By: Bradley Loves


Okay…, the verdict is in!  Yes…, my computer was hacked…, BADLY.

After placing it far out of range of my physical body…, and giving myself only three days to heal, I found that my body had recovered.  Then as a test…, I brought it back into my home (trailer) plugged it in…, and found that the very moment I turned it on…, it was giving off EMF/ELF waves that were extending a full 6 feet from the screen.  I had been so used to it…, I did not notice how bad they were until I was away from the thing for a few  days.

The intensity of these waves was so high…, that just putting my hand in front of the screen at a distance from 6 feet caused an electro static charge to crawl all over my hand.

In short…, the computer (as a result of hacking and backdoor uploaded software) had been turned into a WEAPON!

This is a “new” tactic used by the SATANIC dweebs calling themselves NSA/CABAL.

Over the last 3 years…, I have lost many computers to hacking!  Usually…, the brainless trolls who work for the NSA/CABAL simply get into the computer and ruin it, so that it does not function or work any longer!

As a work around…, I simply throw those computers away (about 1 every 3 to 4 months) buy a new one…, and keep on going.

This time, they tried something different.  Instead of causing my computer not to work…, they somehow hacked into it…, and placed programming on it that would force an increase in propagation of EMF/ELF waves…, perhaps as much as 500 to 1000 percent more than it should be giving off.

Thus, just sitting in front of the screen was causing horrible pain in my head and well as causing the normal electro magnetic field of my body to go haywire.

So…, THE WAR…, has gone hot!  No longer using any back door…, subtle crap…, this time…, they used and caused a direct ATTACK on my body!  Just as blatant as if they’d shot a bullet at me. And.., it was very obviously “ordered” by someone…, and carried out by someone!

These people have to know…, that I WILL see them punished!  They have my word on that.  “They” have no idea who they are messing with!  As I’ve said.., this body is only a shell or a suit…, and my soul is VERY POWERFUL once outside this physical domain. They will be VERY sorry (believe me) once they move on from this life.

Nothing happens in “secret” and each and every ACT, THOUGHT, and WORD for every human on the Earth is recorded into records off world, which can be retrieved and reviewed! NO ONE will simply “get away” with it, because their actions were supposedly done in secret!

Where I will be going after I leave my body…, there WILL BE NO SECRETS…, and I will take plenty of time to run through the ENTIRE sequence of my life watching very carefully to see WHO DID WHAT…, HOW THEY DID IT…, WHO ORDERED IT…, right down to the last man or woman involved.

And most people wonder WHY on EARTH I wrote my Declaration of Non Consent in the first place!

I did it, because there really is NO FORGIVENESS for this kind of behavior!  And…, that Declaration (once and for all) sets down severe CONSEQUENCES for anything done to me while I am here on EARTH.   That is it.  And I will see these CONSEQUENSES handed out in FULLEST MEASURE.

Every single human being…, who follows orders…, (even if they are only an idiot 20 year old working for the NSA) are responsible for what they do.  Especially IF what they do…, is going to physically HARM or cause DAMAGE to another human being.

I am no longer “playing” around here…, and YOU as the reader should not be either!   This world is going SATANIC right in front of your very eyes…, and you need to be very aware of that.   This NEW AGE gobble dee gook about someone from outside of us coming in to save us…, has been put there in order to keep good men and women from doing anything at all to put a stop to the SATANISTS.

That is why it was created.

As well…, you also have to know that there are countless men and women who are part of the 10 percent Generational Satanic Families (that Jay Parker talks about) who are working very hard for the “cause” by infiltrating the NEW AGE…, and lying their asses off by running fake blogs, and fake websites that do nothing but tell lies!

I will stand by what I have said earlier…, and eventually you will see that much of what I said is correct!   I WILL BE VINDICATED!

MOST of the Channeled Messages received by Channelers from so-called Ascended Masters are totally false!  It is part of the New Age CON that was started by the Freemasons and the Jesuits long ago, so that when this time in history finally came…, most of the men and women who were normally really good, loving people would STAND DOWN…, and do nothing to put a stop to their NWO takeover.

(The only thing necessary for EVIL to exist is for GOOD people to do nothing)

As far as continuing my blog goes…,

I have tested my ability to start using a friends old computer…, and that machine is not having the same affect as the one that had been hacked.

So I am now using a “borrowed” one…, and will continue to serve my readers to the best of my ability as long as I have a temporary machine that I can use.

I hope my readers realize how much money I have spent on equipment in only the last 2 years alone in trying to bring out the truth to them.  This work is difficult in the best of times.

Especially for those of us who refuse to be bullied by the “scabs” behind the scenes…, it is sometimes brutal, because we are “paying” for our willingness to fight the DARKNESS head on, and do battle with the Satanists.

However…, the “reward” for doing so will be VERY worth it!  I am “playing” for the benefits I will get in LONG HAUL.  This life (only 80 years long) is very short in the grand scheme of enternity!  There is a GOD (Big G thank you) and there is a Heaven!

I am quite PATIENT…, when it comes to waiting for seeing those who have harmed me personally “GET THEIRS”…, and I WILL see the consequences that they have earned…, visited upon them.   My resolve is immovable.

All my love to my readers!   Let’s keep going!


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