By: Bradley Loves

A reporter for has taught the world a very important lesson…, and that lesson is that AUTHORITY FIGURES are rarely correct…, and RARELY know what the heck they are talking about!

There is ONLY one true “authority” and that authority is PRIME CREATOR!

The creator of your own soul is the ONLY being you have to answer to…, and NONE other!

All other “authorities” are in fact “pretenders”!

See this video:


Now…, for those who have not yet seen it or read my personal DECLARATION OF FREEDEOM…, here is Section 25!



25) My AUTHORITY, is derived directly from PRIME CREATOR! I am my own representative to HE who Created my Soul, and have a Special Agreement with that Being which is the SOURCE OF ALL things created. NO OTHER AUTHORITY is needed, or can ever be placed before HIS AUTHORITY, where my Eternal Soul, physical body, and being is concerned. However, I reserve the right to choose a very pure and loving being as an intermediary if needed.

(This being will Not be living on Earth)

25.1) Since I AM my own representative of and to PRIME CREATOR, then NO OTHER spiritual or religious authority on Earth can supersede my own directly ordained AUTHORITY, with the true FATHER and CREATOR of all that is. This includes all those who are either appointed, or elected to hold office, whether on Earth, or off the Earth, where “powers” are granted, or authority is bestowed, either to regulate or to govern, because I AM already under a private “special agreement” with THAT, which can only be defined as pure love.

25.2) I, here and now, in the past, and in the future, remove all presumed consent, tacit consent, and assumed compliance with all lessor Authorities that are EARTH based and merely human, as is my Right under my personal agreement with Prime Creator, the maker of all UNIVERSES, and CHOOSE to stay under HIS AUTHORITY ONLY with no other authorities standing between.

25.3) In ALL matters concerning my living being, or my living and breathing body, mind and spirit, which includes my Astral body, or other levels of my multi-dimensional being…, my Special Agreement with PRIME CREATOR IS FINAL, and supersedes every other Agreement or Authority, Convention, Statute, or Regulation that has ever been written or thought of that is either Earth based, or off world based, if it seeks to enslave my physical body and/or being, or limit my freedom in any way without first gaining my conscious, fully aware, and fully informed (nothing hidden) Consent after face to face negotiations.

25.4) Pre-birth incarnational contracts are all, here and NOW, made permanently NULL and VOID as a result of gross deception, gross violation, trickery, mind-control, and black magic occult practices being used without my consent.
25.4.1) Due to conditions of Contractual breech by the dark, NO CONTRACT, I have signed as concerns incarnations upon the Earth is Valid. Even if that contract was signed 26,000 years ago, or even 1,000,000 (One Million) years ago!

25.5) The gross deception used by dark beings VOIDS FOREVER all consent that may be in place with those beings using such deception.

Post Scipt (PS)

The security gentleman that was unfortunately filmed in this video is a “DAMN FOOL”!

He has NO CLUE what the rules are.., and proved that he really didn’t know what he was talking about at all!

What he (in fact) was doing was following someone else’s “ORDERS”.

That’s all.

He is an “order follower”.  He does not “think” for himself!

When shown that he is clearly “WRONG”…, what he will do is BLAME his superiors for not telling him what he was supposed to know!

What he will NOT DO is BLAME HIMSELF…, which is exactly what he should do…, becuase what he was doing is allowing OTHER PEOPLE to direct him like a robot…, and it was “HE” who did what he was told by others…, without checking into it…, or looking into it to SEE IF HE HAD A RIGHT TO DO THAT!!

HIS FAULT…, not his employers!

For a “paycheck”…, for “dollars”…, for “money” that is not even real…, and created out of thin air…, this man GAVE UP HIS GOD GIVEN FREEWILL…, and handed it over to others!

Jesus is ASHAMED!

See the video below:

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