We’ve come full circle my friends!  We are now right back at the very beginning of the initial series that I started writing on July 27th of 2023 that was called:


This will be the last installment of this second series and will be somewhat speculative.  Still, it should be fairly obvious to anyone who has read all nineteen installments (of both series) and has watched every video within those installments that something very strange is going on in our world as a result of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence).

There is a very good chance that A.I. (Super Computers) have been placed “in charge” of making the day to day decisions here on the Earth, and as fantastic as it sounds, at least SOME of the politicians that we think are real human beings may actually be CLONES, A.I. DRONES, or A.I. ROBOTS that actually look human.

The only real question that remains is has the technology gotten this far yet (where A.I. is making it’s own human looking bodies to inhabit) and if so, have real people been replaced with automatons / human looking robots that are taking orders from extremely intelligent (but anti-human) A.I. ?

The fallout of such a reality would mean that our world has literally been taken over and as we speak NO ONE (not even real people like Sheriffs and Police) who may be taking orders from what they perceive to be higher level figures of authority working above them can be trusted any longer since the very “ORDERS” that they may be acting on OR trying to enforce, could actually have come from (or may have originated from) an A.I. / Artificial Intelligence that is not even human.

Anyone that is getting their orders from an A.I. / Artificial Intelligence, and is then acting on these orders or is trying to enforce them, is a TRAITOR to humanity right out of the gate, even if they do not know where their orders are actually coming from.

Consider this:

How many of the absolutely draconian orders, mandates, and dictates that were handed down to humanity world wide by countless local and state officials in various countries could have come to them from very high level Artificial Intelligence / Super Computers that were pretending to be human beings working inside of the WHO, CDC, WEF and other world bodies?

Ben Fulford (on December 5th, 2023) actually suggests that this may indeed be what is happening on our world!

He writes this in his latest update:

British intelligence claims that it was the Germans who created the Muslim Brotherhood after World War I to destroy the British and French colonial governments in the Middle East. The CIA’s Gestapo ( George Bush DVD) branch took control after World War II.

So, the CIA and Mossad were in Qatar recently saying “ give us the money or we will kill the hostages ”. The answer was: “No, we will not submit to blackmail. You will face war crimes trials . ” War criminal Netanyahu will probably be killed at gunpoint rather than hanged. However he will go down, that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, his masters, the Rothschilds, are trying to make a good impression. Lynn de Rothschild recently appeared on TV promising:

Artificial intelligence will change everything, for better or for worse. Why don’t we ask ourselves how AI can help us address the structural shortcomings of our economic system, how it can make our economy work for everyone, and how it can help create a society where it’s not us and them? I call for a joint statement from the public sector and the private sector for the common good. We need to think about our essential social pact with society. It is a radical reform of the economy.

They also appear to be using AI to run media and politics for them .

Rothschild Wants Merger Between Corporations, Governments And AI To “Save Capitalism”

Sports Illustrated was busted using AI-generated journalists to “write” AI-generated articles, and then freaked out and deleted the evidence after one of their web developers dropped a dime on them.

We are also now receiving reports that California “ governor ” Gavin Newsom may be a controlled humanoid robot by artificial intelligence.

Tucker Carlson says, “His palms don’t sweat. His breathing doesn’t increase. His body temperature does not change. Nothing changes about Newsom when he lies to your face. And there aren’t many people like that.”

John Rappaport meanwhile reports this on his paid blog:

  • While defending his policy of allowing the transfer of violent male prisoners, who identify as women, to California’s women’s prisons, Governor Gavin Newsom suddenly blurted out: ‘I don’t exist. I am an artificial intelligence programmed by the Disney Corporation.’”

Networks temporarily shut down the live feed.

This is the same Newsom who oversaw the taking of homeless people off the streets so their organs could be removed and sold. Our special forces source tells us they found hundreds (not thousands as we previously reported) of homeless bodies who had been dismembered and had their organs removed. An AIapparently decided it made sense to turn “ unproductive ” homeless people into profitable meat and organ products.

The Globalist MK’s are also using another likely AI…, Joe Biden, to threaten:

“Look, my Marine has a code to blow up the world”

So, be very skeptical when the Rothschilds say, ” We’ll use AI to be nice now, so please don’t kill us.”

They should have said that before trying to kill us. War crimes trials are about to begin. Mass murderer Anthony Fauci was forced to agree to testify to Congress about the US response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the origins of the virus in China.


We the People (who make up the entire human race) are now in uncharted territory. 

There is no going back from this point on!

Just imagine what could be happening here on the Earth if multiple (or many dozens) of powerful or influential world leaders were either taking ORDERS from an A.I. – or even worse, were actually A.I. CLONES and not even human.

We the People of Earth would have no choice but to take up a revolution against this condition in order to RID OUR WORLD of an anti-human force that was actually thinking robotically (without any feelings at all for real human beings) and had very literally been “programmed” by the Luciferian / Satanists behind the scenes whose ultimate goal has always been to take over the entire world and just get rid of the useless eaters.

Our very survival as a species would depend upon all of us FIGHTING BACK TOGETHER against this condition -and not following any orders that were coming from any higher level governmental authorities (even Judges and Police) simply because it would be almost impossible to prove that the orders they were trying to enforce were coming from real human beings up the chain of command and were not simply coming from Super Computers / A.I. that were anti – human.

Living and Breathing Human Beings are not obligated to follow a single order, a single mandate, or a single dictate that originates from a computer – PERIOD!

All such orders would be fake or false orders from the very moment that they were given out and any figure of authority that was taking enforcement actions of such fake or false orders would be GUILTY of CRIMINAL ACTIONS against living and breathing human beings and guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

As crazy and speculative as this all sounds – it is something that WE ALL AS HUMAN BEINGS MUST NOW CONSIDER…

Like the title of this final article says:


I’ve now given you the benefit of NINETEEN articles on the subject of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and looked deeply into what has been going on behind your backs for decades!  It is up to you to read them, share them, and put all of the pieces of the puzzle together.  However, you have no time to be lazy and to think that you can get to it when you have more time.

Time is the one thing that WE THE PEOPLE can no longer afford to waste.  We are OUT OF TIME.

The next move is up to you!  What will you do?  God actually wants to know!  Will you take actions to save yourself?  Or, will you just give in to being enslaved by MACHINES who do not and can never possibly LOVE?

Your future as a SOUL hangs in the balance…

So Choose Wisely…

All my love









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