I’ve said this before, and now I will say it again…

The “fight”, the “war”, the “Battle” that the Deep State/Luciferians/Cabal is fighting (and has been fighting for decades) is not with us, nor is it really against us! 


We the People are simply the helpless “hostages” that they happen to be torturing and killing every single day here on the Earth in a vain attempt to draw “God – the Great Creator” – into an early response / early attempt at putting them down – which is a response that HE / AND THE HOLY ANGELS OF HEAVEN are not yet ready for.

Their “complaint” against God is as simple and childish as the false idea that they believe (because they were told this) that “HE” is hiding the ultimate knowledge and power from them.  And since they honestly believe that by having this ultimate hidden knowledge and power that HE is keeping away from them…, THEY TOO would be Gods – they are angry and wish to do battle to over throw HIM.

This is the original lie (original sin) that was told to them in the Garden – and is the single lie they have never forgotten.

Therefore, the more “knowledge that they can gain here on Earth…”, and the more “technology they can amass” the more they will (in a proxy war against God) torment and torture anyone and everyone who does not join up in their WAR OF REBELLION against the ONE who they see as the entire road block to their own GODHOOD!

You (yes you) and all of the rest of us who actually love and support the God of All Creation are being tormented and tortured constantly at this point in history merely to see if God will respond to what they are doing.  They have amassed huge amounts of extremely advanced hidden technologies which they believe will help them in capturing the higher levels of Creation if a response is mounted by the higher levels.

They are actively trying to PROVOKE a response from the higher levels by killing, murdering, and torturing everyone on Earth – including the most innocent – the children!

As you can clearly see – these people are psychotically INSANE in every sense of the word insane, and should be locked up for eternity!  They have very little (if any) soul left that can be rehabilitated.

What is happening in GAZA (and in UKRAINE) as we speak is all of the proof that you need that those who consider themselves to be  ZIONISTS  (not real Jews) – and who are really part of the Synagogue of Satan – are hopelessly lost and INSANE.

Killing 2.5 million people (for them) is nothing – and they even wonder if they can get away with killing millions more!

Those who support them in this endeavor are complicit with them and are unknowingly supporting them in their plot to provoke God into a response.  They have unknowingly gone to WAR with God.

This is why – “THEY” – must be put down once and for all!  And this is why God (along with many higher beings calling themselves an Alliance) are very slowly putting them down and are capturing them one by one by one.

It is taking place very slowly so as to force them to waste as much effort as possible while at the very same time exposing everything that they are doing to the masses which causes them to take thousands of punches that they are not prepared to defend against!

In the boxing world this is called:   ROPE A DOPE!

The reason that George Foreman lost to Ali in 1974 was that he had never gone 8 full rounds in a fight before, and was too tired to fight at the end.

The WHITE HATS are using ROPE – A – DOPE against the Deep State!

The Deep States response to this tactic – a tactic that they do not like and were not ready for – is to turn every single frequency that creates and sustains “LIFE ON EARTH” into a weapon that can KILL ALL LIFE EVERYWHERE….

In other words – they have gone “scorched earth” and have decided that if “God” does not show up and engage in this BATTLE on their terms – they will just DESTROY EVERYTHING and EVERYONE ON THE EARTH (except themselves) and try to survive underground (or off world) the best that they can.

What is being done to me (your author of Love Truth Site) as we speak – and yes, I’ve already told everyone who reads here that I am being ATTACKED by horrible frequencies – is an early indication of what they have planned for everyone on Earth eventually.

To prove to you that I am not crazy or making this up – the ONLY PLACE where I am being attacked is inside of my own camper trailer – and if and when I leave the camper – I am fine!  So my only home here on Earth is under direct attack! And if I move the camper – the frequencies follow.

The problem here is that I actually need a place to live, to cook food, and to sleep at night.

These on-going and directed frequencies are valid PROOF of a deliberate and ON-GOING ATTACK upon my life – and this on-going attack is most likely coming from the America Military (D.A.R.P.A.) itself!

This means that the American Military (Dark Hats) have now declared OPEN WAR on regular civilians here in America and have gone to war with the very people that they swore an oath to protect!

Why would they even do this?

Remember that there are many (countless higher level Generals and Admirals) that have joined up with Secret Societies / Jesuits / Knights of Malta / Freemasons – and inside of these secret societies – at the top levels – they worship LUCIFER!

So – the very people that you think are there to protect you – are actually planning to torture you because they have taken higher oaths to the darkness, and have a HIGHER LOYALTY than the one you think they owe to you!   

Their loyalty has been re-directed toward Satan and to the ultimate defeat of God.


It honestly (seems) as if anyone living in America (like me or you) who does not join up with them is considered to be “against them” and is therefore seen as a legitimate TARGET OF WAR. 

So if you are not standing “with them”, then it could be that you, (yes you) may have recently been declared a legitimate target of their war – and perhaps you just don’t know it yet. 

The so-called Domestic Terrorist Watch List – formulated by the DOJ (Department of Justice) the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – apparently has been absolutely filled with the names of innocent American people who are Christians, Patriots, Constitutionalists, Believers in Freedom, Supporters of Free Speech, the Second Amendment, and the Bill of Rights!


Even Elon Musk now appears to be a TARGET of their war!

January 6th was the beginning SALVO of your very own agencies (FBI) among other, laying a very elaborate TRAP for anyone (including you) who consider themselves to be defenders of FREEDOM here in America.

When I say that they are using the FREQUENCIES OF CREATION against us – that means that they are using the most advanced (and hidden) technol0gies they have and have deployed them against anyone who does not come over to their side.



