I just read Ben Fulford’s latest “predictions”.

I call them predictions rather than intel…, because most of what he says rarely comes true!

There is “one part” that I’ve placed in quotes below however, that I find credible…, and even have something to add!

I’ve highlighted the most important part of the quote in bold!


Soros and Merkel aside, a different, highly connected CIA source had the following message to convey: “the dark forces were just as strong in Antarctica as the forces of light. It is the last holdout for the bad boys and their type…”

The source, who is a direct relative of a famous World War 2 Admiral, also had some X-files stuff to say namely that:

“Two timelines are converging now and when that convergence is finished we will have full disclosure. This is why all of the major world leaders went to Antarctica, and continue to arrive every day. The ancient lost city is already in view.

This is what I have been calling ‘The Base’ in earlier transmissions and discussions. Everything is there and the elites have been arriving by their special craft not only to seek protection from being arrested, but also to try and make a deal with the Galactics who are in control of the entire area now.

There are those in the top ranks of the elite who are in “The City” now and attempting to make a deal to get into the healing chambers. Kissinger included.”

Incredible claims require incredible proof and when this writer demanded a chance to go to Antarctica to see for himself, he was told that would be arranged. If I do go, I will bring cameras and recording equipment and share what I have found with the general public.

In any case, a very hard-nosed and here-now reality based Russian FSB source did confirm that Antarctica was, under treaty, not under the control of any government and that international conglomerates and oligarchs did have bases there where they have been conducting secret experiments and research.

I was told personally…, given “intel”…,  (I won’t say by who)…, that there are indeed huge bases in Antarctica…, staffed with secret military staff…, or mercenary corporations…, which are conducting massive MIND CONTROL…, upon select persons upon the Earth.

This TARGETING technology…, is the most top secret tech used by secret military personnel that exists…, because it has the capacity to HACK THE MIND of  any individual.

It can plant thoughts in their heads…, get them to do anything they want them to by controlling parts of their body or central nervous system, drive them crazy…, make them hear voices…, or even commit suicide!

It is located in Antarctica so that it can operate WITHOUT any over sight…, and has unlimited world wide scope!

It is one of the most EVIL tools known to man…, and is being used on mostly “innocent” people!  It is “torture” at the push of a button and the use of a “joy stick”.


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