By: Bradley Loves


Make NO mistake.  This is a large part of the TRUTH!

The world is the way it is now because countless human beings…, our brothers and sisters, have SOLD US OUT FOR MONEY!

I’m tired of hearing how “people have been threatened”…, and their lives have been made more difficult…, when there are an infinate amount of examples in every single corner of the world every single day where “silence was bought”.

Too many people still think that they are totally separate from every other single thing that lives and breaths.  They believe in the survival of the fittest, and that “getting yours” is the only way of life.

For a good home, a nice car, and a large bank account, too many people CAN STILL BE BOUGHT, and thus they are willing to look the other way when it comes to THE GLOBAL AGENDA for the Luciferian take over.

Therefore…, WE COLLECTIVELY are enslaving ourselves!

We collectively are the ones who are selling out our own species!

We do this FOR GREED’S SAKE!



I realize that I am part of humanity…, which is why expressing this frustration and talking about this openly is the CORRECT thing for me to do!  I am part of the “WE”…, that is still sane and still has a conscience…., and therefore I am still part of humanity that can feel ASHAMED for the rest.

So what brought this “rant” to the surface??

This article here:

The Dr. who cured Cancer so long ago…, and his equipment was NEVER allowed to be used due to the incessant GREED of countless (literally countless) human beings who TOOK MONEY instead of speaking out!

Please read the linked article and see if my disgust with human beings is justified!!

All my love….


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