By: Bradley Loves


I guess what it boils down to at this time in our history is whether or not you “trust” what you are seeing with your own eyes…, or whether or not you “trust” what you are being TOLD by someone else!

I don’t care whether the information you are getting is coming from the MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA, or…, “spiritual people” who post CHANNELED MESSAGES on the internet.

The fact of the matter is that when “YOU” as a single person, place your “entire” faith and your belief in words or ideas that come from outside of yourself…, then you have given up the responsibility to THINK for yourself.

What most people fail to see here is that 100 percent of people eventually will ACT on what they believe to be true!  They may not act violently…, but somehow, somewhere, at some time…, their “actions” will be directly dictated by what they BELIEVE to be the truth…., (whether it is actually the truth or not).

For those who get their “ideas” from THE MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA…, they will act and behave in a certain way, based on what they believe…, and what they have been told.


For those who get their “ideas” from CHANNELED ENTITIES…, they will act and behave in a certain way, based on what they believe, and what they have been told.

Both groups (in my opinion) have GIVEN UP and ABDICATED the responsibility of using due diligence and of really honestly THINKING and QUESTIONING in real time if what they are being “TOLD” by those outside of them, is the truth.

I know that many people in the New Age don’t see it this way.  In fact…, most would tell you that they are completely aware of how much the “MEDIA” lies to everyone…, but they will then proceed to  scoff and ridicule anyone who suggests that the Channeled Entities they listen to, have lied in the past…, and continue to make predictions and statements which are not only misleading…, but in some cases (over time) to have actually been PROVEN to be wholly and totally FALSE!

Still…, just like any brainwashed human being’s favorite News Presenter will get a free pass when caught giving bad information…, so too…, will many of the New Ager’s favorite Channeled Entities get a free pass on giving faulty or untrue information.

It seems to me that grown men and women are willing to do ALMOST ANYTHING to keep from having to actually THINK for themselves…, and use all of their acquired knowledge to sort out the puzzle of EVERY single issue on it’s own merit.

This is just too much work…, and human nature (programming) is to “run” as fast as possible to an outside AUTHORITY for what is or has taken place.

The outside authority can be the Government, the Media…, OR…, can also be Channeled Entities and Ascended Masters!

When people search outside their own capacity to “discern” on a moment by moment basis (without holding onto beliefs and sacred cows) more often than not they will be lied to…, this is just the way it is!

You just can’t take anyone’s “story” as gospel…

Not the NEWS MEDIA…, nor what any certain CHANNELER SAYS!

Not even what I write on my blog!

I say that not because I am attempting to mislead anyone…, but only that every man, woman and child should use every means at their disposal within their own hearts, minds and souls each and every moment of each and every day to SEEK and DISCERN TRUTH no matter what is happening, or where it is happening.

The moment you pass the buck for that responsibility to someone else…, YOU have abdicated you personal soul growth!

Yet…, this is too simple…, too obvious…, and if one simply cruises the internet “blogoshere”…, you can see hundreds if not “thousands” of web sites REPEATING and POSTING weekly channeled messages which say countless things which have NO WAY to be proven, and are simply “stories” at best.

However…, here’s the sad part.

Grown men and women read these channeled things, and then “act” and “behave” as if it’s all true.

I’m actually starting to pity them!  I’m over my frustration (thankfully)…, and have moved on to just chuckling at their stupidity!

The ONLY way to truly please PRIME CREATOR is to use every means within you to seek the TRUTH moment, by moment, by moment.

No outside source…, NOT Government, the Media…, NOR CHANNELERS can be trusted to simply HAND YOU the truth.

And…, any “book” that has been Channeled…, is equally suspect as well!

Both the LAW OF ONE…, and THE COURSE IN MIRACLES are books that were 100 percent channeled,  AND in addition to this peculiar problem…, they were both the work of a single person (just one human being) doing the channeling.

To put total faith in these works is not only “ill advised”…, but lacks in wisdom!

ANY CHANNELED WORK should be taken with great care and great hesitation.  Every single idea should be tested and looked at over and over before being given a pass.

So whether you are a “REALIST” or a “BELIEVE IST”…, that does not remove your responsibility to THINK on your own behalf.

My friends…, think on these things!



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