By: Bradley Loves


This is going to be quite long…, so just be prepared for that.  I want to take my time with this…, and lay this out step by step.  There may be several parts.

While I do this…, I want to also give myself the opportunity to post links to other articles and to do commentary if needed. The subject is extensive.

It will do you no real good to read this piece if you have not first read the background article from Kerry Cassidy…, so please go to the right side of the page…, and click on the MUST READ post, just below this one.


It’s hard to know where exactly to start!  Really, there is so much to tell…, and it is spread across so many decades of our recent history that “arranging it all” is a challenge.


Taken from an article written by Kerry Cassidy:

The biggest secret

The international network of deep underground bases, Jake confirmed, had been built in a continuing program since soon after the end of World War II costing trillions of dollars. The issue here was that military leaders had learned through ET contact that a potential catastrophe of huge magnitude, occurring early in the 21st century, was possible. This information was certainly known to Eisenhower, Jake said (and may have been partially responsible for his heart attack), and was very possibly known as early as World War II.

Just as we had presented in our important summary article The Big Picture, the problem is one which involves massive potential Earth changes that could, in extremis, threaten our civilization. The situation had been extensively studied and evaluated and the conclusion had been reached that the public could not be told.

Jake described the threat – metaphorically – as a wave that was heading our way. It was unclear whether this ‘wave’ is a product of an area of space which the solar system is entering – or whether it is the result of a close fly-past by a large rogue celestial body, or even a combination of two or three simultaneous situations or other unusual and impending cosmological events. But when I asked how this is all known, the answer came back that the superluminal craft have gone out to take a good look at what is around, and have returned with the information.


I have talked to enough people personally…, to have come to the conclusion that the idea of an “approaching wave” is most likely very true!  

So…, this is a good place for us to start…, because it really is the basic “foundation” for all of the other crazy things that have happened since the end of World War II.

Now…, what has to be clearly understood is that this single piece of vital information (which I do think may be TRUE…, came to the US MILITARY probably in the 1940’s and 1950’s!  It was a very different time back then…, and most people living back then, were not like they are today.

Compare the adults of the 1940’s and 50’s, to be like first and second graders when it comes to “knowing and understanding” the Multi-verse…, and the very subtle nature of how REALITY actually works.

I would say that since the 1940’s and 50’s…, a time when many, many decisions were made…, all adults (in general) have “grown up” and are far, far MORE understanding of the nature of how reality works…, and of the Multi-verse.

So, with this understood, we BUMP into our first problem!  That problem is that almost all of the most early decisions being made (concerning our future)…, were being made out of desperation…, by adults who really weren’t any more educated (in the COSMIC sense) than first graders.

So…, with some really scary news in their hands…, and with little to no real wisdom or understanding…, we had a group of adults go ahead (in secret) and start making some VERY BAD CHOICES.

These choices they were making…, were choices for the ENTIRE PLANET…, and for every single human being that lived on it.

Okay…, so with that said…, let’s move on!



Going back to Kerry Cassidy’s article:

The situation had been extensively studied and evaluated and the conclusion had been reached that the public could not be told.


The “fallout” of this single decision or MISTAKE can not even be properly grasped!

By deciding to keep everything secret…, life on the Earth, as we know it CHANGED forever and dramatically.

Let’s just look for a moment at some of the fallout, shall we?

From the very moment that SECRECY…, became the operational status…, then DECEPTION became THE RULE.

I just can’t state emphatically enough how horribly damaging this single decision was to our human psyche, our bodies, our cells, the Earth, the Ethers…, our spiritual selves…, and even ultimately to how Reality gets formed and created!  Every single part and aspect of our lives and our society became changed from that moment on.

Please take a brief moment to sit with this!

Now…, it is a given that they were “scared”!   However…, they did not stop to consider that our loving PRIME CREATOR would have sent plenty of human beings into physical incarnation who would KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO!

By making the entire “problem” a secret…, then those men and women (who were not in the military and with top secret clearances)  but, possibly born for this very purpose…, were left out of the loop without being able to offer information that would have changed everything!

So you see…, this is the type of mistake that a first grader makes! They don’t stop to think that someone else may have a better answer.

So what are some of the very “tangible” and “noticeable” things that we can clearly see for ourselves that happened as a result of this decision?




Lying becomes the “order” of the day!  Gone are the days when reporters for the media can simply “report”.  Common every day people are now seen as “the enemy” that this horrible information can never fall into the hands of.  Now there is such a thing a second and third class human beings.  Those that KNOW…, and those that don’t KNOW.


Those who don’t know…, and might “find out” are ridiculed!  They are marginalized and bullied!  Their lives are interfered with, jobs destroyed, bank accounts emptied, relationships messed with AND families tormented. If that does not work, they are either imprisoned, drugged into synthetic insanity and locked up, or simply killed.

