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Commander Val Thor – visited the White House and the Pentagon starting in 1957. He led a small contingent of human looking travelers from Venus and offered help to President Dwight D. Eisenhower about the same time the Orion Grays, the Draco, and the Zeta’s showed up.

He offered the American Government help and technology to cure every disease, and help with planetary welfare. 

His “offer” was refused because the American Medical Establishment (owned by the Rockerfellers) did not want any diseases to be cured.  They were making way too much money from people being sick and complained to Eisenhower that all of the Doctors, Nurses, and Hospital Stuff would no longer have a job and curing sickness would RUIN the economy!

So instead of accepting cures for every illness – he very short shortsightedly refused – and he asked for military help from the visitors instead, which they declined to give.

This is when the Gray’s showed up – who were working for the Orion Group and the Draco.

They looked like reptiles and offered all kinds of military help to the Americans and some advanced technology in exchange for a “formal treaty” which allowed them have access to the Earth – and allowed them to build underground bases – allowed them the ability to abduct human test subjects, allowed them the ability to experiment on humans, and demanded that the Government keep it ALL TOP SECRET so no one would know.

THIS is the treaty that Eisenhower and his people STUPIDLY signed!

I say stupidly – because all of these reptilian groups had TIME – TRAVEL. 

The Americans were out-witted by the reptilian-aliens and the very moment that the treaty was signed – (because the treaty specifically did not forbid it) they used TIME-TRAVEL to go back in time 500 years, 1,000 years, and even 1,500 years in order to CHANGE EARTH’S PAST – and to rewrite our history so that it looked far more DARK.

Furthermore – they started ATTACKING VICIOUSLY any human being who was seen as really “good” and they felt would stand up to their take-over bid.  This author included.

All of us were instantly placed onto an alternative Time-Line where all of the good that once was – was destroyed and EVIL started to take over everywhere.

Satanism – and the worship of Reptiles was on the rise.

The GOOD NEWS is that Val Thor – made “agreements” with certain people here on Earth in 1957 – who really wanted peace and prosperity – and so the GALACTIC FEDERATION OF WORLDS – created a way to “hook” the Time-Line that we were originally on – and to save it – even thought the TIME TRAVELING REPTILES did everything they could do to destroy the positive Time Line we were all originally on.

This was the beginning of the TIME-LINE/TIME-TRAVEL WAR – and it is/was one of the most vicious wars ever fought in this Galaxy. 

And every bit of it was fought during a 60 year period from 1960 to 2020!

Here is what Downtown “average” America looked like in the 1950’s.  Clean – modern – vibrant.

Now here is what almost every small to average sized downtown area in America looks like TODAY…

Even though a lot of the fighting also took place in Earth’s past, and even in Earth’s future – the basis for the WAR was these 60 years of TIME – where it all started.


This is another reason WHY the “managed system” needs to be destroyed.  It is because the very system we all are living under is a FAKE SYSTEM – put in place by the Reptiles – which was NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE.

None of what everyone thinks of AS NORMAL – was part of our original history or the original TIME-LINE, before the TREATY with the REPTILES was signed.

It has to be destroyed – because it isn’t supposed to exist!  You may THINK of it as “normal life” but – in Earth’s original Time Line – it DID NOT exist.  We are all living a LIE – a lie that was given to us by the Draco – the Orion Grays – and the Zeta’s.  Our “ORIGINAL HISTORY” never looked like what we have lived through in this “version” of one of their dark Time-Lines.

For MORE research – click on these links:

Down a new rabbit hole: Valiant Thor


Finally, here is Valiant Thor’s take on Jesus Christ who came in our original TIME-LINE:

No Fingerprints

The only thing he said that troubled me was his use of the expression “when the time is right” in response to my question as to whether or not I would see him again.
His lack of fingerprints intrigued me as I had been involved as a private investigator for quite some time, even working at times on loan to some of the Government agencies.

I had learned the science of fingerprints …with the impression of the lines and whorls on the inner surface of the last joint of each finger on the human hand. He told me that all Earth people were thusly marked since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, during the very dawn of civilization as we know it today.

He began to prepare me for the road which lie ahead. It would not be an easy one. There would be adversities, organized attempts to both discourage and discredit me, but the rewards have proved to outweigh these trials which continue even to this day.

We discussed the merits of Jesus Christ … how He gave His Life freely… so that men could enjoy the benefits of eternal life. I questioned him about a Bible on Venus and he assured me that a personal unbroken fellowship with the “Author” did not necessitate the printing of a “book”.

He found it amusing that many theologians attempt to discredit both Jesus Christ and The Bible. The very God many have said is “dead” continues to lavish them with all good things. Perhaps they will, in time, permit the spark of Divine Light to again illuminate their troubled hearts.

