By: Bradley Loves

Note: It may not seem so, but this is a highly important post.  I advise everyone to read it and to watch ALL THE VIDEOS!


While you were sleeping, the Satanists around the world, and in Hollywood were very BUSY!

Knowing what the GAME PLAN is 20 years in advance certainly helps, of course, but there is NO REASON why a normal guy or gal can’t USE their own eyes and ears to help them to know what is going on out there.

Whether it is coming out of Hollywood, the Luciferian Illuminati, or the Dark side of the New Age Movement…, ASTRAL DEMONS are now up front and center as really “cool” figures that can be summoned by children – and used for practical purposes.


You see…, while most “Christians” were struggling to earn a living and working from paycheck to paycheck…, your children and grandchildren were learning all about ASTRAL ENTITIES – WITCHCRAFT – DARK MAGIC – CURSES and SPELLS on YOUTUBE.

And…, you wonder why SATANISM is growing so quickly here in America!

Did you know that MIKE ADAMS from Natural News was just “threatened” by Apple Inc. and told to stop posting articles on his website NATURAL NEWS that warned “against” SATANISM and ABORTION??

The trouble here is that our “children” are being exposed to DEMONS and darkness long before they are TAUGHT any form of MORALITY by their “way to busy to raise them” – PARENTS.

What is even worse…, is that good ol’ Mom and Dad…, don’t even know what is really OUT THERE!

They are way Too busy watching Baseball and Football…, they have not educated themselves on the pitfalls of material reality!

And very – very sadly…, the NEW AGERS are 100 percent ill equipped to “TEACH” anyone anything…, because they don’t EXPERIENCE ANYTHING!   The only knowledge they have to share is what they are “taught” and “told to them” by Channeled Entities.

(Many of which could be Wolves in Sheep’s clothing)

This video below is highly instructive and exceptionally IMPORTANT to watch.  It tells us WHY you DON’T want to contemplate ASTRAL TRAVEL and what the goal of the SATANISTS really is as far as CERN is concerned!

After watching this video…, please watch the DEMONIC CELEBRATION VIDEO of the opening of the tunnel near CERN!  It featured the presence of countless DEMONS which participated…, and after watching the video above…, NOW YOU KNOW WHY…


Finally, here is the entire thing, without commentary…, but LISTEN UP people…, guys like me will not always be here to help you!  You’ve got to start WAKING UP under your own power!




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