New technologies which have long been hidden are going to start popping up and becoming exposed and available to the masses.

Furthermore, new ways of looking at things, new ideas in science, and most especially Ancient Teachings that have long been hidden, along with Ancient Knowledge is going to start coming forward.

I have been dragging my feet (deliberately) when it concerns teaching much about Ancient Science and getting too deeply into it.  I have done this for a very good reason.  And that reason is that there are still vast numbers of people in the world that have to be morally and ethically ready for higher types of technology!

We can not (unfortunately) go by the most enlightened among us as our measuring tool to see if we are ready, but instead by the average man and woman on the street when checking to see if we can handle all of this new knowledge and technology!

That is why (right now) your MAIN JOB – has got to be helping to wake people up!

We all need to put down the television and STOP watching sporting events and Hollywood Movies for just a few months and do our part to help others know and see what we are up against!  Otherwise, that “technology” that we all want to see, and that “disclosure” that we all want to have happen, and that “much better Earth” that we all want to live on – IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.



You see, it is not enough that you, or the handful of people that you know, would never use higher knowledge and technology to enslave the world – but it has to be the vast majority of planet Earth that feels the very same way.

As we can all see (in the huge war that is now playing out in the Ukraine) there were huge swaths of the human population there involved in working in underground Bioweapons-labs and were desperately attempting to KILL a large portion of humanity in any way they could find a way to do it.

The above images are of what is called the AZOV BATTALION.

A good portion of Ukraine’s Military was actually made up of old world NAZI’s!   These are not just “neo-nazi’s”, but instead actual Nazi’s that escaped World War II, and simply moved to Ukraine and then had children and taught them to be Nazi’s as well.

Not only were these people doing illegal biological weapons research (for a paycheck), they were also involved in illegal Banking Schemes (money laundering for world crime syndicates), illegal Child and Human Trafficking, the production of Adreno-chrome, the use of children for experiments, children as sex slaves, for mind control, turning children into soldiers (child soldiers), as well as many other kinds of illegal drug production and sales, and illegal weapons trafficking to criminals all over the world.

All of this was happening inside of the Ukraine!

All of these activities were then closely tied to multi-national world corporations, banks, governments, and even many western world leaders, all of whom had their greedy hands in the cookie jar and were making HUGE sums of money by doing really EVIL THINGS (under the label of Business) in Ukraine.

A world that is going to get “advanced technology” and “advanced knowledge” can NOT AFFORD even just one country like this on the Earth, much less many of them, because that is a recipe for complete disaster and global catastrophe!

Here is an image of a summer camp to train Ukrainian children on the use of military style weapons.

The country of Ukraine has a literal spiders web of underground tunnels that criss-cross the country where much of the illegal activity can be hidden, and illegal cargo and merchandise can be moved without being noticed above ground.

And, by the way, this is/was just ONE COUNTRY on the Earth, so what about the rest of them? 

It has been said there are underground tunnels that criss-cross the entire world, connecting large Deep Underground Military Bases and vast underground Cities!

All of them hidden, all doing God knows what, and all therefore operating in ways that NO ONE can run checks and balances upon to see if they are operating in love and honor or operating as of a den of thieves and monsters that are hellbent on Global Domination.



It would take an “army” of people (millions and millions of them), not just a handful of people, who were working (again for a paycheck) to logistically support all of these various illegal activities and industries world wide.

So are you staring to see a real problem with exposing and handing over MORE technology and MORE knowledge to a world that can not even handle the basic and rudimentary knowledge that they already have and are in possession of?


This is a must!  It is not a suggestion. If the population of the world (not just a handful of the more awakened ones) does not become more spiritual/ethical/moral – then Earth will eventually be destroyed by this knowledge and technology.

The common man and woman on the street must ALSO come on board with this and agree to become more spiritual/moral/ethical.


In a single word? 


The “JAB” was a huge test (world wide) of the common man’s Ethics and Morals – and by and large “huge swaths” of the human population FAILED MISERABLY!

Doctors and Nurses, Administrators and CEO’s, Government Officials and Agency Heads, Courts and Law Enforcement – ALL FAILED THIS TWO YEAR TEST!

This was a “test” of integrity – it was a test of morals – it was a test of ethics – to see just  how many people world wide would cave in and do despicable things to their fellow man if ORDERED to do so!

People everywhere went into FEAR!  They worried only about their job and their paycheck and could have given a rats a** about the people they were injecting or even what was in it.  Not only that – but half of the world (the ones that believed in the JAB) turned on the other half of the world and started to scream at them, shame them, ban them and censor them for NOT wanting to get an untested and unknown substance shoved into their bodies.


From the very beginning of 2020 – to the end of 2022 – just two years – the entire world fell apart and everyone TURNED on each other!

Does anyone reading this article disagree?

Do you need examples?

How about the airlines throwing people from their planes for not being jabbed?  Or for simply not wearing a mask?

How about people on planes beating up non-jabbed people (or non-masked people) and clapping as they are cast off (or carried) off of the plane?  Remember that?  I do!

What would happen if really advanced technology and advanced knowledge were handed out (all over the world) to people like this?


Where we go one – we go all…, has real meaning.  We can not move forward and upward on a world with only a handful of people!  (Sorry New Agers – it is not possible)

The Great Awakening has to be for everyone all over the Earth – and everyone has to WAKE UP at the same time.  This “Spiritual Awakening” has to take place so that the common man and woman on the street comes back to ETHICS and MORALITY.

Otherwise, handing out advanced knowledge and advanced technology IS DANGEROUS.

Do you really want to have “MED-BEDS”? 

Then what have you done to help wake up all of the people around you?  Have you been an advocate to the younger generation for honesty, decency, love, morality and ethical behavior above all else?

Or are you New Age – and just don’t want to “judge that” or “judge them”?

Do you understand that with advanced knowledge and advanced technology comes great responsibility?

Who do you suppose is going to be running those Med-Beds?  Do you want the very same people who gave out the JAB to anyone and everyone world wide (just because someone ordered them to do it) to be running those Med Beds while you are in them?

Do you want someone who only cared about their job and their paycheck during Covid to be pushing those buttons on radically advanced equipment called Med Beds?

Without MORALS and ETHICS – we can not handle this type of technology.



We all have to make the effort to help everyone (even the common man and woman on the street) see the absolute need for honesty, decency, morality, ethics, integrity, and the WILL to never HARM OTHERS – no matter who orders you to do it!

Without this kind of mindset world wide (which is sadly missing in so many people) we will never get the disclosure and the advancements we want.  (They would simply be used as weapons against us).

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, and thank you for supporting Love Truth Site!

All my love


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