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Deep State’s Judge Navarro Will Soon Be Wearing a “Walking Boot”


On November 27, 2017, well over 48 hours before the ordered release of the Bundy men by the very prejudicial and unconstitutional Judge Navarro, I published a podcast detailing how the Bundys’ would soon be released from Federal custody. Until the release was made public, I was not allowed to identify my source as an FBI employee. This same source has made several other disclosures that I am finding collaborating evidence for and I will be releasiing this information on an intermittent basis over the next week as by then another major annoncement regarding certain legal developments will be made public.

Judge Flip-Flop

In releasing the Bundy’s, Judge Navarro conducted one of the biggest judicial flip-flops in American jurisprudence history. To show you far this sorry excuse for a judge flipped, please read this excerpt on the Bundy’s lawyer attempt to remove Navarro from the case back in May of 2016 because she was accused of secretly taking orders from Obama and she was protecting Harry Reid.

From the (Las Vegas) Review Journal published on May 25, 2016:

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro said Wednesday she will not remove herself from the criminal case stemming from the 2014 armed standoff with law enforcement near Bunkerville.

Lawyers for Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, one of 19 defendants charged in the alleged conspiracy to assault federal officers, had sought her disqualification on several grounds, including a claim that she is part of a conspiracy with President Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., to deny Bundy a fair trial.

In a six-page order detailing her decision to stay on the case, Navarro said the government “aptly explains” in court papers why the defense conspiracy theory “displays a lack of respect and/or complete ignorance of the independent role of the judiciary.”

She said the “spurious allegations raise very serious concerns” about whether Bundy is being represented effectively in the complex criminal case.

Federal prosecutors argued that the Bundy defense team offered no proof of bias by Navarro against Bundy, but rather a “mishmash of inferences drawn from speculation and innuendo.”

Navarro on Wednesday also denied another request by Bundy to be released from federal custody.

She said from the bench that Bundy was a serious risk of flight and a danger to the community and that there were no conditions she could set that would guarantee his presence at future court dates.

Afterward, one of Bundy’s lawyers, Larry Klayman, called Navarro’s actions an “outrageous miscarriage of justice” and said they would be appealed.

“This is one of the most egregious displays of misconduct I’ve seen in my 40 years as a lawyer,” Klayman said. “Her order openly seeks to protect Harry Reid.”

Earlier this month, Bundy’s lead lawyer, Joel Hansen, sued Navarro, Obama, Reid and one of Reid’s sons in a separate bid to remove the judge from the case. Reid’s communications director, Kristen Orthman, was added as a defendant on Tuesday.

The lawsuit cites the conspiracy theory involving Obama and Reid and several other reasons to oust Navarro, including her refusal to allow the nationally known Klayman to appear in court on Bundy’s behalf.

Prosecutors contended there was no merit to the claim that Obama and Reid were “surreptitiously signaling” to Navarro their wishes for the outcome of the Bundy case. Obama appointed Navarro to the bench at Reid’s recommendation….
Cries for Judicial Impeachment

Judge Navarro’s conduct was so egregious during the trial, that a multitude of organizations called for her impeachment. None was more voiceferous than We Are Change as the filed an action to impeach the judge:

…We the People of the United States petition the U.S. House of Representatives to impeach Judge Gloria M. Navarro of the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada for committing treason and collaborating in the insurrection against the Constitutional authority of the federal government pursuant to Article I Section 8…

This Judge refused to release any of the Bundys on bail. She limited the visits of their legal team to prison where Habeus Corpus was being violated on this Judge’s watch.

The Judge’s flip-flop came when she first allowed the Bundys to either go to a halfway house and to visit home during Thanksgiving. This is precisely when I was contacted by my FBI source was told that the release of the Bundy men was imminent.

The Reasons Behind the Flip Flop

Please note that the Bundy’s legal team formally complained the Navarro was protecting Senator Harry Reid and was taking orders from Obama. These two actions are connected and these two events intersected at the intersection of the Deep State, The Clinton Foundation and selling Russians Uranium.

In 2014, the Bundys’ led an armed resistance against the BLM theft of resources and land owned by the Bundys. I published at that time that the action of the BLM was sanctioned by Harry Reid who had brokered the following deal:

Allow Cinta, a Chinese solar energy company to set begin to set up shop on the Bundys land. Cinta is a Chinese military front group and all of its employees are Chinese military. As I later revealed, this pattern was repeating as the solar energy facade was placing Chinese soldiers in proximity to an Interstate (for rapid deployment for military activities) nearby a major Air Base which would have to be negated during a Red Dawn invasion becuase of air superiority.
The action also allowed the BLM to extract uranium from the Bundy land and turn it ovdr to the The Clinton Foundations front group Uranium One for sale and distribution to the Russians. I published these allegations from April 2015-July 2017. This is what the Bundy legal team meant when they said Navarro and Obama were protecting Reid. Reid was a main player in this illlegal collusion with the Russians.

Please note the Hillary and McCain are wearing walking boots. Their injuries are contraindicated for the wearing of a boot. In fact, McCain has even had to change the foot that the walking boot is on because he was issued a new monitoring device on the other foot. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the Independent Media. I am told that two more public figures will be soon wearing boots. They are Chelsea Clinton (Clinton Foundation) and Judge Navarro. After that it will be Podesta and Harry Reid.

Judge Navarro is not the only flip flopper. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who thwarted the GOP’s Obamacare repeal effort last summer, announced Thursday he is all in on the GOP tax legislation.

If you love liberty, we are just getting started. This is only Part Two.



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