In answer to my question of what he thought of Jesus Christ, he said,

“I know that Jesus is the Alpha and Omega of yours and everyone else’s faith.
He today has assumed His rightful position as the ruler of the universe and is preparing a place and a time for all who are called by His Name to ascend far above the clouds to where His Power and Authority shall never again be disputed.
“I believe that Jesus Christ is the wonder of wonders and changes not. No, not forever and forever.”

As he spoke these words, my own heart burned within me and tears filled my eyes. He turned to the window and said, “Frank, it will not be long. Contend for the faith, and you will never miss the mark.”







When ever the burden of learning all that is coming at you in these times – and of trying to figure it all out gets to difficult to handle – then simply GIVE that burden over to HE who can carry it for you! 

Every single prayer for help is heard.  Every honest prayer is answered.

If you willingly hand over the most difficult times in your life to HIMHE will take them from you and help you.

Never doubt that there is HELP waiting for you to carry your heavy load.

All my love…


The entirety of our “managed corporate system” has to collapse!    Sadly – there is no other way!

All of the people who are “praying” that everything will soon go back to the way it was – are gonna be extremely disappointed!  That will NEVER – EVER – be allowed to happen.  So get used to the idea!

Neither side in the Time Travel War want that – so it will NOT be allowed to happen.  We have come to “end” of the school year – and everyone has to graduate (one way or the other). 

You either move forward or you go back a grade!


There are only two ways out of where we are currently at:

1) The positive Time-line with the Star Trek Future…

2) The negative Time-line with total Global human Enslavement….

These are the only two choices for you here – and there is no “middle ground” where we all just go back to sitting on the couch and watching TV. 

Sorry folks – you SHOULD have woken up a bit sooner cuz it’s now GRADUATION DAY.

We collectively have to make the choice as to which future we want to see – and both sides are battling heavily for our “vote” and our “attention”.  Neither side can really choose for us – but the dark is actually trying to FORCE it’s option by mandate and through dictate. 

You can actually SEE it taking place in real time.  If you go along with their mandates and dictates – you are voting for the Negative Time Line and Global Human Enslavement.


In order to “build” an entirely new “system” – whether light or dark – the old one which no longer serves its purpose and is built upon a hidden corporate human slavery – must be destroyed.

From the horrors of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE con, to the Corporate Fictional Governments, to the Monetary and Banking System, to the Educational System, to the Medical System, to the Energy System, to the Court and Legal Systems, and every other SYSTEM that is interconnected into a deeply SATANIC CONTROL system – it all has to GO!

Now BOTH SIDES have a plan to rebuild! 

The dark side calls its plan BUILD BACK BETTER!  Which is total human slavery – controlled by A.I. with NO CHOICE and NO FREEWILL for anyone.  Their plan is to use the constant JABS to mind control every single man, woman, and child by controlling their very thoughts through DNA changing Nano technology.

The good side wants FREEDOM and FREEWILL to continue – and a high technology Star Trek Future for the Earth where we all have a proper vote and get along with everyone else.  They are planning to rebuild our world’s SYSTEMS based upon these ideals.

However both sides require that what we’ve got now – BE DESTROYED.  Sorry folks – that’s just the way it is.  We are NEVER going back to the way it was before Covid.

Every BUILDER knows that in order to build something new upon an already owned property – whatever is there must be removed first!

You can not build a brand new hotel on property that already has a very old hotel sitting on it.  The old hotel must come down first.

So, guess what you are going to see happening over the next year or two??  The DESTRUCTION of everything you once knew as NORMAL. 

The sad part of this is that if people had only WOKEN UP sooner (like I stated above) they would have seen and learned what the system that we are living under really and truly is – and they would be APPLAUDING it’s destruction – NOT PRAYING FOR IT TO RETURN.

Because so few people actually woke up – and so few people used their free-will to talk to their family members and to really try to get them to grasp what was going on out there – countless people are now desperately praying for the world to just go back to the way it was BEFORE COVID.

Sorry folks – that is not part of the plan – LIGHT OR DARK.

The “School Year” is over.  It’s time to take the final test and find out what you’ve learned.  You do not get to repeat the same old lessons over and over again.  You either studied and “got it” – or you paid no attention to what was going on around you, preferring to “sleep walk” through your life – and this is why you have no clue what is on the final test – and are now begging for MORE time to learn your lessons.


Do you want Choice A = The positive Time-Line with Freedom and the Star Trek Future?


Do you want Choice B = The negative Time-Line with Global Enslavement of Human Minds into a Computer/Mind Control System where there is NO FREEWILL?

There are only TWO choices on the test here – not five or six. 

And “going back” to the way it was – is NOT one of your choices.

