By: Bradley Loves



In this day and age, there is very little value placed upon the TRUTH.  

In fact, if we were to be perfectly honest with each other, there is very little value placed on being human any longer.

Do you want to know what has more value than even money these days?  


That’s right folks – OPINION is now the VALUE!


Why is this true?  Because anyone – at any time – anywhere can be censored and banned from speaking, having a website or web-page on the internet, or talking to their friends and peers on Social Media.

And why is this happening?

Because they have the WRONG OPINION!

They have the wrong political viewpoint, the wrong ideas about morality, and the wrong thoughts about life in general!


Being human and having a life of VALUE given to them by Almighty GOD no longer matters, because LIFE is not the value any longer!  Flesh and Blood has NO VALUE any longer it seems – only OPINION has value!


It is the measure by which a man or woman can survive on a College Campus these days, get a job when they graduate, secure a livelihood for their families, converse freely on Social Media, have a Twitter or You-tube Account that is in good standing, or whether they will be consistently and repeatedly BANNED and CENSORED from the marketplace of ideas.

Your heartbeat, and the fact that GOD made you – means NOTHING! 

We No longer value LIFE itself, but value OPINIONS over life – and that is why there is an on-going SATANIC ATTACK upon our cultures and our societies!

What is your DAMN OPINION?   That is all that matters to anyone any longer.


Well, I hope that you can see why. 

In order to have a NEW WORLD ORDER, the Luciferians knew they had to  actively gain the consent of almost all of the people living on the Earth to do unspeakable things.

How can they ever get or achieve world wide “consent” for unspeakable things IF they tell everyone the TRUTH of what is coming?

They knew they could not gain worldwide consent if LIFE had any value – and so in a bait and switch which took place inside of Liberal Schools and Universities over several decades – our children were taught to disregard LIFE as important and to instead value opinions (made up facts created by those in Authority) above all other things!

The only thing that they could do (they concluded) was to LIE constantly, and to DECEIVE everyone in the world through a game of “great cons” into thinking that what they were selling and preparing the entire world for – was a “good thing” when in fact it was just the opposite!

Now, the only way that this could happen is if the TRUTH had become so marginalized by everyone living on the planet, that it would seem as if it had NO REAL VALUE AT ALL.

That is where we are at right now in our society.



The ringleaders of this idea are the SATANISTS – which have told everyone never to “judge” anyone – and that life is all about:  “DO WHAT THOU WILT”!

And for some – “DO WHAT THOU WILT” means: lying, cheating, stealing, and taking everything away from everyone else!

There is a lot more – and I could write another five pages on this post, but why?

You will either get what I am saying, and see the truth of it – or you have been blinded by the current culture and are so deeply into it, that you will freely participate in it’s destruction.




You can not have life without truth – and you can not expect society to function for very long without a massive breakdown if you instill in the people that SECRECY (LIES OF OMISSION) – and DECEIT (LIES OF COMMISSION) are more important than life itself!

If you do this for very long – LIFE will simply END!

Oh, and for all you idiots who have been keeping secrets from the “people” for decades – and think you are so clever – you should have KNOWN THIS!

All my love.








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