By: Bradley Loves

Today, I’m going to shift gears a bit and move away from teaching about history (or the lack thereof) and into teaching something more subtle and abstract.

I can’t begin to impress upon you the reader just how important this is.  Even if you were sitting at a table right next to me, the depth of my seriousness about this subject could never be properly transmitted to you.

It is a subject that lays at the crossroads of every problem, every difficulty, and every success that we as human beings have ever had.

It is a subject that could not be overstated even if I spent the next 10 paragraphs telling you just how important it is!

It is:     ”BELIEF”

This is literally “everything” my friends and hearing this should be treated as profound.

Now, having said this, just so you can grasp where we are going with our discussion…, “They” – the Deep State/Cabal – know this.

You see, it does not “matter” what is true.  It does not “matter” what is right.  It does not “matter” what is moral or ethical or decent.


The only thing that “matters” here on current day planet Earth is what YOU BELIEVE – and “they” know this.

Sit with this just for a moment, and let it sink in.  Let the gravity of what I’ve just said be with you inside of your mind and your heart.

You’ll soon begin to see it.

TRUTH no longer matters in our “reality” as we are living it merely because the degenerate, indecent, and malevolent human beings who are “running” things and are now in positions of great power have learned a single critical facet of human behavior!

What they have learned is HOW to manipulate human behavior through the “use” of:  BELIEF!

They figured it out!

They certainly are clever bastards, I’ve got to give them that.

The damn NAZI’s worked so hard on MIND CONTROL for such a long time, and still didn’t have it figured out totally!  The nature of what they were attempting to do eluded them to a great extent.

But somewhere between 1950 and 1980 they did finally figure it out!

What they learned was that people (human beings) will only “act” upon information that they “BELIEVE” to be true.

Now…, here is the rub!

This “information” does not need to be “actually true” in order to get people to act on it…, but only needs to APPEAR to be true.


It all boils down to “BELIEF”

It is the single ingredient necessary that will cause (as in first cause) people to act!

At some point, the Deep State – aka Cabal – aka Satanists – learned that all they needed to do in order to take over the entire world was to CAUSE humanity to “BELIEVE” very strongly in certain things.

Not a single one of these “certain things” needed to be true or truthful…, in fact these “certain things” could each be as “fake” and as “false” as a three dollar bill being traded upon a purple skied Earth with no oceans and six suns!


The only thing that matters is that YOU (yes you) are willing to BELIEVE that what they telling you is true.

This is what they learned.

Now, before I move on…, I’m going to give you a few examples of their efforts which started and got under way in the mid-1970’s and early 1980’s.

Here are two very important things that were “NOT TRUE or TRUTHFUL”…, and were merely being used to get people to TAKE ACTION in one case, and in the other case to NOT TAKE ACTION.


“Global Warming” – aka “Global Cooling” aka “Climate Change”

No matter what they tell you about this…, the ONLY purpose here is to GET YOU TO BELIEVE!

They want humanity (in mass) to change their behaviors toward what will benefit the SATANISTS…, and so “World Wide Calamity” became their chief tool of motivation to get you to act.


“The New Age” – aka “Ascension” – aka “Non-Judgement” – aka “There is no such thing as Evil”

They wanted humanity to sit comfortably at home and stay out of their plans to take over the entire world!  They needed humanity to “stand down” and do nothing.  They needed them to walk away from the field of battle without a fight!

Thus, they put into use a real tool to motivate people to not act.  Thus, the fake idea of Ascension.

Both methods had far reaching goals!  Both methods were seriously put into use in the mid 1970’s to early 1980’s.  The collective results of both of these methods only began to “bear fruit” after an entire generation had been exposed to them by the year 2000.

But even though it was starting to work…, it was NOT enough to take over the world as they had hoped!

So they began to work on an “entire second generation” from 2000 to 2020!

Well…, here we are in 2019…, and as you can see…, countless people are now ACTING violently because they believe that “Climate Change” will destroy the planet in 10 years.

And as you can also see – countless other people are NOT ACTING AT ALL because they think that they are about to “Ascend” – and thus they are literally terrified of judging anyone or anything they see or hear about, no matter how evil…, because if they do…, they are very afraid they will never Ascend!

So…, how did we all get HERE?  How did we in America get to the year 2020 in such a horrid and despicable MESS?

Well, let’s back up to 1980 again and look to see what was happening then!


Having learned all about BELIEF..., they (The Satanists) sought (and succeeded) in purchasing the entire NEWS MEDIA WORLD WIDE.

Every single dollar that they could steal, pirate, cheat others out of, and get from the sale of drugs, guns, and children, they used to BUY THE WORLDS MEDIA COMPANIES.

This included Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Stations, and Television Stations.

They created 24 hour cable news stations and began to “preach” from their wholly ”owned” pulpits in a non-stop 24 hours a day cycle.

They were literally on the “verge” of achieving their goal, merely due to owning all media outlets…, but did not foresee the affect of the INTERNET and SOCIAL MEDIA to counter act their plans.

Donald Trump was a surprise they did not count on.

Now…, believe it or not…, owning all media outlets has not been going on for that long!  There was a time not that long ago when they did NOT own all of the media.

If you are a “millennial” take some notes here and listen up!

This is where you can stop dis-respecting every single man and women who is far older than you are – and give them some credit!  There is one huge thing they have – that you don’t have  – and that you’ll never have.

