Enjoy these videos!!


Children singing about Peace and Love!  What could be better than that??

But are they living in America??   No…, these children are living in RUSSIA!


This is the same country we are “told” everyday to fear and hate, by the corrupt lying  fake news Lame Stream Media…, and the many corrupt politicians who have been GORGING themselves at the “trough” of the BANKERS and those who “paid” them the highest bribe. (Like the Weapons Makers)

Let me put it plainly shall I…

I would NOT TRUST our “Intel Agencies” as far as I could throw the MOON!

And, as the President Elect showed us today…., reporters who lie for a living need to be IGNORED! (Hopefully forever).

What I do trust, is the TRUTH…, and since not ONE SINGLE reporter or politician in America can find it within themselves to actually “SAY WORDS”…, “IN SENTENCES”…, “THAT FORM PARAGRAPHS” which actually hold any truth in them…..

I will continue to trust my OWN JUDGEMENT about who, what, when and where…, and NOT THEM!

Hey…, FBI…, CIA…, and all of the other deception agencies…, (aka assholes) remember the little children’s story about the “Boy who cried Wolf”?? 

Don’t you get it??

You can’t LIE and LIE and LIE and LIE and LIE…, forever…, because one day…, NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE YOU!

Oh…, and by the way…, guess when I learned that lesson???

When I was only 5 years old!

Apparently…, YOU ALL were sucking your thumbs that day…, and missed the lesson!!




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