By: Bradley Loves


This is some extra commentary for those who are actually reading the Reposts of BIGGER FISH TO FRY

If you’ve read all parts up to Part Nine…, then you’ll have started to notice something.

Maybe now you are beginning to see what has always been clear to me!

You see…, in Part Eight…, I asked a few interesting questions:

How does what is basically a New Age “Organization“…, (The Thule Society) that is filled with people supposedly centered on Spirituality and Meditation…, turn into an ARMY of men and women who want to WIPE everyone else from the planet ??

This begs the all important question…, HOW could people who claim to be so loving and enlightened…, stoop to such hatred and chaos and turn into what became known as… THE NAZI’S?

Is there merely a tiny line between so called “spiritual people” who meditate on God, and play around with the channeling out of body entities…, and VERY EXTREME people who would see everyone else on the planet who DOES NOT AGREE WITH THEM…, ERADICATED FROM EXISTENCE??


The answer to this question (of course) is that there really is no possible way for what are basically “good” and “loving” people to very suddenly turn into NAZIs…., unless…, they were NEVER REALLY GOOD OR LOVING PEOPLE IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Hiding behind the so called “spirituality”…, of the THULE…, and hiding behind the early movement of “the New Age”…, was a much darker and deeper movement of DEEPLY MAGICAL men and women (Luciferian Black Magicians) who have ALWAYS been there…, and who have been running our Earth into the ground for thousands of years!

Freemasons, Black Sun Worshippers, Luciferians, etc…., were very instrumental in starting the NEW AGE!

This is EXACTLY how all of this manifested itself into Germany in the early 1930’s!  

We are now precisely 90 years on from what was done to Germany in the 1930s!

And…, anyone out there who has a level of awareness that is ABOVE a COMA…, can clearly see that the very same tactic…, the very same GAME PLAN is now being rolled out here in America!

We are now going through exactly what “they”…, (The Luciferian Black Magicians and their off world supporters) did to Germany to try to control it.

This is HOW they did it.

Here in America…, we are on the clock…, and the clock is ticking!

Between NOW…, and the 100 year anniversary of 1929…, these people PLAN to destroy the United States of America…, in exactly the same way they destroyed Germany!

It all starts with things like:

THE NEW AGE…, CHANNELING.., SPIRITUALITY…, GOOD PEOPLE GETTING SERIOUSLY CONNED…, FALSE TEACHINGS…, FAKE NEWS…, and suddenly very good people are becoming enflamed and pushed into doing Violence!


Once this happens…, “they” (those behind the scenes) put very corrupt people into power who are seemingly into “SPIRITUAL THINGS”…, “LOVE FOR EVERYONE”…, “GOOD FOR ALL MANKIND”…, etc.

But these people are NOT!

They will be just like Hitler and Himmler.

They may be into New Age Magic…, but they are of the dark…, and work to keep control of the world in the hands of JUST A FEW!

Thus…, they are “pretending” to be spiritual…, pretending to be kind, pretending to be just, and pretending to be looking out for others…, but they are using the “movement” that they started…, to propel…, their OWN KIND once again (LUCIFERIAN BLACK MAGICIANS) into power!

And it is always the YOUTH of a country that falls for it first and hardest!

Not used to being lied to…, the youth always go for what “sounds” really great to their ears…, without stopping to think that it could ALL be a lie!

And what is also ironic…, is that the good people on the ground (whether in Germany or now here in America)…, people who have been so terribly conned…., so terribly deceived…, can NOT see who these people really are…, because they have been so enflamed against their own interests.

It is being “done” by people who “seem so nice” and “talk so perfectly” but it is a very LARGE and well funded EFFORT!

Follow the money…, and it will lead right back to the ELITE of the world, (The Globalists) and the Luciferians and their off world supporters!

This is the classic case of the WOLF…, in SHEEPS clothing!

So…, now…, watch carefully in the next coming segments what happens with Himmler…, and the SS!




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