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This article is a dot connector…, and is a support piece for a few other recent articles I’ve written!

This one for example, among others:

I have “bitten” my tongue over and over again!  I have “kept silent” while very literally…, “thousands” of New Age Channelers have posted weekly messages on the internet…, that were filled with deceptive information!

It has become clear to me (as the entire world slowly descends into the hands of the Satanists…,) that I have an obligation to speak out…, regardless of my desire to “live and let live” and allow others to publicly post their opinions…, even when those posts and opinions are filled with absolutely contradictory information (at best) and downright Satanic information (disguised as New Age teachings, at worst).


What do we “owe” the world?

It is the place that we live.  It is the very ground that we walk on.  WE (our bodies) are actually made of the substances of the Earth.

What do we OWE the world?

John F. Kennedy made this remark in a very well known speech:

Ask not what your country can do for you…, but what YOU can do for your country!

Does this make any sense to you at all?

Is there some sort of “spiritual side” to your awareness where this makes sense?

If so…, then this should also make sense:

Ask NOT what the world can do for you…, but what YOU can do for the WORLD around you….

Equally as true would be these ideas:

  • Ask not what your friend can do for YOU…, but what you can do for your friend.
  • Ask not what your wife/husband can do for you…, but what you can do for your wife/husband
  • Ask not what your children/parents can do for you…, but what you can do for your children/parents
  • Ask not what the poor and unfortunate can do for you…, but what you can do for the poor and unfortunate…

On and on this could go.

I’m hoping that you are starting to see a pattern here.

So, perhaps you can “see” that there is something here…, AND it involves loving and caring ACTION!


We owe the world our “loving” participation!  We owe the world our interaction with it…, and our CARING…., CONCERN for it’s well being!

Does any of this sound strange to you?

Does it sound mysterious?

Does it sound funny or made up?

If it does…, then your MIND has been REPROGRAMMED to operate against it’s own good!  I’m sorry to say this…, but it’s for your benefit.

We all know what happens when one part of the physical body starts to ATTACK another part of the body!   It’s called CANCER!

Cancer kills the host!  How can the host live, if one part of it is ATTACKING another part!

Let’s shift gears here, and even though you do not want to hear this…, I’m going to say it anyway!


By refusing to “judge” actions or behaviors that when put into action HARM US ALL…, and then take the necessary CORRECTIVE ACTIONS or STEPS to put a stop to them….

We now find ourselves in the very place, and very time in history where we are currently at!

What we are now “seeing” (coming into manifestation) is exactly what we have allowed to take place through:


What has occurred and is occurring as we speak,  is what we “collectively” have ALLOWED over the last 60 to 100 years or more.

So, let me ask those NEW AGE proponents out there this one simple question –

Hows that “non judgement” working out for you personally…, and for all of us…, and for the planet as a whole?  Do you see a possible flaw here?

Let me do one better here…, and ask this question –

Go back to the time when you first “decided” within yourself that never judging anything was better than judging!

Look at where the world was at back then (take a good look)…, and take a look at where the world is now (take a good look) and tell me which CONDITION you think is better?

This is where the rubber of this “teaching” meets the actual road!  It is the results that count…, NOT HOW WONDERFUL THE TEACHING SOUNDS…

Can you see the “truth” of the above statement?

No matter how perfectly a “teaching” sounds…, IF THE RESULTS ARE BAD…, then the teaching itself is FLAWED somehow!


Now…, to be perfectly honest…, there are currently “millions” of New Ager’s who make “no apologies” for believing in these flawed teachings, because they take no responsibility for the EARTH or HUMANITY!

The reason for this is very CLEAR, if you look deeply!

It was never their intention to help the world, nor make ANY corrective changes to the world.  Their primary intention has been…, and always was…, for their OWN PERSONAL ASCENSION    Read: higher vibrational development

There is a real mental “dis-connect” between the hows and why’s, of most New Age teachings…, and their actual “implementation in the manifest world around us.

What most New Agers have thusly done…, is to feel that “they personally” are NOT HERE to make any useful changes to the world around them, or to the people around them in their lives.

The teaching (and thinking) goes like this:

  1. I will mostly ignore what is going on around me (Good or Bad)
  2. I will mostly work on ONLY myself…, and my own thoughts
  3. I will keep my own mental projections from judging anything, or anyone as (Good or Bad)
  4. And therefore (the hopeful result) is that I will raise my own vibrations
  5. My life will therefore become mostly “happier” because I will no longer have any “expectations” for anything…(Good or Bad)
  6. As a final result…, (hopefully) I WILL ASCEND out of this world, and into a better one, because I have never judged anything or anyone in this one.
  7. Post Script:  As a side “affect” of my non judgement…, hopefully the world will vibrate higher. (An Assumption which has never been proven, and is also quite visibly NOT the real reason most New Ager’s move into “non judgement” anyway…  Number 6 is the real reason, and real motive behind their actions…)

As wonderful as this “teaching” or belief system sounds, and looks on the surface…, it is absolutely FILLED WITH FLAWS, HOLES, AND INCOMPLETE LOGIC.