Here is yet another post (from Facebook) by Bryan Tew!  He is a good man (and just like me) he is a Targeted Individual!

He writes:


Remote neural manipulation attacks of drowsiness using fabricated and falsified memory references and motivational impulses to disrupt my continuity of thought and erase active memory going on daily for years.

2156 hrs December 3 2023

A directed energy weapons system of the U.S. Department of Defense is used to silence and kill whistle blowers, activists & dissidents, or anyone the American Shadow Government considers a threat.

CIA DIA Contractors using an EXASCALE RNM Supercomputer, via Brain to Computer Interface, Electronic Brain to Brain Interface, and Brain to Cloud Interface are targeting their victims cerebral cortex with a bi-directional fabricated and falsified bit-stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves specifically tuned in to the victims brain wave signature, via a stream of ELF waves called the INFORMATION & INJECTION FEEDBACK LOOP, using fabricated & falsified brain wave signals causing heart attacks, strokes and other secondary & tertiary diseases & disorders.

The point at which the Trauma Based Mind Control victim suffers Congestive Heart Failure, Stroke, Adrenaline Damage, Artificially Induced Disease, etc., is an important ‘METRIC’ in the training, research & development of how to more effectively assassinate people with this Silent & Slow Kill technology.

A computer multiplexer routes the signal to a tower, satellite, or mobile platform and the tower satellite or mobile platform then relays the signal to the digital receiver similar to how cell phone technology works.

The digital receiver is tracked & pinpointed in real time just like a cell phone, except with CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL technology (known about by the Congress) where the digital receiver is not a phone. It is a human brain instead.

The brain of the mind control victim has been digitalized by the nanotechnology, etc., adhering to neurotransmitters in his/her brain but nanotech is not even necessary for mind control technologies of the CIA/DIA to work properly. Just necessary for training research & development in a real world environment using innocent men women and children as guinea pigs.

The nanotechnology speaks to and decodes the neurotransmitters in the victims brain allowing the CIA DIA TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL Cognitive Researchers to turn the brain of the victim into their very own visual verbal & auditive communications system after they have mapped the brain of the victim into a cognitive model, which they achieve by way of repetitive infliction of physical & psychological trauma.


Neuropsychological and Electronic “No-Touch Torture”. The Spectrum of ‘Interrogation” and Torture Techniques Used by the US and its Allies


CIA DIA Supercomputers use physical & psychological trauma to map out and reverse engineer the sensory & neural pathways of the victims brain & central nervous system, meaning they are mapping patterns with identifiers. They are linking evoked potentials with descriptions.

In order to map patterns with identifiers the CIA DIA Contractors (Neuroscientists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Behavioral Scientists, etc) have to create patterns. Patterns of what? Memory & Thought!

They are using physical & psychological trauma to force the victim into repetitive patterns of behavior called RESPONSE STATISTICS which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM Data. Notice how Brandy Vaughn was first stalked and gas lighted before her murder? Trauma!

Only the Trauma Based Mind Control victim absorbs the stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves that is specifically tuned to the brain wave signature of the victim, which then interface with the nanotechnology in the victims brain. This is because only the victim possess that specific brain wave signature that the stream is specifically tuned into.

Others around the victim do not absorb the energy or feel its effects because they do not possess that same unique brain wave signature as the victim. The stream of electromagnetic low frequency waves just flows through and around them and they are unaware.

Take two cell phones and place them both on a table next to each other. Dial a specific number. Only one phone rings because only that phone possesses the specific residence frequency for that number.

CIA/DIA Contractors are using ‘fabricated or falsified stream’ of electromagnetic energy that contains a carrier frequency specifically tuned to the unique one of a kind brain wave signature of the mind control victim to interfere with your memory & thought process.

Once you become dependent (ie. you believe their impulse injections are your own) on the system’s output (or they believe your responses to it are consistent) they will begin to fabricate ‘subconscious responses’ which they will pretend are indicators.

of honesty, dishonesty, positive recognition, etc and they will use these ‘impulse injections’ to convince you that the fabricated & falsified responses are your own.

If you are unaware of this constant mental manipulation the system will begin to shape your thoughts & behavior. They will use this to [attempt to] restrict your thoughts & behavior by blocking [interfering with] your memory & thought process while these mental suggestions are being provided  the interference is triggered & can be activated at will by the attackers.


They have gone ROGUE and are now attacking innocent civilians!

Just a word to the wise to all of the people who are using (and developing) this hidden technology that are in the Military or are acting as private Civilian Contractors!  

No one you’ve ever used it on will forgive you! 

In the future, your soul will be hunted and you will be testified against in front of the Throne of God by those YOU so callously harmed.  Your lack of belief in God the Great Creator does not mean that you can escape the punishment of your evil deeds (just like you will NOT escape certain death if you walk off of a very high cliff).

“I was just following orders” – will get you nowhere with God or with those that you harmed, and you will be punished severely regardless.

Instead of just committing “Earthly Crimes” you are now committing “Cosmic Level Crimes” – the kind and type for which your very soul can be placed into Cosmic Prison or even Destroyed!

Satan / Lucifer / Baal /Molech / the Black Sun / The Annunaki etc, can not, and WILL NOT save you.


Jesus Christ is your only hope for forgiveness, but before you get it you must REPENT –  and STOP what you are doing – and then MAKE REPARATIONS to those people you have damaged.

Any other choice will cause you great sorrow and regret.

You have been warned (by me) repeatedly.

This is both legal and lawful NOTICE.

No further NOTICE will be given.

Let those who have ears to hear (hear) and eyes to see (see)…








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