By: Bradley Loves


This is why I feel that countless “NEW AGERS” (and one day a week Christians) need to be slapped sometimes.

They are far too gullible, too naive, too willing to just TRUST!

They think and believe that there are no “BAD” people out there…, when the world is literally FULL OF THEM.

Most of the ongoing harassment of “Targeted Individuals” is because these so-called “targets” are very spiritual people!

Although these programs started under the “pretense” that this was only to be used on dangerous criminals like terrorists and drug dealers…, its TRUE TARGETS were always meant to be the people who would stand in the way of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

The World Wide Luciferian and Satanist groups who want a NEW WORLD ORDER can not hope to get one if there are too many people who will always Tell the Truth, are incorruptible, can not be bribed, and are filled with the LOVE OF GOD…, out there.

These people will fight them, and they know that.

The Freemasons and many other Satanic Organizations have taken to making “lists” of certain people that just “need to die” in order for the reign of Lucifer to come forth.

They have created huge “networks” of willing agents, police, sheriff and others  who (for money) will GANG-STALK innocent people with the goal to get them to commit suicide!




There are THOUSANDS of videos coming out now…, concerning 10’s of thousands of people in America alone being Gangstalked and Targeted by former agents, military contractors, police and sheriffs!


Time to GET INVOLVED!   Soon they will come after YOU!


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