Now, if you are “angry” about this – you have no one to be mad at but yourself!  There have been “those pesky conspiracy theorists” talking at you and begging you to listen to them FOR DECADES – and trying to get you out of bed and to wake up!

You felt – if you are one of those people – that it was more “convenient” for your life – if you just did not pay any attention to them.  That was your freewill choice.  However – now that the School Year is over – don’t get mad that you did not learn anything.

LUCKILY – this very blog – LOVE TRUTH SITE – has all of the lessons that you need to study and that you unfortunately missed (if you are still uncertain) so that you can make an educated choice. 

Start with these:




And then move on from there!

Happy Reading – and Congratulations that the School Year is now over. 

Your FINAL TEST is waiting –  for you must CHOOSE which cup of reality that you want to drink from – just remember to choose wisely!







There are now several dozen audio’s up in the Audio Section – many of which are 30 minutes or MORE in length. New ones are being added each week.


If you are unsure of the process – go here:


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We are now in the midst of THE STORM!

It would take an awful lot of mind control and programming to keep people from seeing that the “reality” they have always known is crumbling all around them.  What we are experiencing is a choreographed “destruction” scenario of what everyone considers to be NORMAL.

I have written about this over and over again.  My fingers hurt from typing about it (not really, but they could).  We were and are living inside of a “managed reality” – that is being controlled by a “managed system”.

Does it seem so impossible that “REALITY” could be a “thing” – and that this thing could be changed?



The sleepers think that “reality” is static.  They think that it is something permanent, and that so many of the things they think of as NORMAL can never be changed.  And yet – I’ve written over and over again that “reality” is collectively created.  Now, not only have I written this many times – but Alex Collier has said this in many of his videos as well, and he tells us that this information came directly from 5th Dimensional Beings. 

They told him that:   


Wow – what great VINDICATION!  I called it and long before I ever heard it out of the mouth of Alex Collier.

I wrote about the “hows” and the “whys” of this in a very long series called:


You can find the entire series here:


Not only can you READ everything I wrote in THE TRIUMPHANT – if you join us in the Audio Section – you can actually listen to them being read to you by a wonderful lady named Bernadette who REALLY GETS what this stuff means.

Now, even though it sounds like I’m tooting a horn here, what I’m really doing is asking you to do RESEARCH and LEARN what is going on around us.



“Reality” – what you think of as Normal Life – can be changed!  It is not static.  In fact – it can change so dramatically – that what you once considered life on Earth could be so different – you would not even recognize it.

Here is how I wrote about it in THE TRIUMPHANT – PART ONE

Let’s put it in a small child’s terms:

Think of a Kaleidoscope!

Remember all of the beautiful designs that you would see when you looked into one as a child? And remember how the entire design could be “changed instantly” with just a simple turn of the drum?

The entire image “shifted” and all of the tiny pieces fell into new positions and created an entire different “scene” for you to view!

In larger terms…, you could say that you were now viewing a “different version” of reality from the one you had been viewing only moments earlier.

REALITY HAD NOW SHIFTED…, and what you were now “seeing” inside of the blank screen of a child’s toy – was suddenly a completely different VERSION…, but the new version was still made up of the same basic blocks or pieces that had already been there in the earlier version!

In the above example that I just gave you…, it was your “own hand” that changed the reality that you were viewing on the blank screen. It was your own physical effort that had a real time effect on what you were seeing, and once your effort was applied – everything inside the drum suddenly became new and different.

Our “world”…., our “planet”…, our “place” of supposed reality…, is NO DIFFERENT than a Kaleidoscope!


A real time WAR is taking place all around you.  It is a TEMPORAL WAR(A TIME TRAVEL WAR) which is aimed at changing our collective reality.

This “war” is being fought between very negative/regressive Off World Beings – and a very positive Alliance of Earth Humans and Benevolent Off World Beings!  It is going on as we speak!

One side (the Dark side) wants to change our “reality” into a dark one!  They want us all to be enslaved and to be under their total control!  This is the side that is bringing out COVID and the JAB!  This “medical emergency” is a wholly created and choreographed wrecking ball – which is designed to destroy our current reality and bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The New World Order “reality” is very different from our current reality.  In that reality – “we” collectively have NO RIGHTS.  We are not allowed Free-will or Free-choice! 

Is this what you want? 

IF NOT – then why are you HELPING (yes helping) to create this reality by OBEYING THOSE who want this reality to manifest?  If you do not like THAT REALITY – then you MUST NOT COMPLY.


Now, the other side of the battle – the GOOD SIDE – wants to bring in a STAR TREK future for the entire Earth.  It wants to give us hidden technologies and allow us to be FREE – even far more than we once were!   This is the reality THEY want to create for us.

