By: Bradley Loves


I guess it’s the “hip” thing these days to apologize for being what you are.  At least that is what the Grammy’s, and every women’s show on TV wants us to think!

Thankfully, I’ve never wanted to have anything to do with being “hip”, especially if it’s something Hollywood and Media want me to get into.

So before we all start apologizing for what we are, and who GOD made us (especially if we are “white men” ) I thought I’d bring some sanity to the converstaion by showing my readers some of the specific “talents” of WHITE MEN!

I searched around for choirs (since Hollywood seems to think it has a corner on the market for good music) and found that WHITE MEN (and boys of various shades) have quite a lot to offer the world.

I picked this particular choir because I think it made the best opening statement for my point, and is from BYU.

Let’s face it Hollywood and Los Angeles have not cornered the market on VIRTUE nor TALENT.

In my opinion, THEIR OPINION means very little.








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