By: Bradley Loves


Hitting the nail squarely on the head, being hyper accurate about what’s going on in our world, and thus WINNING (to coin a phrase from Donald Trump) never gets old!

You know, from the very first article I ever wrote and got posted, I’ve struck the nail squarely down and offered nothing but HYPER ACCURATE TRUTH!

THE GREAT CON OF MAN: Esoterics – The Super Natural – Magicians – Mind Control and the New World Order

(Originally wrote and posted the first time in late 2014)


When I first wrote the LONG ARTICLE above, people honestly did not know what to make of it.  It was so “OUT THERE”…, so wild and so…, well…, UNHEARD OF.

The information that this one article contained was both VAST and INCREDIBLE.  And yet…, as we sit here now in early 2019…, “most” of what I wrote in this long post is considered common place among the leaders of the TRUTH TELLING COMMUNITY.

More and more people are waking up to what is going on “behind the curtain” as it were…, and the evil WIZARD OF OZ is finally being seen for what he/it really is…, a pitiful old man/group of human beings – with a very naughty scheme of CONNING and FOOLING everyone who comes into their technological playground!

The MEDIA is no longer trusted, nor is GOVERNMENT…, and millions of people are starting to wake up to things that they never before considered were possible.


Thus, “WE” are fully on track to destroy once and for all this insidious LUCIFERIAN CABAL of unscrupulous clowns!


Funny how something so simple – THE TRUTH – could have such a radical effect and CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Even some of the highly “brainwashed” NEW AGERS are finally starting to come around.

You see far less of the countless “CHANNELED MESSAGES” being posted any longer because well…, their “predictions” keep failing to manifest…, and eventually…, what you are going to see is that NO ONE will ever read a channeled message again.

But it goes far deeper than missing predictions!   These messages (supposedly coming from very HIGH BEINGS) conspicuously LEFT OUT almost all of the information about what was really going on here in our world behind the scenes!


  • Ritual Satanic Abuse
  • Child Sacrifice
  • Child Rape
  • Blood Drinking of Children
  • Cannibalism
  • The involvement of Governments and Religions
  • Targeted Individuals
  • Child Trafficking/Sex Trafficking
  • The involvement of almost “ALL” world leaders
  • The Birth Certificate/ALL CAPS NAME scam
  • Demonic Possession/Astral Lowlifes
  • And much, much more!

Not a single “F”ing channeled entity told us about any of this!  You want to know WHO wrote about all of this stuff and brought this information out into the light of day?



I, and a handful of really BRAVE and COURAGEOUS men and women who could “think” for ourselves and CARED DEEPLY about humanity.

Yet…, the NEW AGERS are still worshipping at the feet of countless UNSEEN ENTITIES and praying to them daily…, when the very people who have actually “saved them” – (TOLD THEM THE TRUTH) are standing right here on the ground, and are not more than a phone call away!

Who is bringing out this Vital information??

  • David Icke
  • Mark Passio
  • Shane Bales
  • Bradley Loves
  • Fritz Springmeier
  • Graham Hancock
  • And many others…

Now, we even have our own private “media” working very hard on our side…

  • SGT REPORT (Sean)
  • X-22 REPORT
  • Greg Hunter
  • Neon Revolt
  • Q-Anon
  • And many others…

Yet, most of the above people are going very unappreciated for their endless work on man-kinds behalf.

You’ve still got countless people trying to “buy” their way into heaven by sending donations and financially supporting Blogs and Websites that showcase Ascended Masters or other such beings.

While the very men and women who have brought you the ACTUAL TRUTH…, so that you could deal with it…, face it, heal from it, and CHANGE IT…, go unrewarded and live in poverty.

Since when did an “Ascended Master” need any money?

If they don’t “need it”…, they WHY do ten’s of thousands of people keep sending the websites who only showcase ASCENDED MASTERS so much money??

But…, I digress!

It is not about the money…, it is about TRUTH!

Those of us who came here for this have already been GUARANTEED A REWARD for our work in the hereafter, and that “reward” will NOT be coming from the hands of any “ascended masters”!

However, by “supporting” those of us who are bringing out the TRUTH…, a cosmic blessing does come to those who give aid financially.

Think about that next time you want to send a donation somewhere.  Consider Mark Passio – Shane – or myself instead of some larger group talking about the “so-called” love of Ascended Masters!

Ascended Masters who could NOT BE BOTHERED to tell you about what was happening BEHIND your backs.

Try being grateful for the REAL LOVE of your fellow brothers and sisters who are risking their lives to tell YOU the TRUTH!

All my love….

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