By: Bradley Loves

Dear Readers,

If you only KNEW (I mean really knew) the nature and size of the battle that we were fighting, you’d take FAR MORE ACTION!

The only reason most of you have not yet “engaged” in the battle…, is because you STILL DO NOT BELIEVE there is a battle!

Or…, you think if there is a battle…, it’s tiny and can be easily won!

Let me clue you in.

This “battle” is WINNER TAKE ALL!

It is for all the marbles.

It is for:

  • The Freedom of America
  • YOUR Freedom
  • Freedom from Slavery World Wide
  • The End of the New World Order
  • The End of Secrecy, Secret Societies, Hidden Technology
  • The safety of all mankind

This recent video update done by Jordan Sather sums it up pretty well.  His channel is known as: DESTROYING THE ILLUSION.

Jordan covers only two things.

First – He covers The Project Veritas reveal that ABC News has been covering up and squashing tons of evidence against Jeffrey Epstein!

This means that one of America’s Major News Organizations, ABC News -(owned by Disney) – was doing everything it could to make sure that Jeffrey Epstein (a known pedophile) was protected and got NO bad news coverage!

ABC News sat on all kinds of proof and direct evidence that would have put Epstein away for good!

This makes ABC News complicit in acts of pure evil!

Second and even MORE importantly to this post…, is he covers the fact that Q-Anon is posting again.   He ALSO covers the fact that from the very moment Q started posting…, the new 8chan (8kun) was under direct attack! (We are in a battle).

He also put up various articles from known Liberal/Deep State News Websites like:

  • New York Times
  • Vice
  • The Daily Beast
  • Business Insider
  • Etc, and many more…

That “attacked” Q-Anon the very second he started posting again…, as if the articles had been written months ago and were waiting to pounce the very moment “Q” went live again!

All of these “online” publications are known to carry the torch for the Deep State, aka The Illuminati…, aka The Satanists…, aka…, The Cabal…, aka the ENEMIES OF ALL MANKIND!

But who among you out there “BELIEVES” that it has gotten this bad…, or that the situation is that dire?    Because you do not “believe”…, you do NOT TAKE ACTION!

But your “lack” of belief is merely total IGNORANCE on your part, and can be remedied if you would only be willing to wake up!


Let’s look at Jeff Bezos…, owner of the Amazon/ and the Washington Post!

Every damn millennial out there thinks that Jeff Bezos is their best friend…, and their bosom buddy!

Let’s put this into perspective!

If you were to earn $5,000 dollars per day at your job, and you worked 7 days a week working at the very same job from the moment Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered America in 1492 – right up to the present day…, you would still not have earned 1 Billion dollars!*

Furthermore…, you would not have earned as much money in ALL OF THAT TIME as Jeff Bezos earns in just ONE WEEK!

* 527 years x 365 days in a year = 192,355 days of work x 5,000 dollars each day = 961,775,000 dollars (less than a billion)

Less money than Bezos earns in one week with Amazon.

$1,509,615,384   per week.

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and uses that “disinformation rag” as a bully pulpit to SELL YOU SUGAR PLUMS, UNICORNS, AND FAIRY DUST every single day of the week while behind the scenes, he helps the Satanists to steer the world toward the NEW WORLD ORDER!

He supports SOCIALISM for the masses…, and yet he “earns” a whopping $149,000 – each minute he is alive.

And the worst part of this is that every single millennial out there who uses…, loves this man as if he were Santa Claus!

They think Amazon.Com was a gift to the entire World and love ordering everything they buy “online”….



Jeff Bezos, as well as Jack Dorsey from Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook are 100 percent Socialist NAZI’s…, whose only goal is to herd every single man, woman and child into the NEW WORLD ORDER!


Now…, a final word here about Jordan Sather’s Video linked above!

Scroll to 5:20 where he talks about the fact that Q-Anon predicted that he would be down for exactly 93 days on July 27.  93 days dk (dark)!


Was the corn ripe for harvesting?
It is now.
[ 93 dk]

This is something that could not possibly be known in advance because 8chan was not taken down and there was really NO WAY to know how long it would take to get it up and running again…. UNLESS….


Which means that:

  • There is a real WAR going on all around you
  • It’s as serous as I’ve told you
  • You NEED to get your head out of the sand and stop “doubting this”
  • The Future of Mankind hangs in the balance….
  • You need to get up off the couch and start TAKING ACTION!

The only question you need to answer is this one:



Finally, there is this:

A “Wink” to the Time Travelers:

Never give up!  Never surrender!  Never Stop!  GO THE DISTANCE!


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