I am posting this video for one reason only…, and that is that it is not being completely truthful.

There is an extreme amount of highly advanced physics in here.  Much of which most people will never have heard before.  There is also some advanced Harmonics in here, much of which is being bent significantly from how it actually works.

I have watched this entire video.  If you are curious, please go ahead and review it.  Just know however, that the most important fact has been left out of this presentation.

Each of us has an ANCHOR POINT on the highest levels of creation which is where we came from.

It is that Anchor Point which determines if you are “stuck” or can not get back to GOD or not.  Furthermore, GOD always knows your situation (no matter where you appear to be inside of space and time) and HE can redirect you – if you are willing to ASK HIM for his help and his intervention.

You are NEVER without help.

What was not said in the video above – but is absolutely imperative to get (is that most people are NOT stuck here on Earth, or in an imploding Matrix!  Only a certain percentage are, and it depends (as I’ve said) where the souls anchor point is in the 12th Dimension!  Most of us are fine!  Only a lessor portion of souls here do have reason to be concerned.  But even THEY can get out if they are willing to change and ASK FOR HELP!

In fact, as we speak, the FAST TRAIN out of the Matrix – one that goes directly back to GOD (and passes everyone else) – with all of us in one piece and completely whole – has already been provided.

There is NOTHING impossible for GOD!

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Please be at Peace as you watch the video above!

All my love!

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