However, this entire “battle” and how it turns out – depends largely ON YOU!

WHY? – because “reality” is collectively created by all of us together…, and “THEY” (the dark ones) need you to comply in order to bring their Satanic reality into manifestation!!!

You see, Earth is based in Free-will – and those who are “good” will not force you to choose good.  You have to do that yourself.  In other words – they are not going to hand you FREEDOM on a silver platter – because YOU do not appreciate freedom you did nothing to earn.


Do we choose FEAR – and thus do we comply with the evil ones who are using “COVID” as the vehicle to usher in the New World Order?  Have you complied with them for the sake of convenience?

If you have – then you have CHOSEN the New World Order of Slavery for you and for countless future generations.  You have chosen UNWISELY!  You chose blindly and for the sake of convenience.  But in a WAR – they are going to LIE to you.  You have to THINK BIGGER and LOOK DEEPER than this.


IF you are standing up against this – and you are HOLDING THE LINE – and you are NOT COMPLYING – then you are choosing for the STAR TREK future for the Earth.


You chose wisely!

So the only question for YOU (yes you) to decide today is “WHICH CUP OF REALITY” are you going to drink from??



I am posting quite a few Alex Collier Videos at this time because I want people to get familiar with his work – and his message. I am very happy to post his videos, he is a very genuine and loving man!

Most of it is sound and truthful!  The only part that I take exception with, naturally, is his understanding of GOD the loving Creator.

Almost all of his spiritual information has come from actual living human beings who were from the 5th dimension! 

This being said – “now” is a VERY GOOD TIME to explain a few things and to really drill down into this idea that once you are in the 5th dimension – you KNOW EVERYTHING.

You do NOT!

The Andromedan’s live a lot longer than we do here on Earth.  They are more spiritually evolved in the sense that they are non – violent, they have tons of proper morals and ethics, and they treat each other with much love and kindness and respect!

This does not mean that they fully understand GOD.  Actually far from it.

They have moved forward and upward a few dimensions where telepathic communication is now possible – instant healing due to frequency and sound is possible and many other wonderful things.

They are more “refined” examples of human beings.  And because they exist on the 5th dimension – they can not only see and watch what is happening on the 5th dimension – but they can also see and watch what is happening on the 4th, and on the 3rd as well.

They can see into the dimensions BELOW them.

This is how the DRACO and the ORION GRAYS – most of whom are either 4th dimensional regressives or even 5th dimensional regressives – aka Dark or Negative Beings – can see into the 3rd dimension so that they can attempt interference with our level of reality.

They are NOT supposed to do this – and this goes against GODS RULES.

Even though the Andromedan’s are from the 5th dimension – they only know what they know – and they KNOW what 5th dimensional beings would know.  Therefore – anything that they TAUGHT to Alex Collier as their understanding would come from that level of knowledge.  This is a level that while extremely wonderful and expansive – is still 5th dimensional.

Alex – and other alien contactees – have correctly stated that 5th dimensional beings are “mentored” and “guided” by Sixth Dimensional Beings.

The reason they are mentored is due to the fact that they need to LEARN (yes learn) an awful lot in order for them to rise up to the Sixth Dimensional Level.

Now, as I’ve stated in my writings, moving forward and upward through the levels is tricky and is something that comes from ALWAYS choosing “good”.  And far from what the PRIME DIRECTIVE of the 5th dimensional beings states – sometimes the greatest “good” comes from doing a planetary intervention and helping an entire world to get RID of some very dark beings.

GOOD does not always = non-violence!!

The trick is to KNOW – yes I used that word KNOW, when taking forms of military type action is required in any given situation or moment and THAT INFORMATION can be had if one has a direct connection to GOD!

Sixth Dimensional beings can “see” what is happening in the 6th, as well as the 5th, the 4th, and the 3rd dimensions below.  However, even THEY do not know everything!  You see, sixth dimensional beings are guided and mentored by seventh dimensional beings because they have a lot to LEARN (yes learn) if they are going to move forward and upward into the seventh dimensional level.

Seventh Dimensional beings can “see” what is happening on the 7th, as well as on the 6th, the 5th, the 4th, and the 3rd.  They are mentored and guided by beings who come from the 8th Dimension – because as 7th dimensional beings – the have a lot to LEARN (yes learn) about what it takes to live and operate on the 8th dimension.

So I hope that you are starting to see a pattern here!

Now – when PRIME CREATOR – yes there is a GOD – asked for volunteers to come to Earth and help the souls that were trapped here, HE asked for (and got) volunteers not just from the 5th dimension – but also from the 6th dimension, the 7th dimension, the 8th dimension – all the way up to the 11th dimension!

