These two videos are very telling!

One is from Project Veritas, where James O’keefe talks about how BIG TECH is working very hard behind the scenes to CONTROL THE NARRATIVE and thus to CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS and YOUR ACTIONS!

They literally want to “control you”!!  Thus they are totally DEEP STATE driven CABAL!

The next video is from AND WE KNOW…, who does videos about Serial Brain 2’s posts!

The first part of this video focuses on Q – Anon talking about FREEDOM OF THINKING and removing the mind control others want to put on you!

The contrast could not be more clear!

Have a look and see!

First…, Project Veritas:


Now…, the AND WE KNOW video from Serial Brain 2.  Notice what is said about Freedom of Thinking…..


Why do people keep asking me if Donald Trump is the real deal???

Some have eyes to see…, some don’t!





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