This is an interesting discussion!  I am posting it for my readers that are new to Love Truth Site due to all of the background material that this discussion contains which could bring them up to speed.

There is (of course) so much more going on in our world than what this discussion covers – but I’ve also said it many times here on Love Truth Site!

The Military is using Looking Glass  – AND– is also using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and running daily SIMULATIONS to plan out the future of the world!  They consult [MACHINES] every single day – but they do not consult God at all.


This has been going on since the mid-1970’s – (50 years now) – and there are no longer any human minds at work inside of our military (both Black Hat and White Hat) that are making decisions for WE THE PEOPLE – because everything is being decided by COMPUTER!

It is ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL that they have given themselves over to obeying MACHINES instead of listening to God and the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, they are NOT telling humanity that they are doing this!  This is due to the TEMPORAL WAR that they started (both Black Hats and White Hats) in order to try to steer and control TIME – and are now fully engaged in a huge hidden battle (not only across the entire Galaxy) – but across TIME as well…

As Kerry says:

The Military needs to come clean and to ADMIT what they are doing to WE THE PEOPLE…

If they do not come clean soon – the world as we know it may be destroyed, and the MILITARY will be fully to BLAME for that.

Please watch this video:


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(The information this video above contains is yet one more reason why the Holy Spirit helped me to write the DECLARATION OF FREEDOM AND REMOVAL OF CONSENT – because IF this all goes very bad for the world due to continued SECRECY and DECEPTION (being directed by machines) – then everyone in the Military (both White and Black Hats) as well as the Illuminati and Freemasons/Jesuits can and will be held fully accountable in front of God’s Throne for all of it.)


For your reading pleasure:

One of the most Holy and Intense Documents ever written! 

This document was written with the help of the Holy Spirit over a period of 6 to 7 weeks in July, August, and September of 2014.  It is a Document that has brought some of the highest and most advanced ET’s to our world – and has forced the hand of the Deep State and the Illuminati in ways they could never have imagined possible.

It spans every variation and version of Reality in all of Creation  – and exists in every Time Line ever created.  It spans the past, the present, and the future!  It has been written to cover ALL OF TIME from the very beginning to the End of Eternity – and places a full ROAD BLOCK to the machinations of the darkness (IN TIME) that can not be gotten around.


It does what the White Hat Military REFUSED to do (but should have done decades ago) – it holds every member of the “darkness” fully responsible and fully accountable for every action they have ever taken against the weak, the innocent, and the lovers of God, and places CONSEQUENCES UPON THEM for all time (and for all eternity) until they surrender.



To the ONE and ONLY God – Lord of all Creation and Creator Eternal – Let your Heavenly Angels FLY!




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