By: Bradley Loves

In order to PROVE beyond all doubt that what I just wrote in Part One is absolutely true…, I am going to use one of Hollywood’s own movies!

It is called: WAG THE DOG, and it came out in December of 1997!   The whole premise of the movie was for a Hollywood Producer to CREATE THE APPEARANCE of a war, just to take the public’s attention off of the Democratic President’s Sexual escapades days before an election!

Of special interest here is that it starred Robert De Niro – a man who has repeatedly bashed and slammed Donald Trump.  Yet…, having made this movie…, he would HAVE to be fully aware of the “theory” – and therefore the possibility – that his own actions in real life could be seen as nothing but an “ACT” to get people to have a different political opinion.

See the trailer:

Dustin Hoffman (another very prominent Democrat) was also in the film.  If you listened closely to the trailer above…, Hoffman asks De Niro:  “You want to me to create a WAR??    And De Niro replies:  “No…, I want you to create the APPEARANCE of a war!

So now let’s go back to Part One of this new series to get a very important quote!

This “information” does not need to be “actually true” in order to get people to act on it…, but only needs to APPEAR to be true.

How much more clear or concise can I get with this?   What I’m telling you is that the Satanists, aka Cabal, aka The Deep State…, already have an understanding of how this works!  (This was the entire point of PART ONE).

So…., the real purpose for me highlighting this movie in Part Two is that it is very clear that in the year 1997 (when Bill Clinton was in fact President)…, that Hollywood (and the Democrats) already clearly understood the very principle that I’m teaching to all of you right now!

Furthermore…, having been one of the star characters in the movie…, Robert DeNiro…, would most certainly have to understand this principle as well!


Is it DeNiro’s intention (in real life) to create the APPEARANCE of a sitting President who does not know what he is doing?  Is he engaged in his own personal WAG THE DOG??

Is it the intention of almost ALL of Hollywood’s Democrat supporters (in real life) to create the APPEARANCE of a sitting President who does not know what he is doing?


If it was Hollywood’s intention (in real life) to create a “PAGEANT”  (a play if you will) specifically designed to give the APPEARANCE of a sitting President who did not know what he was doing, merely for public consumption…, yet knowingly propagated over the air waves to get the public to BELIEVE something that was false and did not truly exist…

…Could it be said that THEY (all of them) were involved in:

  • ETC….

How far would Hollywood be willing to go – and WHY would they be willing to RISK using such a tactic??

Because in an “election”…, people will vote on what they “believe to be true”…, not what is actually true!

This was the entire premise of the movie WAG THE DOG!!

So…, let’s go back to PART ONE of this series:

At some point, the Deep State – aka Cabal – aka Satanists – learned that all they needed to do in order to take over the entire world was to CAUSE humanity to “BELIEVE” very strongly in certain things.

Not a single one of these “certain things” needed to be true or truthful…, in fact these “certain things” could each be as “fake” and as “false” as a three dollar bill being traded upon a purple skied Earth with no oceans and six suns!


The only thing that matters is that YOU (yes you) are willing to BELIEVE that what they telling you is true.

This is what they learned.

IF…, everything that is being said about Donald Trump is nothing more than a WAG THE DOG “Pageant” as DeNiro called it the movie…, then just how many “people” are actually IN ON IT THEN??

And moreover, could their actions be TREASONOUS – if it was found they were merely trying to INFLUENCE AN ELECTION?

What kind of PROOF would be necessary to show that these people were ONLY trying to influence other people for an election…, and did not really think or believe that Donald Trump was an evil man?

Would NEVER giving him credit for even one single thing that he had done good for the country go a long way to PROVING that their only intention was to WAG THE  DOG??

Well WHO ELSE besides Hollywood is IN ON IT?

Is it the intention of the Main Stream Media to WAG THE DOG?

In other words…, are they creating a “PAGEANT” on television that has nothing to do with reality…, but is fully intended to GIVE THE APPEARANCE that Donald Trump is not fit to be President!

Is all of this that is taking place with Hollywood personalities and on the Main Stream Media…, nothing more than WAG THE DOG?

IF THIS WERE THEIR REAL LIFE GOAL…, could their “real life behavior” be seen as CRIMINAL ACTIONS against the President of the United States??


Is it merely to give the American People…, the APPEARANCE of something being true…, while in the grand scheme of things…, it is totally false, fake, and nothing but DECEPTION??

And yet…, in Part One…, I wrote this:

You see, it does not “matter” what is true.  It does not “matter” what is right.  It does not “matter” what is moral or ethical or decent.


The only thing that “matters” here on current day planet Earth is what YOU BELIEVE – and “they” know this.


Has all of life here in America become nothing but a never ending CON GAME of epic proportions where the American Voter is being scammed and lied to and played like a fiddle…, only so that they WILL BELIEVE IN CERTAIN THINGS – none of which are true?

If so…, WHAT KIND OF PUNISHMENT would people like this deserve??

What kind of “consequence” would:  lying, cheating, scum of the Earth, Human Monsters like this DESERVE – if it was found that they were merely “playing” all of America for fools and trying to pull a fast one on them only for a POLITICAL PURPOSE – that had nothing to do with reality?

Think on these things….

Stay tuned for Part Three….


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