By: Bradley Loves


Some may think that the world is getting crazier and crazier!

Those who participate in the belief that the “energies” are rising, and these rising energies are creating the GREAT UNVEILING…, may have a point!

But…, I am here to tell you that no matter WHO you are…, and no matter what your belief is…, YOU HAVE A SINGLE PROTECTION that you can wear like a bullet proof vest that will keep you from getting a single hair on your head from being touched!


It is so simple…, that you will not believe that such a thing as this could have such REAL POWER!

I use it daily…, and I can tell you that it works magnificently!

The single thing that will keep you safe…, and protect you from “going crazy” in the rising energies is:


However…, it is not just a “mental” love…, or a “theoretical love”…, that I am talking about here.

I am talking about a pure, honest, real time, and moment by moment LOVE…, that is constantly expressed – and constantly held on to!

I tell GOD (our single true and loving Father) just how much I love him many times every single hour, non-stop, every day, and it NEVER ENDS!

This is something that the SATANISTS can not possibly imagine!


Because they are so “consumed” with THEMSELVES and their own PLEASURES!

There is NO “rising energy” effect or affect that can possibly drag me through the mud…, and make me go “CRAZY” against others when all I really care about is LOVING GOD!

This does not mean that I do not CARE about what is happening in the world…, nor does it mean that I do not have Emotions…, nor does it mean that I will not “protect” myself, my family, and all others who are GODLY and PURE!

It simply means that angry outbursts, crazy ideas, strange tribulations and apocalyptic revelations can not, and do not have an effect on ME!

So here is my “FREE” advice!

If you want to remain stable…, if you want the “rising energies” to bounce right off of you as if you were protected by SHEILDS…, FOCUS ON LOVING YOUR CREATOR with all your heart, mind, and soul!

You will be just fine!

All my love….


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