will bring about a different result in the physical world.

Now if you listen to “insanity” of the NEW AGERS…, they will tell you that the physical world is NOT REAL…, and therefore there is no reason to try to change it.  It’s better to just let it be.

However…, not ONE of those new agers has the courage of a grain of sand to back up their claims.  IF the world is not real…, then please JUMP OFF A CLIFF!

Or, put please concrete on your feet and sit underwater for an hour and prove how unreal the world is!

Now…, IF you can not DO THAT…, then apparently the physical world is still capable of having and AFFECT upon your life (am I right?)…, and I do suggest that you take the time to CARE (there’s that word again) about what is going on in this physical world!  See this video to see what Mark has to say about CARE!

The deepest truth is that we ARE living inside of a Matrix-like prison…, and it could be likened to a HOLOGRAM.

But that does NOT mean that anything goes, and all we need to do is to ignore the HOLOGRAM!




Here’s the TRUTH…, the terrible truth that the NEW AGERS have over looked, (even though they have a small part of the puzzle in place).  Their precious ascended masters have LIED to them and left this one thing out…, this ONE THING that makes everything they say a deception!

Are you ready for it?

Are you really ready for it?

It is our OWN energy that is being used to keep us locked inside this matrix-like prison…, or this Holograhpic Reality!


This is the “WHY” in the equation of why we must CARE about what happens here!  That is why we must change our thoughts, emotions and ACTIONS!

This is the “WHY” in the equation of why we JUST CAN’T IGNORE what is happening around us (like is suggested in hundreds of channeled messages each week!)

When we IGNORE…, and cease to CARE about what happens here…, our “energy” is USED by those who created the Hologram to continue it and keep it going!

Are you ready for a QUANTUM PHYSICS LESSON?

Shall we call this lesson: Escaping The Matrix 101

We are all being “held” firmly in place due to the specific gravity and subtle forces at play within a closed and cleverly devised system.

In order to “short circuit” that system…, we have to “send” physical actions, emotions, and thoughts INTO that system that do NOT FEED IT…, but short circuit it instead.

NONE of us are powerful enough to do this ON OUR OWN!  NO ONE will ever get out of the Matrix by living the life of a SAINT.  It can not happen EVER on a one by one basis!

Collectively…, we must ALL come together and send HUGE amounts of loving thoughts!  Loving Emotions, and most especially…, MOST IMPORTANTLY…, LOVING ACTIONS into the Matrix every day.

But not just every day…, but every second of every day!

Only together are we strong enough to cause a MASSIVE short circuit of this “electronically” based FAKE magnetic system.

It can NOT BE DONE…, if all you are willing to do is sit in your own home and “OHM” for an hour a day!

The “masters” know this…, but…, they are working FOR THE SYSTEM…, not against it!

See this article HERE, written by: Cameron Day where he talks about the so called MASTERS and what he calls the SPIRITUAL LIARARCHY!

I am giving to you a KEY to unlock the door to getting OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

It is a TWO STEP process!

First “WE” (that means all of us together) must CHANGE the polarity of the system by short circuiting it!  We can only do that by doing ACTIONS inside the system that it is not prepared for.

We must literally CREATE a type of “heaven” here on the EARTH first!

Not because we want to STAY HERE…, but changing the EARTH first is the ONLY WAY to unlock the door…, and break the MATRIX so that we can LEAVE HERE!

It all has to do with magnetics, gravity, electricity and POLARITY!

This is what the NEW AGERS are totally missing!

This is the insanity of their method!  It does not take into account WHERE we really are…, AND…, just what it takes to break through it in order to escape!

Mark Passio has said it best!


We NEED to be fully engaged in this physical world…, doing GOOD WORKS with COURAGE AND FEARLESSNESS…, if we ever what to leave this place.


Because ONLY TOGETHER are we strong enough to short circuit the SYSTEM!

Now…, does it make MORE SENSE?

Think on these things….

All of my love,



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