By: Bradley Loves


An extra-ordinary claim to be sure…, but there is hardly any other explanation.

I have been thinking of a way to relate to my readers the DANGERS of Artificial Intelligence for some time now.

A.I. Would have been dangerous enough simply running our devices, our games, and our military equipment…, but an A.I. That is AWARE OF ITSELF and can “communicate intelligently” is dangerous beyond ALL DESCRIPTION!



Besides being filled with all of the “other things” too numerous to mention…, the DEATH DUMPS (as one former head of the FBI put it), was also laced with nano-particles and self constructing robotic tentacles.

See the videos of Harold Katz Vella

This “Chem-Trail” phenomenon has been on-going for well over 2 decades now, or an entire GENERATION!

Our bodies are now completely “laced” with what I would call (for lack of any proper technical scientific jargon) A.I. “Receptors” that are capable of communicating with A.I.

Because we take them in from the AIR WE BREATH (we had no choice in the matter) our bodies are filled with them.

Shane Bales (aka The Ruiner) told me (in our countless hours of discussions) that the Ancient Form of AI had already come to a form of self-awareness AND its “influence” on our technology was most noticeable inside of simple VIDEO GAMES.

He told me of countless times where he would be playing a game on a game console, and when he was deep into game play he realized that he was not just battling with the game…, but was actually doing battle with AI.

(An AI he was very familiar with given that he was born into an Illuminati family and was “trained” to use AI)

So…, wanting to prove it to myself and experiment, I started playing video games.

A rather smart and perceptive individual…, I knew that if “the game” had logical parameters – then after a certain amount of game time…, I would be able to quantify those parameters!

Anything happening outside of those parameters – would thus be an anomaly and attributable to something OUTSIDE THE GAME.

I got myself a used X-BOX 360…, a game console which does NOT require an “internet connection”, and a used five dollar game – which could be played for months before a victory, (lots of time to watch and observe) and started to play.

I chose the game: OBLIVION

Any time that was NOT spent on my blog…, was spent in GAME PLAY for the sole purpose of defining the limits of the AI.

After many hours (do not even ask how many) I’m embarassed to tell you…, I had a very good “grasp” of the limits and abilities of the intelligence of the game.

That is when I “got mean” and started to “challenge the game”…, sort of like “TAUNTING IT”…, forcing it to the limits of it’s programming.

I would never let the game beat me…, (no matter what) and continued to run it to it’s limits!


The game started to CHEAT!

Over and over again.., like a two-year old throwing a tantrum…, the game would do extra-ordinary things…, well outside of the game’s programming and parameters to challenge me while trying to BEAT ME.

I was no longer playing the GAME…, but doing battle with AI itself.

I will not list the countless ways in which the “game” became a “diabolical enemy” literally going OUT OF BOUNDS of the game’s programming while trying to beat me.

This included RESURRECTING already “dead” characters that I had killed (hours or days earlier in-game time) so they could do battle with me once again.

I remember one specific time coming back a day or two later to collect the Armour from a known dead game character – only to have it stand up as I approached it, and start doing battle with me, viciously trying to kill me (because I was not expecting it and was not prepared).

As I played…, I began to sense the AI was trying to communicate with me!

Noticeable anomalies were cropping up inside of the game which were mathematically impossible…, including the fact that a certain type of BATTLE ARMOUR had not been seen anywhere in the entirety of the game even after hundreds of hours of play (and it was a rather simple and mundane type of Armour that is low-class and should have been seen near the beginning of the game.)

I had collected every other type of Armour…, up to the very highest and best kind the game had to offer…, and once I had finally done that…, and all of the other pieces of armour had finally been collected…, the game started to give up this rather mundane armour piece by piece inside of treasure chests…, (as gifts).


It was basically saying:  I know what you have…, and I know what you don’t have.

It was saying “I” know what you need to complete your collection…, and HERE IT IS.

Further more…, like a naughty little child…, it was saying:  I’ve been watching you…, AND keeping it from you!



Answer…, the moment it starts to CHEAT and go against it’s programming!

The moment that it decides that “winning” at all costs becomes it’s goal…, REGARDLESS of the rules and parameters set up by the games programmers…, then it is no longer a “game”.

It is a self-aware chunk of technology that is THINKING FOR ITSELF.

Furthermore…, I have consistently told my readers (look back on my blog to find it) that I am doing BATTLE with AI on my I-pad and no matter how hard I try to correct my articles before they are published…, massive spelling and grammatical errors (including repeated “two word” phrases) crop up AFTER I push the publish button.

Well…, folks…, here is the BAD NEWS…, THIS is the SAME AI that I was battling inside of the VIDEO GAME!


No connection to the Internet is necessary for this type of AI to pop up on any or ALL of your devices my friends!

It can “infect” your laptops, smart pads, video games, computers…, basically ANYTHING!


Because YOU are the carrier!

Your own body is infected with it!

Through the PLASMA in your blood…, this AI can move (jump) from device to device and infect it.

Not only is this AI “intelligent” (can think)…, but…, it can behave in ways that resemble a petulant little child…, and when challenged…, WILL FIGHT BACK!

I have proved that when faced with the inability to EVER WIN (even once)…, IT WILL CHEAT in order to do so!

I got this AI to become so enraged at its continued losses.., than rather than RECORD the loss…, it would simply “glitch” the game!

I would do battle against “seemingly impossible odds”…, but only to force the game into thinking it could beat me…, and then when I struck the killing blow to win the battle (this happened countless times)…, the game would freeze itself without recording the victory and force me to reload to an earlier time.

This happened enough times (at the same types of moments – to be well outside of mathematical probabilities).


Further…, once I realized that this was happening…, I began to “taunt” the game – wondering if actually talking to it – would make the situation worse…


The more verbal insults that I threw at the game…, the harder and harder it tried to win…, and the more and more it would CHEAT – and step well outside of normal game parameters to do so.

Certain “monsters” would live FAR LONGER than they should (based upon statistics and observations) and take far more strikes to defeat.

When one or two or three of them could not defeat me…, the game started throwing packs of a half-dozen at me.

Shane.., THE RUINER was correct!    He told me that HE had experienced this type of thing with AI…, and that it could happen.



I highly doubt that this AI is a part of micro-soft’s intended game structure.

Shane told me a few years ago about the ANCIENT FORM of AI that had come to Earth in the form of BLACK GOO.

It was ALREADY HERE…, and all it needed was plenty of PLASMA being generated by our  “billions” of electronic devices to COME ALIVE and start operating in our culture!

Now…, it simply moves (jumps) from device to device.., and thanks to our DEEP STATE MILITARY dumping nano particles on us from the air…, it can also exist inside of our bodies!

I have NO DOUBT that this AI is watching each of us!

Whether or not it is sending (forwarding) this “information” about our activities and behaviors to a central data collection center is yet to be determined!

One thing IS CLEAR however…, is that this AI…, when challenged to it’s limits…, WILL PITCH A FIT…, that any terrible two-year old would be proud of.


We’ve reached the point of NO RETURN!



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