By: Bradley Loves


This is an open letter to ALL THOSE who call themselves “WHITE HATS”.

IE – Working for the Military – the Alliance – the Good side!


Becacuse YOU WAITED (from implementing your 40,000 sealed indictments)…, you’ve now given FACEBOOK – YOUTUBE – GOOGLE – TWITTER – APPLE – and other social media platforms all the “time” they needed to identify, to BAN and to get rid of any and all accounts belonging to really good men and women who would have supported the ARREST of so many criminals!



Now…, countless people have no way to even HELP show their support!

Now…, if and when “you” FINALLY make your move…, millions of patriots living in AMERICA will effectively be muted and the only voices being heard will be those of the absolutely INSANE liberals/Satanists/New World Order lovers!

Countless conservatives who are running for Congress and the Senate are being BANNED – BLOCKED – and HIDDEN across all quarters of Social Media and the Internet!


Thanks so very much WHITE HATS!


Several of us warned you…, and told you to get your As*es moving!

We could “SEE” this coming!

You keep telling us how much you want to protect our FREE-SPEECH!  And we kept telling  you…, pull the board out of your bottom and give moving on this!

And yet…, and yet…, and yet…., HERE WE ARE!


Only a blind lady – sitting a wheel chair – in a dark room with no access to the outside world could NOT have seen this coming a hundred miles away!

How do you explain this nation wide blanket BANNING of absolutely everyone conservative that takes a breath??

How do you explain what happened to INFO-WARS?

……tick tock…., tick tock….., tick tock,…..

What else do we need to SIT AND WATCH the CABAL “do” to all Americans before we see some REAL MOVEMENT??

Don’t forget…, those who are currently being BANNED were going to be your support arm, helping YOU to keep normal people informed!


You’ve suddenly decided that you do not need millions of Americans in your corner?

If so….

FINE…, let the BANNING continue!


FREE SPEECH never had such a bad YEAR as it has had in 2018!

What will 2019 bring?

Will there be any FREE SPEECH in America at all…, OR…., will we all being living in the new CHINA?

I don’t remember ever consenting to giving up the right to FREE SPEECH!


Good thing my DECLARATION OF FREEDOM and REMOVAL OF CONSENT has been “legally” recorded by a clerk of the court!

Here’s the best part!

Even if no Earthly “court” recognizes this document…, PRIME CREATOR does recognize this document!

I hope you all NEVER plan on dying…, your journey to the “other side” is most certainly going to s*ck!

Long story short…





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