By: Bradley Loves

The video that I posted yesterday (and the day before) should have (if nothing else) shaken you to your very core!  If you have not yet watched it, then stop right here…, go back and WATCH IT!

We are now entering the time when EVERYTHING is out in the open!

The plans “they” have for the human race are out on the table and (very temporarily) being “offered” up for limited debate as to whether we as human beings WANT THIS OR NOT!

However…, “debate” is not just sitting alone in your home and “OHM” ing about it to some unseen cosmic deity!!   Nor is debate sitting in a circle around a human channeler and asking some out of body entity what “they” think you should say and do!

Debate is YOU (yes you) standing up as a human being and saying in no uncertain terms that you do NOT AGREE and DO NOT CONSENT to this type of surveillance and this type of unrestricted access into the human brain and the human mind.

Debate is you saying that you REFUSE to link your mind with AI or MACHINES of any kind (no matter what) and that anyone who forces you to do this will be dealt with most harshly and severely!

This (very limited) window of time has been provided by the HIGHER FORCES OF LOVE who will ultimately be responsible for “intervening” and “rescuing” any and all human beings who stood up AGAINST A.I., and AGAINST the melding of their minds and souls with technology!

The “higher forces” will not however be bothered with those men and women who took NO ACTION on their own behalf because the rules of the game say that after being warned and informed of what was taking place…, by NOT SAYING (or doing) anything at all to stand up for themselves…, they “tacitly consented” to what was being shown to them.

These men and women – after refusing to take action on their own behalf and refusing to speak out against something they DO NOT WANT…, will be left to the forces who would enslave them, and the higher forces of LOVE will focus instead on the men and women who indeed DID stand up for love, light, and truth!

As UNFAIR as you think this is – TIME IS VERY SHORT NOW!  There is not much time left and the technology necessary (as per the video) to totally control your brain, your mind AND EVEN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY…, is already in place and ready to be turned ON!

As UNFAIR as you may think this is…, even the NEW AGERS were told about this time in history!  They can NOT deny that they were duly warned as long as a decade ago that this was coming up!

They were told that a time would be coming when NO ONE would be “allowed” to sit on the fence any longer and straddle the dark side and the light side!!

Even if doing so was intended to keep the peace with men and women of a very dark nature!

It was said years ago already that a time would come when EVERYONE (this means everyone) would have to make a CHOICE!

What, pray tell, you do think those words meant?

It meant that once you were presented with and shown exactly what the dark forces and the Satanists had planned for you…, that you would be given a very limited time window where you would be forced (yes that word is quite valid if you are normally reluctant to make any decisions along these lines) to finally come down off of the fence located squarely in the middle of GOOD and BAD and choose one side or the other!


We are now in the “time” when you must CHOOSE which side you are going to be on and once you do…, there is NO TURNING BACK!

You must then follow up with:

  • Thoughts
  • Words
  • Actions
  • Deeds
  • Declarations
  • Statements of Intent
  • Notices and Warnings
  • and finally Prayers and Meditations after everything else is said and done.

You MUST give everyone around you fair NOTICE of where you stand on ALL of the issues so that Heaven and Hell and everywhere in between is VERY, VERY aware of where you stand and what you are all about!

The people who can not and will not do this, are NOT (repeat not) going to get any help from the higher forces because an argument can be made by the dark forces that these people “consented” to what was being planned for them by taking no action at all.

Just like FACEBOOK and other companies always “opt you in” to everything new they want to do on their platforms…, in order to get yourself out of these real world conditions and situations…, you must TAKE REAL WORLD ACTION  TO OPT OUT as each new condition or situation is being shown and revealed to you.

By not “opting out”…., “they” can make the claim that you WANTED WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO GIVE YOU!

The video I posted yesterday on this blog is probably the most important video that I ever posted…, and I wonder how many people took the necessary two hours of time to watch it??

Now…, if you are one of the very very unfortunate New Agers who drank the Kool-Aid and were brain-washed into thinking that there is no such  thing as “good” and “bad”…., or “right” and “wrong”…, then I am very sorry!   I feel badly for you and there is probably nothing that anyone at this point can do for you!


Their lies, deceptions, and cons worked on you…, and you allowed them to filter into your belief systems and they have now become part and parcel of your make up.

The Dark Forces will slowly take over your entire life – all the while telling you that it is all for your own good and reminding you that no matter how horrid things that they are doing in the world may seem – there is no such thing as good and bad!

You will be shown that cannibalism is actually a “good thing” and that drinking human blood is really a great way to maintain and extend good health!

You will be shown that the world is very over populated and that having kids is not only unimportant…, but HARMING THE PLANET.

You will be taught that “kids” are not really all that desirable…, but do have certain uses which include black magic…, and for that reason only they should be tolerated!

You will be taught how to perform magic spells while having sex with young children…, and taught that kids are “designed” for this kind of thing anyway!

You will be compelled to submit to a NEURAL IMPLANT so that your brain cortex can connect to “the Cloud” where you’ll be able to access A.I. At any time.

AI will basically take over your thought processes and “GIVE YOU THE PROPER THOUGHTS TO HAVE”…, or rather the STATE APPROVED THOUGHTS about any subject in question!

In the view of the Dark Forces…, once you REFUSE to “opt out” of this New World Order System…, then you have “tacitly agreed to it”…, which is all the permission they need from you!

Once again…, TIME IS SHORT…, and you have limited time to come down off of the fence and pick a side ONCE AND FOR ALL!


Even the New Age Channelers talked about this at length only a decade ago!

Which side do you choose?


The middle ground is going away for all time…, and you will no longer be able to sit there and look at both sides.

This TIME was foretold…, this TIME was predicted!



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