And, because they have it – they are FAR BETTER EDUCATED THAN YOU ARE!

These older people have the MEMORY of how things used to be!

And, as much as you may want to discard this fact, in upside down world, the MEMORY of the way things used to be is the one thing that must be preserved at all costs!

What I am saying here is the “memory” is critical to hold on to in trying to understand what has happened to us, and thus what “THEY” tried to do to all of us.


This was a little harder, but not impossible.  It was probably even less expensive than buying all of the media.

Having discovered the technology of VOICE TO SKULL…, and having “classified it” for military use only (thank you Donald Rumsfeld) this weapon was very heavily deployed in the 1980’s when there still was no internet, and millions of people still gathered together inside of private homes to pray and talk about spirituality.

Military people – Private Contractors – Intelligence Agents in the tens of thousands were payed to sit in underground bunkers and to use sophisticated V2K technology to make “contact” with hundreds of thousands of innocent men and women by broadcasting words and ideas directly into their minds!

The men and women that they “targeted” were spiritual people who were lonely, desperately seeking answers, and wanted a “friend”.

These people were “opening up” and “telling the Universe” that they wanted to CHANNEL MESSAGES…, and so through the use of highly advanced and sophisticated (secret) technology…, the military showed up in their thoughts – and “became their friend”.

Just like V2k had the ability to make the “target individual” feel sick or nauseous…, the V2k ALSO had the ability to make the “target individual” feel wonderful, loved, and special.

Simply by “stimulating” certain parts of the brain known to cause euphoria, the operators of V2k could make the “target individual” who was tuning in to their broadcast messages feel truly wonderful!

These Military men and women were “taught”…, (yes schooling was very necessary for this) to call all of the people they came into contact within the Channeling Community – “DEAR ONE”…, and to tell them constantly that: “THEY WERE LOVED”!

And…, if the “target” ever started to doubt the messages…, they were taught to hit the “euphoria” button on their control console again and again and again to give the target tingles in their entire body.

Now…, come the MESSAGES they were told to send out!

  • You are all going to Ascend soon
  • There is no such thing as Evil
  • Stand down – don’t judge anything
  • Barack Obama is a true Saint – sent by God
  • Even if he Lies…, don’t worry, he has to…
  • You are all dreaming…, nothing is real
  • If anything bad ever happens in the world – it was “contracted for” by the ones it happened to…
  • Don’t worry about any evil that you see…, it’s all unreal
  • Don’t interfere in anything you see happening out there or your Ascension will be in jeopardy if you do
  • Work ONLY on yourself
  • Think ONLY about you and your own family
  • Keep your personal “vibration high” by never thinking about anything negative…
  • Don’t look at negative things…, just ignore them to keep your vibration high…
  • Meditate…, but don’t Pray…
  • Ask only for those things that will help you or your family (and pets) to ASCEND…


In the 1960’s and the 1970’s…, television used to be only a few local channels (maybe 4 or 5) and then some nationally broadcast channels.

Every night at about midnight and maybe 1 am on weekends…, the TV went OFF AIR until 5:30 or 6 am.  “Programming” was haphazard and very sporadic at best.

It was that simple.

What I am getting at here is that there WAS most certainly a time in our very recent past when the CABAL aka SATANISTS aka DEEP STATE did not realize what I am talking about in this very post.

They did not yet see the value in owning ALL of the world wide media, nor in using V2K as a way to get “good people” to stand down and take NO ACTIONS.

At some time in the 1980’s, and as a result of having George Bush Sr. (A Satanist) who managed to get into the office of Vice President under Reagan (a huge mistake) and then President…, all that changed!

Over the next 20 years – 1980 to 2000 – as a result of the actions of the TAG TEAM duo of George Bush and Bill Clinton (his Arkansas drug fluky) the people who were PURE EVIL…, managed to take America and turn it into a hellish and satanic version of its former self.

The Deep State became more and more powerful, and countless laws, rules, and regulations were changed more and more (very quickly) to allow the Illuminati/Cabal to buy up all of the Media World Wide as well as to make changes needed to destroy America Education and Industry.

Even though many of you may think so…, we are not that far past the point where:


Now…, for those of you who are using your thinking caps…

YES…, TIME TRAVEL was involved!

In fact, TIME TRAVEL was the basis for their sudden understanding of so many things they previously had no clue about.

They took what they learned by bringing information back from the future and hid everything that was good and used it for themselves…, and then set upon their desired goal of taking over the entire PLANET!

This could NEVER have happened without the BUSH FAMILY and the CLINTON CRIME FAMILIES using very advanced (and classified) technologies they had no business having their grubby hands on.

Had these people simply been “removed” from existence and destroyed down to dust in the 1960’s…, all of the Earth and all of humanity would have been FAR BETTER OFF.

Okay…, again…, what they learned was that “BELIEF” was the main thing that got people up off the couch and highly motivated to do something.

This is why they figured out they needed to OWN ALL OF THE MEDIA – AND USE ADVANCED (CLASSIFIED V2K WEAPONRY).

Like I said when I first started this article…, I can’t adequately transmit to you the reader just how important this all is.  I can’t begin to make you FEEL the gravity of what I’m writing about in this post.  All I can tell you is that it is important.

Stay tuned for PART TWO….


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