By: Bradley Loves


Just this short addition to what I wrote earlier today!

One of my readers from Germany sent in this photo of the brand new NATO headquarters located in Brussels, Belgium.

But, some very astute Germans have noticed that the shape and the design of the building is noticeably NAZI!

Taken from this article:

Mysteriöser Zufall? Neue Nato-Zentrale offenbart SS-Symbolik

Here is the comparison image they put into their article to show that the building does in fact resemble the insignia of the NAZI “SS”.

And just as I wrote in my last few articles, this is definately an “SS” symbol!


Furthermore…, not only is this a “symbol” for the SS…, it ALSO represents the LIGHTNING BOLTS of LUCIFER!

As I also pointed out in my article today!

So what the “heck” is going on with NATO??

Well, apparently this has been going on for some time as the same article points out.

Here is an overhead view of a building located on a United States Naval Base at Coronado, in San Diego, California.

The shape of this building is noticeably NAZI.

This image came out several years ago, and when it was revealed to the public…, the “authorites” on the base “claimed” it was entirely “accidental” and no one knew that it actually looked like this.

As a BUILDER, who has been looking at “blue-prints” all of my life, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that there is NO WAY the people building this structure would not have seen how it looked from an ariel view BEFORE they built it!

All common blue-prints contain a “floor-plan” of the over head view!

In other words…, the Navy LIED!   They were aware of the shape of this structure long before it was even built!

So what is going on with the MILITARY?

Are we seeing “NAZI” symbolism in the US Military and NATO…, or…, are we seeing SATANIC symbolism in the US Military and NATO?

What do you think?





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