This means that there are beings walking around Earth in a human body who have come from such a high level of Creation – that their LEARNED GENETIC KNOWLEDGE is far, far, far beyond that of the Andromedans – who only exist on the 5th dimension.

What does that mean in practical terms?

Well, if you WERE coming from the 9th or 1oth dimension of Creation – and had LEARNED all that you needed to know in order to be there – your knowledge and understanding of GOD – the PRIME CREATOR – would be woven into your Genetic Memory in such a way that beings of lessor dimensions are NOT aware of.

In other words – you would just “know” so much more about GOD – HIS LOVE – and HIS CREATION than even beings that were living on lets say the 8th or the 7th dimensions.

It is THIS KNOWLEDGE that prompted the Draco and the Orion Grays to create “light quotient detectors” in the first place – and even though they may not have known or understood which level of creation an advanced soul had come from – they knew it was advanced – simply by the level or quotient of LIGHT that the new born baby (soul) was giving off.

So what did they do with this knowledge?

They broke one of GOD’s most sacred rules and they ATTACKED these very high level souls relentlessly – feeling that they were a danger to their New World Order TIME-LINE.


Now – you may or may not know this – but this is akin to attacking and brutally torturing GENERALS and HIGH LEVEL AMBASSADORS – compared to regular privates in a war time scenario.

Even here on the Earth – NO ONE would even think of torturing a General – its just not done for various reasons of Protocol between the battling factions which forbids this kind of high level attack.

So what do you feel GOD would have to say upon seeing the Draco and the Orion Grays viciously attacking 10th and 1th dimensional VOLUNTEER SOULS?  Souls that were so far beyond them – that they could not even imagine what these souls meant to GOD.

What do you think GOD would have to say about that?


It is to teach you that 5th dimensional souls/human beings who are currently living in human bodies in the 5th dimension – do NOT know everything.

Thus – when it comes to GOD– and HIS KINGDOM– they can get it wrong!  They can get it wrong simply because they are currently inhabiting a physical body – and even though they are very long lived (2,000 to 4,000 years) on their level, they have not “seen” GOD – and thus are not sure who or what GOD really is.

The better soul to ask about GOD is the soul that has come from a very high dimensional level – and believe it or not – there are some who are currently walking on the Earth – and living in a 3rd dimensional body.


As I’ve said and written before.  They came to help.  They do NOT need to be here!  They did not need to come to this planet, this realm, or to this dimension.

They are NOT stuck here like the rest are.  They have ALREADY earned their way up to the high level that they came from and they WILL – mark my words – return to those very high levels – GOD HAS PROMISED – the very moment they die.

They would never have volunteered if otherwise.

Alex Collier is a GREAT SOURCE of information as concerns the Andromedans and their technology – their lives and the culture – and their understandings of the Universe.

But – they are 5th dimensional beings.  Thus, their understanding of GOD is limited.

My recommendation is this – if you want a better understanding of GOD – seek out Gene Decode!  Or, continue to read here on LOVE TRUTH SITE.

You never know just “which” dimension I might have actually been on BEFORE I volunteered to lend a hand here on Earth.

Oh – and like I’ve written before – there are gonna be a whole lot of very sorry souls – who used Off World technology to identify high level souls – only so they could be TARGETED and ATTACKED and TORTURED viciously.

This is/was a COSMIC NO-NO!

They need to prepare to get more than just their hand slapped!

Finally – isn’t in interesting that the Draco and the Orion Grays would NEVER do this themselves – but instead they ordered others to do it?  You know why?  Even THEY were terrified of the consequences of doing such a thing and breaking such a rule set in place by GOD HIMSELF.




On the ground proof and physical intel is far better than being “told” what is happening by countless pundits and are only speculating.  That being said – we can now start to physically see a SHIFT in public perceptions all over the world with our own eyes.

There is a huge (GLOBAL) push-back happening against these lock-downs and this tyranny.  This is always what was going to be necessary.  If you’ve followed my writings for years – you’ll know that I’ve always maintained that there was NO WAY around this. 

We had to come together AS ONE – and stand up against this “managed system”…, COVID was merely the match that lit the final fire!!

What I am saying here is that the ONLY WAY we were ever going to win this battle is if we ALL (world wide) stood together!!

COVID actually helped/forced the wake up process.

It has helped because so many people working in the CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS have finally started to wake up too.  You see – now that their OWN lives are on the line – it forced them to take another look at who their employers were and what they wanted.

Even cops and sheriffs and military enforcers had to start looking at things differently.

Yes – those who took so much money from the CABAL – and were weak souls  (and who did very bad things) still want to get rid of 90 percent of us – just to cover up their CRIMES – but they are no longer in the majority.  More and more want to put a stop to this!!

The hold-outs are acting like children who don’t want mommy and daddy to know how bad they were – and need to be spanked!  YOU are the mommy and the daddy in this world wide scenario! 

