By: Bradley Loves

With the huge Global Push toward a cashless society…, the MAIN thing we all need to remember is that BANKING IS A RELIGION!


Because it’s only there if you BELIEVE IN IT!

Nothing will be MORE apparent…, if (and when) they force you to give up all of your tangible cash…, and perhaps even gold…, in “trade” for 100 percent “air” inside of a computer somewhere.

They call it “digital” currency…, which is “kept safe” on a computer memory somewhere “out there”.

But…, when the electricity fails…, a natural catastrophy occurs, the “hackers strike” or MOST LIKELY…, the Government just decides to “turn everything off”…, you will have NOTHING!

Not that you really have anything right now…, because paper money really is NOTHING.

It is backed by NOTHING…, based on NOTHING…, and only keeps it’s value…, because people choose to believe in it!

That my friends is the text book definition of a RELIGION!

The “belief” in “money” has become the final nail in mankind’s coffin!


Because so many over the last 100 years have treated money as if it were GOD!

People have done every atrocity under the Sun…, in exchange for money!

Corruption, Bribery, and Greed have run rampant around the world and most especially in America!

A once Christian Nation has had countless Millions of people “selling out” their brothers, sisters and neighbors FOR A PAYCHECK!

Almost every job with the Government…, and many jobs with very large Corporations Today come only with the signing of a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

That means that in order to get the job…, and “get paid”…, you can not talk, tell, or expose what those who are paying you are doing…, EVEN IF IT’S CRIMINAL.

But worse than that…., EVEN IF IT DESTROYS MANKIND

And…, seemingly beyond all stretch of human imagination…, in order to “get that paycheck”  i.e.  MONEY…., most human beings have sold out humanity and the world!

The Bible talked about this…, and almost no one will know what I am talking about.

Todays Evangelicals…, have raised MONEY up to the level of GODHOOD…, and have instilled in their followers the VALUE of MONEY, and the LACK of VALUE of regular human beings.

This, of course, was PLANNED.

Satanism…, (the turning of money into a Religion) has gone on unchecked for so long…, that now…, we are about to embark on the FINAL LESSON…, that will teach everyone once and for all exactly what that leads  to.

There is an old saying that says:  IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO

This is true…, you can’t have a sale…, without a buyer and a seller!

You can’t have “CON” without a con artist and a dupe!

You can’t have a Religion without a “preacher” and a “believer”.

Those that have “believed” in the Religion of Money…, are about to get their:

“Come to Jesus moment” that they so richly have earned.

Those men and women…, who thought that the world turned ONLY on money…, and who were told to do PERFECT EVIL, (in order to get a paycheck) and in doing so…,  had to turn AGAINST their friends, their neighbors, their countrymen, their world…, and YES…, even GOD HIMSELF…, are very close to reaping their reward!!

DIGITAL CURRENCY is the final step in the Satanic Plan to ENSLAVE MANKIND!

It is the final insult to mans intelligence…, to tell him he has something he can’t even see…, and that it is “stored” safely…, up in a cloud somewhere!

It is the FINAL FAKE RELIGION…, because the only way it works…, is if you BELIEVE.



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