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FIRSTLY – Q has a new “trip code”!  He gave it to everyone in his posts yesterday!  

May 4 2018 15:01:19 (EST)     Q !2jsTvXXmXs

He also has a brand new page on 8-Chan which can be found here:

Now, on to the matter at hand.  Yesterday Q posted this on 8 Chan, which if you think deeply about the implications of,  is outrageous!


Re_read drops.
Today: JK & Iran
Important – context for future news.
Why is Hussein/JK traveling WW and meeting w/ foreign heads of state (some enemies of the U.S.)?
HRC/BC flying under the radar – same/unreported – why?
(2) former presidents/sec of states (out of power/authority) racing around the world pre/post POTUS – why? UNPRECEDENTED?
The World is Connected.
The World is Watching.


What he is basically saying is that Barack Obama (Hussein) and John Kerry (JK) are traveling around the world to certain world leaders, both BEFORE Donald Trump gets there, and once again AFTER he leaves!

He also says that Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing the SAME thing!


Although he does not say, he asks us WHY they would be doing this, and there is really only ONE logical reason to be doing it, and that is to undermine Donald Trump – or make side agreements with the leaders of these countries that are outside of Trump’s design.

We’ve already had a few heads of state from certain countries make the astonishing claim that they were “told” not to listen to Trump because he would soon be “out of office”!


Who flies around the entire world subverting the elected President of the United States??

The problem here is that this NEVER would have been tolerated 20 years ago!

So you’ve got to ask yourself, WHO is Obama/Kerry really working for?

Well, what do we know about “John Kerry” (Skull and Bones)

Pictures like the one above DON’T JUST HAPPEN!  No, I’m sorry, they just don’t accidently get put into the media!

Everything has meaning, and an image like this one is meant to SAY something.  If you’ve got a picture of John Kerry standing right next to Church of Satan’s – Anton La Vey…, then that photo was NOT an accident.  It was put there to send a firm message!

And, let’s remember WHO it was that made John Kerry his Secretary of State!   Barack Obama!!

It is pretty OBVIOUS that Obama/Kerry and Hillary/Bill are working on behalf of the LUCIFERIAN/ROTHSCHILD CULT!

The Satan Worshipping arm of the New World Order!

And, if “that” is who they are working for, then they are most certainly NOT working for you and me!

Here is a picture of Hillary and Bill with Rothschilds:

Here is a book written by Texe  Marrs…

Why has Obama’s entire life before becoming President been scrubbed from the Internet??  It’s all GONE!

WHY can’t “normies” (normal human beings) ask these simple questions?







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