I don’t usually post from Ben Fulford…, primarily because too many of his “sources” are intelligence and CIA sources…, (and we know how little we can trust them), that being said, I think the content of his latest post reflects some honest and important “breaking” information which needs to get out.

One of the larger points is that Barack Obama has finally realized that he was nothing more than a “tool” being used by Luciferian/Satanists…, and that his entire Presidency was concerned with doing the work of pure EVIL!

Here’s the direct link so you can read it for yourself:


And here’s an important quote from his post:

In the US as well the final clean-up of the Khazarians continues. In the latest, former President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch has been giving detailed testimony about the crimes of her former Clinton/Bush bosses, CIA and other sources say.

As a result, Barack Obama sought political asylum in Indonesia last week but was denied it, according to White Dragon Society Sources in Indonesia. CIA sources in Europe confirm this and say Obama is going to have to go back to the US in order to be debriefed on who really controlled his presidency. Recall that when Obama was first elected he kept saying “thank you Satan” in reverse speech.

This will not be a weekly thing…, unless and until I SEE firsthand that Ben Fulford’s track record for TRUTH improves and he “drops” his support of the VATICAN.

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