A million different examples could be given to prove the hundreds of flaws in this teaching.  However…, lets pick something very simple…, (create a tangible and fictional example) and then follow this line of thinking to it’s NON-LOGICAL conclusion.

Let’s say you are a parent, and you are raising a son.  He is 9.  He has a wonderful bedroom that you have graciously given him…, and he refuses to clean it, or take care of it in any way.

His clothes are everywhere (usually on the floor in a heap)…, the clean and the dirty are mixed together.  There are toys everywhere (a trip hazard), and there is eaten, and uneaten food and drink everywhere, (even under the bed).

The carpet has not been vacuumed in a year or so…, there is dust an inch thick on everything from keeping the windows open all the time.

(You get the picture…, it’s really bad)


You are a New Ager…, and are “practicing” Non Judgement!

You do not Judge your son as good or bad…, you do not wish to Label him in any way…, because that goes “against” your own personal desire to VIBRATE HIGHER…, and to hopefully ASCEND.

So as a result…, you either TOLERATE the mess…, OR, you clean it up for him…, so that he does not have to.

It may surprise you to find that BOTH of these behaviors (even though done based upon a very nice sounding “teaching”….,) will have very NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES in the future!

If you Tolerate the mess, (and do nothing)…, while in the short term…, you may feel that you personally have made substantial spiritual progress in your attempts at “non-judgement”…, your child will have grown up in very unhealthy conditions…, which ALWAYS have a harmonic effect that will come back to that child LATER ON IN LIFE!

This can be proven mathematically!

Whether health related sicknesses, sinus problems, or sensitivity to DUST or MOLD or other things…, there WILL BE A CONSEQUENCE to those living in those conditions.

If you clean up the mess for him daily by yourself…, then your child LEARNS that he is not responsible for his own actions…, and takes no steps to correct what he is doing or his behavior in the moment.

The likely “future” outcome will be that he goes out into life and causes great harm to others simply by “being” what he has been “allowed” to become.

As the parent…, YOU will share the KARMIC BLAME for your son’s future actions, which in any way cause harm, distress, and “dis-ease” to other human beings as he goes out into the world around him and begins to act and behave in ways that are “UNCLEANLY”.

It was YOUR RESPONSIBILITY (as the parent) to teach your own child correct, and pure behaviors, which would ADD TO A BETTER SOCIETY, not make it worse!

Now…, let’s go back to the top of the article:


What do we “owe” the world?

It is the place that we live.  It is the very ground that we walk on.  WE (our bodies) are actually made of the substances of the Earth.

What do we OWE the world?

Answer:    What we OWE the world…, is our LOVING CONCERN for each and every other being who lives, walks, and breaths on the planet with us!

What is the title to this article?



We have a responsibility not only to assess daily what we ourselves are doing here…, but what EVERY OTHER man, woman and child is doing as well!


This does NOT mean controlling them, spying on them, or forcing them…, but it does means “working daily” with them… (sorry New Agers, ACTION is needed here)… so that they learn and grow to their highest potential in a constructive way.

The only way this can be achieved and accomplished is by JUDGING and assessing what is happening around you on a 24/7 basis!

This (by the way) is also called AWARENESS!

If we are going to change reality (IN THE PHYSICAL) then just like a scuptor who works with clay…, to make a great masterpiece…, WE NEED TO GET OUR HANDS DIRTY!

It is quite impossible to manifest Micheal Angelo’s “DAVID” without grabbing tools and getting your hands dirty!


This work of “ART” only came into being as a result of constant “chipping away” and REMOVAL of anything…, that got in the way of the result MichealAngelo was looking for!  In other words…, HE JUDGED EVERYTHING he was doing!

He used the “word”  SHOULD over and over and over again!

This part should not be here…, this part should be worked on…, this part of the stone should be made better!

And this is the level of technical mastery was reproduced by his JUDGEMENT!


Our world is no different that a SCULPTURE!  We are it’s creators…, it (the world) is OUR CLAY!

It is being collectively created… (or destroyed) by all of us each and every day!

How this ends…, only you can know…, because a CHOICE is NOW necessary!

Will you re-engage IN JUDGEMENT of your actions?  Or, will you continue to allow ANYTHING…, and EVERYTHING…, to take place…., thinking that there is no consequence, and no result for putting those behaviors into practice?

My loving brothers and sisters…. THINK ON THESE THINGS!














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