By: Bradley Loves


Well campers, this does not look good!   

You’ve got to wonder just how a “guy” who seemed so connected, and informed could get away with so much of what he was doing BEFORE anyone in the Gov’t moved in on him.  

  • Is he really DIA?
  • Is he having mental problems as they say??

Jordan Sather, apparently, has been following the USA Federal Court proceedings – and has posted a Twitter Feed of what appears to be legal documents involving Steinbart!

See here:


Whether they are real or not, I do not know and can not even say!

The question that I want to ask however is how did Jordan Sather – so quickly – find these court documents – full copies of them – in Arizona – only 2 or 3 days after they were filed ??

Just asking.

Why do certain people seem SO CONNECTED into the system – that this kind of information would come to them within two days?

Once again – this is just something that we will have to wait and see about – like so many other things that have come up in the last few weeks and months!

At any rate – this could have very easily been a DEEP STATE OPERATION – where Steinbart was given the green light to run an INTELLIGENCE OPERATION TALKING ABOUT Q-Anon – and once it had done as much damage as it could – Steinbart was thrown to the wolves.

This is the way the CIA Operates over and over again.

All I can say is this:

His videos were extremely candid and informative!  You don’t get that kind of information by not being connected somehow to Intel Agencies.

If he has indeed been arrested and charged, then it is really a very sad thing!  Once again, I will wait and see, and if he turns out to be merely quite sick – that would surprise me.

I will keep you posted!

All my love…




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