By: Bradley Loves

Here is Ben Garrison’s take on the “former” Liar in Chief

It is absolutely critical that those men and women of the “NEW AGE” come to realize that Barack Obama has lied, and lied and lied!

You see, while listening to their “daily dose” of “off world” channeled messages…, they 100 percent totally IGNORED what was happening right here on Earth and in front of their face!

Just today, the newest FBI text leaks have revealed that OBAMA did in fact KNOW about the FBI’s plot against President Donald Trump and was “aware” of the crimes they were committing against him.

This makes a former sitting President “complicit” in Capital Crimes.

See this link:

And this link:


You know…, I just wonder if any of these “so-called” NEW AGERS who still (to this day) support Obama as some kind of “Saint” are even capable of actually THINKING any longer.

Have they been so hypnotized by the Channeled Message Syndrome that they can NOT actually even THINK any more?

I really do believe this is a valid question and something that should concern us all…, because the NEW AGERS claim to be “leading” the world into the “promised land” of the Golden Age.

Well how can they do this if they can’t even THINK, or see the difference between LIES and TRUTH??













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