By: Bradley Loves





Lying and Deception are LUCIFERIAN TERITORY!

These are Satan’s tools, and are part of his “tool box”.

When “good” people use Satan’s tools (for any reason) they are unwittingly entering into Satan’s ARENA!

Anyone who enters into Satan’s ARENA is now “subject” to his whims, and his perversions!

They become subject to his rules, and ultimately MUST PAY A PRICE.

Even if the purpose of the LIE or the DECEPTION is well intentioned, or for a so called “good reason”…, that does not diminish the FACT that those using the lies and the deceptions have placed themselves at the mercy of the MASTER OF LIES!

The only good way to explain this so everyone can understand it is to recall the MATRIX TRILOGY, where in the third installment of the trilogy, NEO found himself stuck in a train station!

Regardless of how powerful, or how well intentioned NEO was as a “force for good” in the Movie…, once he was in the “TRAIN MAN’S ARENA”…, he was totally subject to the TRAIN MAN’S WHIMS!

In that Arena, no one but the TRAIN MAN himself could allow Neo to go free, and for his FREEDOM (even though Neo was a “good” character in the movie) Neo had to PAY A PRICE!

This is why people who are truly spiritual and truly godly DO NOT ENTER INTO SATAN’S ARENA LIGHTLY!

There will ALWAYS be a price to pay for using his tools, because these are the VERY TOOLS that PRIME CREATOR GAVE HIM FOR HIS USE.

These are the ONLY TOOLS he is allowed to use, and therefore if YOU choose to use them, then SATAN will demand a PRICE!

I really have no clue what is really going on in SYRIA over the last few days…, BUT what I do know is that the American public is NOT BEING TOLD THE TRUTH!

THIS MUCH IS CLEAR, and this needs to stop!

It is VERY unwise at this point to treat the already “over-lied to” American people with blatant disregard and to once again to embark upon a journey of LIES and DECEPTIONS!

If it has not been ascertained as to what is going on there…, THEN SAY THAT!!!

For the UN Ambassador to be saying things like: it is 100 percent CONCLUSIVE that SYRIA did this…, without knowing that for a fact is basically a LIE and a DECEPTION!

BE WARNED!  We who have sided with GOD ALMIGHTY do NOT deserve to be lied to, decieved, or fooled for a moment longer!  The past administrations have done enough of that to last all of eternity and then some!

THE TRUTH is the tool that leads us all back to GOD our FATHER!



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