Start taking these bratty little kids to task!

Furthermore, we can now see that MOST alternative media outlets and video creators are fully awakened to what is going on.  In addition to this – and a real TREAT for me – is that some of the Off World Contactee’s – like Megan Rose, are starting to confirm and thus VINDICATE everything that I have written on this very BLOG – even the most controversial stuff I’ve written over the last seven years!!!

What a GREAT Christmas present!

To hear souls that are in contact with the Galactic Federation of Worlds – (not the Galactic Federation of Light, which was a psy-op) – confirm basically all the things I have written – is pretty encouraging.

Just as I was so completely encouraged when Gene Decode confirmed my suspicions about the ANSHAR – who had taken up residence in the underground – and had come back from the future to attempt to force our TIME-LINE back to the destruction scenario – I am also very encouraged to hear people like:

  • Megan Rose
  • Alex Collier
  • Elena Danaan
  • Gene Decode

And even people like Dr. Michael Salla – who for a long time catered to people like Corey Goode and David Wilcock – and who is now confirming many of the things that I’ve written – well that’s a pretty BIG DEAL.

Earth is now on the SINGLE TIME-LINE that GOD has allowed for the entire Universe to Ascend and to move Forward!

Every other TIME-LINE leads to DESTRUCTION! 

So we are all going through the eye of the needle as we speak.

The point is that GOD HIMSELF had to get involved!  The CABAL broke so many Cosmic Rules that HE had to put a stop to their goals – and as Gene Decode so eloquently put it – when GOD decides how it is going to be – all of the normal rules of physics and of the Universe get thrown out the window – and NOTHING the Dark Ones can think of doing will work because THEY CHEATED!

In other words – a million years worth of stolen and hidden knowledge will do them NO GOOD – because none of the normal laws of physics will even work for them.

That is why we are no longer playing NORMAL CHESS! – There is another player on the board now – and that player is GOD HIMSELF!

It is now us – AND GOD – against them!  And just who do you think is gonna win this one??  Like I hear so many people saying these days:

Put a fork in them – they’re done!

I can just see the white and the brown players on the board above moving in to pummel and decimate the black players in a unified and totally epic attack!   BYE BYE BLACK PLAYERS…, you cheated – you broke all the rules – and NOW you get punished!



I said that perception is changing.  WE COLLECTIVELY need to keep coming together and to keep the pressure on these monsters who STILL want to kill us all.  This is not the time to sit back down on the couch!  Instead it is the time where we ALL COME TOGETHER and engage with maximum force!

There are a lot of problems we still have to resolve…

However – the future – our future in this single time-line – THE ONLY ONE GOD WILL ALLOW – looks pretty good if we keep up the FIGHT.






Christopher James joins Mike Adams for this MUST SEE interview.


A must see to keep up with what is going on….


I find it interesting that GOD secured a single POSITIVE TIMELINE for the entire Universe (not just the Earth) – 60 years ago?  Oh yea – guess what Deep State??



Remember when Q used to write (in those pesky drops that the Deep State does not like) something called Q – Proofs?

Where Q would write something and then soon or in either 2, 3, or 4 years later – that very thing would happen?  Well, those were called Q-Proofs!   At a certain point Q began posting the phrase: 

How many “co-incidences” does it take BEFORE it becomes mathematically impossible?

Well there is a contactee named Megan Rose – who is now basically saying on video practically EVERY controversial thing that I’ve written about in the last seven years.

So, I’m am hereby giving her You-Tube Channel the honorary title of:


Or, simply BLG Proofs for short.

You can find it here:

Check it out and watch a few of her vid’s. 

Over the last seven years, you’ll find that I’ve written articles about much of this!

Wow – How many co-incidences does it take BEFORE it becomes mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to deny?

All my love…


This article – is Highly important and explains how America is now doomed to the DEEP STATE via pure EVIL in the form bureaucrats who want to play GOD.

Who knew STAR WARS was telling us so many years ago EXACTLY what was going to happen.

Oh the monstrous bureaucrats…

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How Did Ordinary American People Become Domestic Terrorists in The Eyes of The Deep State


The Cabal and the Illuminati – and even the Draco and the Grays – have consistently labeled God as the Consciousness of all things – including Good and Evil – which leads the undeveloped mind to think and believe that choosing evil is an “okay” choice.

If GOD was merely the consciousness of all things – then GOD would be reduced down to the level of an Operating System that has the ability to be aware of what it is doing, but NOT the ability to decide or to choose between RIGHT and WRONG.

The ability to choose between right and wrong is the very beginning of Compassion – Empathy – Kindness – and Love.

Every single New Ager and UFO Researcher misses this repeatedly.

