By Bradley Loves

Long gone are the days of our “fence-sitting”.   Earth was never meant to be a “spectator sport”.  And for those who think that what we are “experiencing” now is all fun and games, and that we are just “here for the ride”…, cuz… “ASCENSION” is happening any day now…(just like your favorite Channeled entity told you…)

I’ve got two word for you   BULLSHIT!

Maybe it truly “is” the end of a cycle…, like they say:  I’ve not really studied this aspect of the unfolding!

What I do know is this!  There is absolutely NO WAY that any of us can hope to “experience” a great and beautiful Earth or a better “reality” without adding our SERIOUS effort into the process.

Sadly…, the New Age has CONNED endless people into thinking all they have to do is “SIT BACK AND ENJOY THE RIDE”.…, cuz it’s all coming soon…….

At this point…, why does a guy like me even continue to write?

I read the blogosphere and the Alt. Media daily.  There is only one of me…, meaning…, there is basically a tiny handful espousing the point of view that there is something we all need to do…, while THERE ARE THOUSANDS…, if not millions of websites espousing the “Ascended Master”…, and the Galactic’s are going to save us CRAP!

It’s like I’m in a football stadium trying to give a speech, and being SHOUTED DOWN (on purpose mind you) by 50,000 people in the stands who just refuse to believe they have a role to play!


It’s far easier to let someone else clean up the MESS!  The message of Ascension was and is SO TERRIBLY SEDUCTIVE…, so cleverly planned…, and so specifically tailored to take advantage of every HUMAN WEAKNESS…, that is like trying to pull a bottle of the most addictive drink, from a person who is already heavily intoxicated.

The “idea” that all you need to do is to “SIT BACK”…, “ENJOY THE RIDE”…, “HAVE FUN WITH IT ALL”…, is so terribly attractive…, that no one really wants to consider the alternative message that:  “WE HAVE TO WORK HARD AT THIS!”

Every bit of this…, “it’s really easy” message has been CHANNELED!

And…, the more time that has passed…, the better and easier it ALL GETS!

The trouble with Channeled Messages…, is that it is SO EASY to fool people…, and so EASY to lie to those willing to listen…, that those “sending” these messages have over stepped the very limits of believably hundreds of times in the last few years.

Most of these “mistakes” have involved dates, times, and VERIFIABLE FACTS that have never come to pass!

Now mind you…, most of the deepestly addicted BELIEVERS…, don’t care that what they were told…, didn’t happen…, because ANY WORD from the mouth of a channeler in apology or EXCUSE is enough to quell EVERY DOUBT…, and they simply “move on” to the next big lie without skipping so much as a “worshipful beat” in the adoration of the entity sending the message!

But it is the non addicted and part time believers that really make LIFE HARD on those who would pack up tomorrow and jump off of a cliff…, if a channeled entity told them that the WORLD WAS ENDING the day after tomorrow…, and that only those who jumped would be ASCENDED IMMEDIATELY.

You see…, the totally ADDICTED BELIEVERS have got to live and work with those who are not so addicted…, (but still follow the messages) and it is the confounded LOGIC, REASONING…, and endless QUESTIONING…, of the “less addicted” that keeps those who are more addicted still able to walk around without bumping into walls or falling out of windows.

As I’ve said…, the “messages” have gotten to the point of such LUDICROUS levels…, that many of the “channelers” themselves have had to “pull back” and censor what they are “getting” so that they as the channeler don’t look TOO STUPID.

I know quite a few people who have told me in confidence that they’ve changed or EDITED the message as it was “coming in”…, and were grateful later on that they did…, because what they would have said was proven to be incorrect later on.

A whole and entire INDUSTRY of tapes, books, self help, and “healing” have been built up around Channeling and the Messages they bring.

Many people on Earth have changed their ENTIRE LIVES around what has been said by a channeled entity!

I wonder if any of you would care to know that there were actually men and women who SOLD THEIR HOMES and emptied their banks accounts a few weeks before December 21st, 2012?

I’m not kidding…, this is a verifiable FACT!

Now…, before you “judge” these men and women as careless or gullible…, it is my view that they were ONLY acting on the “message” that almost EVERY channeler in the world was putting out at the time.

And trust me…, many of these messages are still on the internet in archives and CAN BE FOUND.

I wonder how many would appreciate if I posted a few of those here…, and UNDERLINED the part that said:

Don’t worry…, in a few weeks…, everyone on Earth will be ascending into the 5th Dimension and at that time ALL EVIL will be gone…, and will not exist!

I know of a few dozen so-called Channelers who gave out that very information, and guess what…., THEY ARE STILL channeling and posting their messages as if nothing had happened they needed to be apologetic about.

Did you read what I wrote above?

Men and women SOLD THEIR HOMES and closed their BANK ACCOUNTS  based on the INFORMATION handed out to them by CHANNELERS!


They thought they were going to Ascend…, so why would they need a home or money?

At this point in time…, we are really out of options…, because the DECEPTION has been so pervasive and so all encompassing…, very few of those who came here to make a difference will willingly engage in a way that means:  TAKING ACTION!

So maybe I am writing all of this information for the HISTORIANS!

Maybe I am writing this for the children of the future…, who may look back in time and want to KNOW just how it came to pass that their own ancestors gave in so completely to LIES AND DECEPTIONS and literally sat in their arm chairs, doing nothing while allowing the entire world to be over run by EVIL.

Maybe I am writing this for the TIME TRAVELERS…, who at some future point may want to try to come back in time and “correct” what happened here.

Who knows…,

That’s why I continue…, because like I said above…, at this point…, I don’t think I’m really writing for the people of the here and now anymore!

The “shouting” and the “yelling” coming from the stands…, is drowning out everything I’m saying.

All my love…









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