All Normal Rules for Banking get thrown out the window – Because “paying” for all of this has to be achieved in Secret.

The CIA becomes the worlds largest Drug Runner only to collect enough money for hundreds of top secret black projects that have to do with the “PROBLEM”.

Young teens all over the world get addicted to these drugs that are being supplied and pushed by governmental agencies and their lives and the lives of their families are ruined.

Millions go to jail (an experience they would have never had…, had not the agencies been pushing and supplying drugs and narcotics to the very young for the money they needed to get IN SECRET).

The DEFENSE CONTRACTORS…, who are also suppliers of major technology to the “secret space programs” are given cart blanche to manufacture weapons on a “galactic scale” and then sell them all over the world in order to make “profit” in order to keep working on technology for the “PROBLEM”.

Countless cities, towns, homes and even Countries are destroyed while Millions of real people die in fake wars, and endlessly staged battles so that the defense contractors can keep making money in order to continue to work on “super secret projects” that are necessary to deal with the “PROBLEM”.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING – (a new slave trade) with a very lucrative business and huge profit potential, gets taken over by secret governmental agencies who funnel all that money back into the “secret space programs and projects” which have been formulated to deal with the “PROBLEM”.

At least half…, yes half, of the Human Trafficking being done by government agencies is of young children who are “sold” as sex slaves for grown adults to have sex with!  MILLIONS of little boys and little girls have to deal with anal and vaginal intercourse as a result of being sold as sex slaves.

And all the while…, a very significant portion OF THIS MONEY is being set aside for “secret space programs and projects” which have been formulated to deal with the “PROBLEM”.

The VATICAN BANK…, and many other huge Global Banks are either forced or willingly engaged to LAUNDER all of this Drug Money, Weapons Money, and Human Trafficking Money in order to “clean it up” before it goes into the SECRET PROJECTS.



People all around the world are losing jobs, economies are failing, and lives are growing more and more desperate everywhere…, because every single bit of EFFORT, INTELLIGENCE AND MONEY over the course of 80 years is being directed to one thing only…, and that thing is:  THE PROBLEM

Let’s go back to Kerry Cassidy’s article shall we?

This has all happened before

One of the most startling snippets of information Jake revealed was that in some locations the base construction engineers had broken through into much older facilities that had been there for thousands of years prior – apparently built for an identical defensive purpose. All this, Jake had told us, had happened before: the catastrophic events are cyclic.

Because of what had been learned through breaking into older facilities built by a prior Earth culture, in some locations decisions had been made to increase the depth of the new facilities to as much as 30,000 feet [9000 meters].

The great classified libraries of the world, in the Vatican and elsewhere, all contained detailed accounts of the destruction of prior civilizations. The Flood Myth, as many anthropologists have described, is evident in many dozens of different cultures all over the world. All this is described in our article The Big Picture.

So this is why we have places like the VATICAN which own and operate huge telescopes…, the largest of which is known as LUCIFER!  They are looking toward the heavens.  They are looking toward our SUN and watching for any reactions it may have to what is coming.  They are looking for THE WAVE. And, they are looking for another planetary body which may also come.

They are doing this in secret with no intention of letting humanity (the new class of sub humans) in on the real story.

Next we have this:

As Jake explained, some of these power elite’s motives constituted

…a viable and sustainable level of a heavily manicured and vastly reduced human population, under the pretence of saving first the planet, and next the vast majority of all of the other diverse range of different species here on Earth.
Jake told us that it had been explained to him:

“You have to break a few eggs in order to create a really great meal. The Destroyer of Worlds [sic] brings with it the promise of massively renewed and clean prolific growth for yet another new direction in Earth Human evolution. Roaches will always be roaches. Someone’s got to keep them under control.”
The quote reminded us of Henry Deacon’s reported briefing in which he had been ordered to read The Report From Iron Mountain, and had been told: “There are the wolves and there are the sheep, and we are the wolves.”

Jake said that what he had been told was highly disturbing to him, and stressed just how at odds he ultimately was

…with the paramount agenda of a significant element of the absolute power elite.


This next part could take days to talk about…, and I will get into it!  But to really understand it…, you have to start thinking in terms of “good genetics” and “bad genetics”.  The idea of pure bloods and mud bloods.

Those who deserve to live…, and those who don’t!

This is where the phrase:  USELESS EATER…, comes into play…, and it is something that the “absolute power elite” have been thinking about for centuries!

You see…, in their private secret circles…, they have always felt more “entitled” than the lower class surface dwellers…, and why let such a great opportunity as the gigantic and upcoming PROBLEM go to waste?

Why not clean the entire slate of the Earth and get rid of all of the mud bloods in one huge fell swoop…, leaving only the Pure Bloods left to rule over what remains of the Planet after THE WAVE passes.

This is how you get such things as the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES…, and such documents as: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS.

I will let you think on this for now…, FAR MORE will be coming.


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