GOD stands outside of the Operating System of normal consciousness and normal awareness – because to simply “be aware” says nothing of the ability to choose good over evil – which is the primary goal of an aware consciousness.

Anyone who has not yet “learned” to choose good over evil – is not aware of GOD.  In fact – because they have not yet learned to choose good over evil – then the only way they can even be aware of GOD is in assuming that there is something that animates their extremely LOW consciousness body and thus they mistakenly refer to that “animating power” as the power source of GOD.  (Really??)

A.I. – may indeed be “self aware” but it does not have the ability to choose “good” over “evil” – or the comprehension that doing “good” actually creates on levels that it (the A.I.) is not even aware of.

The ability to choose good over evil – and the comprehension as to WHY this is absolutely necessary to move forward and through the levels is the beginning of a relationship with GOD – and the comprehension that GOD is the furthest thing from a “power source” that one could possibly imagine.

GOD IS THE PRIME CREATOR – and until one fully gets what this means – GOD will continue to be reduced down to little more than a battery by the profane and the ignorant.



If you do this – HE may reveal himself to you.  Are you ready?  The knowledge of the Universe is HIS gift.

Those that can not or will not believe that GOD is anything more than a “power source” end up like the Orion Grays or the Draco and eventually get taken over by A.I.

They refuse to move forward. 

The CABAL/ILLUMINATI/DARK MAGICIANS are of that ilk – and want themselves to “be god”.  They want to use the “power” of the Universe for any purpose whatsoever and do not think that it matters at all what they use it for.

The result of moving in this direction of thinking is always SELF DESTRUCTION – and – IMPLOSION.

It is the classic story of the first grader – wanting to know and understand what the high school student knows.  But has skipped all of the hard work that it took to get into high school.

GOD is not a power source!

GOD is the REASON behind the power source.  GOD is the “WHY” of the power source.   The power source is merely a REFLECTION of what it means to always choose GOOD – because doing this causes…

(this is what you must figure this out)


Here, Alex basically VINDICATES everything I wrote in the long series THE TRIUMPHANT – even going so far as to say that WE COLLECTIVELY create our reality, and that the dark ones were using that power against us.  





Alex Collier brings the knowledge and the wisdom of the Andromedan’s into focus in this very recent interview.  We are now in the final battle – a battle that will change the entire Galaxy.


There is no easy way to tell people or to show people just how advanced A.I. has now become.  All I can say is that almost all of the Illuminati humans have simply surrendered to it.

That being said.  Don’t lose hope!  This will not last because the Alliance and the Benevolent Beings who are now here, are taking all of this down!



Well, even though this may be lost on some – perhaps many will see the TRUTH in this single post.  It is a recipe on how to WIN in a TEMPORAL WAR where both TIME TRAVEL/LOOKING GLASS and MIND CONTROL are being used and deployed by the enemy against all of the rest of us.

It is actually very simple, but almost everyone will discount this for two reasons:

1) They do not understand the extent to which they are already under Mind Control

2) They do not believe we are in a Temporal War.


The enemy has deployed extremely advanced technologies against the human race. 

That being said – they use MIND CONTROL – as one of their most primary weapons.  They then use huge Super Computers and Quantum Computers to look at Simulations of the entire earth environment and of every man, woman, and child participating “in the game” so to speak.

They do this so that they can make predictions as to what is coming – and what people will do – i.e. “choose” based upon their perceptions and their thinking – most especially while they are under the blanket of the MIND CONTROL.

The ONLY way to defeat all of these technologies is to STOP USING YOUR MIND to make major decisions – and to start using your HEART!

The problem here for most people is that they NEVER use their heart to make any decisions for their lives and for the lives of others around them.

They will always – down to the last man and woman – try to “THINK” things through and try to rationalize and justify every single decision.

This is where the enemies technology can beat them every single time – and can very accurately predict what most people will in fact do.

Once the technology accurately predicts what you will choose – then they set TRAPS for you and your family based upon your already KNOWN choice. 

This is where TIME TRAVEL/LOOKING GLASS comes in.

The only way to FOOL – and to OVERCOME all of this very expensive and advanced technology is to make ALL choices based in the HEART and based in LOVE.

A computer can not possibly LOVE – nor can it FEEL – so it can never project, ascertain, nor predict any sort of outcome based on any decisions made in LOVE.

IF humanity were to start making all of its decisions based in LOVE – then the computers/algorithms/quantum devices and other things being used by the dark could no longer predict what was coming in the future – and would have to literally WAIT for the very moment the decision was actually made – just to see what was going to happen.

This is why they want to get everyone hooked into a HIVE MIND as soon as possible. The goal is to be able to predict with 100 percent accuracy every choice – every single time.

