By: Bradley Loves


You may have wondered a little bit about my last two posts, and why they were written!

Both seemed to be written for the SHOCK VALUE they contain, and if that is what you thought, then yes, you are correct!

We are soon coming to a time when far more than just words on a page are going to be “shocking” you…, and in my opinion way TOO MANY people are still trying to snooze and meditate their way through some very difficult times ahead!

Let’s face it people.., I don’t care HOW “spiritual” you are…, if you’ve just been in an accident (like I was) or if you’ve suffered extreme TRAUMA (like multiple broken bones)…, then you go to the hospital emergency room!


They seem to think that when bones are actually broken and they can’t even walk any longer…, the proper remedy is a good meditation!


That remedy would work “IF” you were Jesus!  That remedy would work “IF” you were a “proper” MASTER OF MAGNETICS…

If you were at that very high level…, then yes, heal your broken bones that way!

But the greatest problem with millions and millions of human beings on Earth is that they love to LIE TO THEMSELVES!

Just like little children who are not old enough to drive (because they are not even big enough to reach the gas pedal)…, and who cry to Mom and Dad to let them drive the car because they really are big enough and old enough…, HUGE swath’s of humanity are dishonest with themselves about just how effective they are at healing themselves and at meditating!

These people NEED a hospital…, NOT a meditation!

Now…, our entire Earth…, and ALL OF IT’S GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEMS are in TRAUMA!

Corrective measures are coming!

And since almost all of the people here on Earth are NOT MASTER MAGNETICIANS…., there is going to be a whole bunch of issues and chaos in the coming months that have to be dealt with.

There are going to be lots and lots of people who are no longer going to be able to JUST DENY how truly EVIL and PERVERTED some of the people they looked up to as idols were!

This is going to cause SHOCK and PAIN!

So…, my point in writing the last two posts was to prepare you as a reader of LOVE TRUTH for what is soon coming!

GET READY…, starting in SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER and DECEMBER…, you are going to wonder what the world was like when it used to be calm!

You are not going to be able to “just meditate” your way through all of this because YOU…, your physical body…, your life…, your job…, your home…, most likely will all be affected by this!


Because just like the human body can no longer function when too much of it is infested with DISEASE…, our country can no longer function when too much of it is infested with PURE EVIL and CORRUPTION!

And…, if you are here in America…, then you are going to FEEL the PAIN is some way, shape or form!

So…, get ready…., BE PREPARED!

All my love….


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