By: Bradley Loves

This story basically “backs up” everything I said about the “GUN GRAB”…, that was going on during the OBUMMER administration…, and what it was all about!

Austrailia chose to “give up” it’s guns…, and now…, they have no way to “protect” their own women and children from Muslim Rapists!

(Oh.., and surprise, surprise…, The Courts & Judges won’t do ANYTHING about it!

See this Story:


Every time a nation is “urged” by it’s leaders to give up it’s guns…, there is a PLAN in the background to screw the people!

Germany gave up it’s guns before WW II…, and the German people had no defense against the Nazi’s!

The Russian’s gave up their guns…, and they could not protect themselves from Stalin.

The Chinese gave up their guns…., and they could not protect themselves from Chairman Mao!

Now…, the Austrailians have given up their guns…, and they can’t protect themselves from the insanely huge “imported immigrant army” of mostly young males, whose job it is to rape their women and children!

Good JOB Austrailia!  Way to go!

You just got CONNNED…., in exactly the SAME WAY everyone else in history has!  

First they get you to give up your guns…, and then “they” move in with this type of tyranny when you have nothing to protect yourself with!!

Much of Europe has also given up their guns!

And surprise, surprise…, (oh and by the way…., surprise) Sweden, Germany, France, Norway, as well as many other European countries are now seeing “immigrant armies” of young men starting to rape their women and children!!

And on top of it all…, here is what these countries are being told by the “Authorities”….

Taken from this article:

In Australia, according to judges, women and children must accept sexual assaults, because it is part of the “Islamic culture” of their attackers.

It would seem that in parts of Australia, this “Islamic culture” has replaced the rule of law.


Here is the very first WORLD WIDE HISTORY LESSON…, given by me…, that is meant to go out to all corners of the planet!

Hey…, world out there…, do you know WHY our Constitution in America allows Americans to own and carry guns?   It was never to defend ourselves from invading armies!

The writers of the Constitution knew HISTORY very well…, and they were tired of the European Oligarchs mowing down the masses every few hundred years in blood bath battles so that that the rich Oligarchs and land owners in charge could reorganize the country!

So our forefathers gave men and women ‘here” the “RIGHT” to bear arms so they could (and here it is…, don’t miss it)  PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT!!

And people all over the world ask why we won’t give up our guns over here….


Because in the end…, it is ALWAYS the government that will bring this type of tryanny to a people if and when it has no means to protect itself.

This time…, it may “look” different than what happened in the past…, but it’s not! 

Instead of sending secret police out to into the countryside  to abuse their countrymen…, this time…, they’ve allowed 100’s of thousands of young muslim men in their countries who are taught that women and children are “rape bait”.

This was planned!  (Can you say: New World Order??)

Too bad the “men” in these countries “lost their manhood” and gave up their god given right to protect their own families!



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