By: Bradley Loves


I had no more finished and posted Bigger Fish To Fry – 19, and started on part 20…, when I got a clear “Voice to skull” message sent into my head to – SHUT THE F*CK UP”!!

The keyboard on my “just purchased” used laptop…, 150 dollars worth then simply just froze at that very moment as if to say, “we are watching you!”

Not a single word can be typed on it now, even after rebooting.

I am using my already very hacked I pad to type this…, because the week old laptop (for me) is now useless!

I only wish I had better financial support to do this work.

My paypal is [email protected]

If there are any readers out there who have some real funds they would like to donate to help save the world, please consider it.

I will try to borrow a computer to keep writing until then.

All my love….

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