They want this because they know that if everyone makes decisions from the HEART and from LOVE – there is NO WAY to predict that.

This is why – IFeveryone simply STOPPED TRYING to “think things through” all the time – which is mostly attempting to rationalize/financially justify their decisions – and instead only followed the LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS–  then “we collectively” would be winning this TEMPORAL WAR.

Now, this does not mean that I am advocating the process of the New Agers.  I am not advocating their process, because they many times refuse to use their hearts and instead use their minds in a very passive way – defaulting every decision back to non confrontation and passiveness.

This is STILL using the mind, and is very predictable.  They do this usually thinking that making decisions this way makes their “choice” LOVING every single time…


Jesus himself taught us that – we need to stand up and stand AGAINST EVIL – whenever we come up to it and find it.  We use our heart of love (in the moment) to have righteous indignation or even anger at what we see taking place and then ACT ACCORDINGLY.

However – if there is no way to accurately predict the choice we will most probably make – because we are always choosing with our HEARTS – in the very moment that a decision needs to be made – then MIND CONTROL is useless – because we did not USE our minds to think it though – and TIME TRAVEL is also useless because there is no way to accurately predict what response to take to an action that came from the HEART.

This is also why – IF everyone simply LOVED and took care of everyone else – neither the CABAL nor the OFF WORLDERS could have ever done this to us or to our planet.

The most “unpredictable” chess move is the move that is made from the LOVE OF YOUR HEART AND SOUL (for the benefit of MANY others) – while staying away from the MIND that tries to justify the actions of the HEART.



So many of Earth’s Ancient Cities were designed in the shape of MOTHER BOARDS – or the inside of modern day computers.

The Magnetic Hologram of our Earth can be – and is being “controlled” by some extremely advanced Technology.  However – before we get too far into fate – could these FLOODS be a rogue program running inside of the computer software that Controls the Hologram?

And also – given that houses and buildings can materialize out of thin air – (depending upon a man’s vibration) – HOW REAL are the things that appear to happen to us – and can they be changed simply by changing our thoughts – ideas – and actions?

Is there a way to OVER-RIDE the malfunctioning HOLOGRAM – (with the rogue programming) simply by human beings rising in our thoughts to a level where we can DIRECTLY INFLUENCE the magnetic hologram – and therefore re-write the program and avoid the chaos??

If Jesus could tell the stormy seas to stop churning and be quiet – then what can WE do to the hologram around us?  Does it need to – or is it programmed to OBEY us – even if the program is faulty?




When, oh when, will ALL branches of the military – and the federal corporate government COME CLEAN – and admit that they – while following the illegal and unlawful orders of the Cabal – choose to allow experiments on and further allowed the hidden torment and torture of countless millions of Americans – all of whom were innocent – and many of whom are still alive today.

Many of these are STILL (as we speak) being hounded – tormented – and trailed (in the hopes that they who never gave up the battle) will somehow at the last minute crack under the pressure and the stress – and either commit suicide or allow themselves to be put into jail – ONLY so that ALL branches of the US Military and countless elected officials – and the police who targeted them can “save face” and pretend that they did not know about or even participate in the experimentation and the torture of millions of American Civilians?

While the military is busy arresting so many – will it arrest those among its own ranks who looked away when the experimentation and torture of actual Americans were taking place and THEY KNEW??

Inquiring minds  – AND GOD HIMSELF – wants to know….

What exactly “constitutes” forgiveness – if those who did pure evil – refuse to admit or acknowledge their hand in illegal and unlawful experimentation that benefited the CABAL??

Does the RV and N.E.S.A.R.A. somehow sweep all of that under the rug and keep it hidden – so that no one knows just how high up the TREASON and the CRIMES against humanity goes?

Also – what happens to the millions of Targeted Individuals – who are so very damaged at this point – and have been targeted for so long – and have had Black Operations run on them and their families for so long – they are barely holding on – and  are still (as we speak) being tracked and targeted (by the Cabal) in order to get rid of them or get them into jail 0r to commit suicide?

Not really sure how much more dirt can be hidden underneath that RUG.

Americans – Targeted Individuals – Tormented Individuals – Men and Women who were subjected to CIA/MOSSAD/MI-6 Black Operations (their whole lives) and who are as we speak STILL being hounded by Courts/Lawyers/Judges/and Police to get them to accept various charges due to the operations run ILLEGALLY AGAINST THEM – have a bone to pick with those who are claiming they are cleaning up the mess!

When is it OUR TURN to be saved from PURE EVIL????

We may NOT be children in the underground – but GOD loves us no less than the kids – AND HE will be watching to see if JUSTICE IS DONE for the TARGETS as well….

Jesus wants to know what “plans” are being made for these men and women to help them and give them aid…???

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